ARTmonday: Edgewater Gallery

Edgewater Gallery, which has outposts in Middlebury, Vermont and Stowe, Vermont, as well as Bozeman, Montana, has opened at the Boston Design Center. Hilary Norod, who is an abstract artist herself and a dream to work with, heads the Boston location. Offerings include a selection of abstracts, still lifes, landscapes, and portraits that are accessible and still feel very fresh.

Before continuing onto a sampling of works by ten artists represented by Edgewater Gallery, I’d like to invite you to a pop-up event by Edgewater Gallery hosted by a friend of mine at her home near Davis Square, Somerville, MA, this coming Saturday, September 14, 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Please email me (stylecarrot [at] gmail [dot] com) or Hilary (hilary [at] edgewatergallery-vt [dot] com) if you’d like to attend. Hope to see you there!

Edgewater Gallery Boston Still Life

Karen O’Neill

Edgewater Gallery Boston Abstract Artwork

Claire Desjardins

Edgewater Gallery Boston Landscape Art

Homer Wells

Edgewater Gallery Boston Streetscape Art

Scott Addis

Edgewater Gallery Boston Still Life

Jill Matthews

Edgewater Gallery Boston Seascape

Alexis Serio

Edgewater Gallery Boston Landscape Art

Matt Brown

Edgewater Gallery Boston Abstract Art

Jane Davies

Edgewater Gallery Boston Impressionist Landscape

Hannah Bureau

Edgewater Gallery Boston Abstract Artwork

Galen Cheney

Edgewater Gallery Boston Abstract

Michelle Kishita

Edgewater Gallery Boston Landscape With Houses

Sage Tucker-Ketcham

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ARTmonday: Lee Essex Doyle Chimera at Childs Gallery

My very dear friend, artist Lee Essex Doyle is exhibiting her newest work at Childs Gallery in Boston in a solo show called Chimera. Lee is many things—mother, friend, artist, and traveler. Her wanderlust defines her style and her work.

Lee excels at capturing the essence of a place in her delicately and boldly colored and detailed works, which depict architectural impressions of her journeys, from India to Greece to  Italy to Havana.

Here is a sampling from the beautiful show:

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Santorini Sky

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Hockneys View

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Mykonos Memories

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Bethesda By The Sea

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Illumination

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Echoes of India

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Cloistered Sea

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Cerulean Star

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Minaret Memories

Lee Essex Doyle Travel Paintings Mediterranean Night

Chimera by Lee Essex Doyle at Childs Gallery, 169 Newbury Street, Boston through August 30, 2019.

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Foodie Friday: Fruit & Herb Cocktails with Rosé Gin

It’s summer (finally) and I’m happy to have landed on Cape Cod. This year our whole little family of four will be spending the entire time here. The boys are working at two of my favorite North Truro establishments, which is fun, because I get to see them in action when I’m out for lunch.

It’s also pretty easy to celebrate the season at home. StyleCarrot partner Wayfair, which is sponsoring this post, asked me to share some tips using items from its Kitchen and Tabletop section. Well, that was easy.

Raspberry Martini With Rose GGin

Obviously, I headed right for the drinkware and barware page. My cabinet of cocktail essentials was not nearly as stocked as one might imagine. This stainless steel cocktail muddler with copper finish mashed up those organic raspberries quite nicely. What to pair with it? Dry Line Rosé Gin from South Hollow Spirits, right here in Truro.

Raspberry Martini With Rose Gin Rose Gold Shaker

A rose gold cocktail shaker and a set of martini glasses with the simplest of lines makes for an  easy preparation and elegant presentation. Garnish? Yes please. Lemon thyme and lemon verbana from my backyard herb garden.

Ice Cubes With Fresh Fruit Metal Straw

Not feeling like an alcohol-soaked afternoon? A metal  straw and homemade fruit-filled ice cubes in Pellegrino works too.

Herb Infused Blackberry Cocktail

Or fruit-soaked sangria in a stemless wine glass. I’m loving these lemongrass picks for perching garnishes on the rim.

Herbs Growing In My Garden In Cape Cod

A glimpse of my garden. Yeah, it’s a bit unkempt, but the mess is mostly the stuff growing on the hill behind it. The left photo pictures chives with fading purple blooms, along with sage and lemon verbena. On the right is lemon thyme, used as ground cover.

Bar Styling For Summer Entertaining

And here’s the whole setup. Happy summer everyone.

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ARTmonday: Hamilton Princess, Bermuda

I was in Bermuda for a few days this spring, visiting The Loren at Pink Beach, a new resort with a cool, South Beach vibe, and absolutely incredible location. It is absolutely gorgeous and the stay was perfection.

The Loren Hotel Bermuda Ocean

The coast at The Loren.

While there, we ventured out one evening to Hamilton, the island’s capital, mostly to catch a glimpse of the pretty pastel buildings.

Pastel Buildings in Hamilton Bermuda Downtown

Hamilton, Bermuda

We also grabbed a drink at the The Hamilton Princess hotel, which has a spectacular art collection. It was a really fun surprise to discover it. Here are some of the highlights:

Jeff Koonns Blue Mirror

Jeff Koons, Monkey (Blue)

David Batchelor Geometric Neon Art

David Batchelor, Glowstick 6

Keith Haring Pop Art Lithograph

Keith Haring, Pop Shop Quad 1

Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton

Takashi Murakami, Eye Love Superflat

Miffy Bunny Sculpture By Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs, Miffy

Op Art Wall Sculpture

Philippe Decrauzat

Psychedelic Neon Art Hans Kotter

Hans Kotter, Fractal Circles

Photo Collage At The Hamilton Princess


Flowers By Andy Warhol In Bermuda

Andy Warhol, Flowers

Three Dimensional Artwork by Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes

Artwork By Shepard Fairey In Bermuda

Shepard Fairey, Cost of Expression

whale with spout by artist know as invader


Julian Opie at Bermuda Hamilton Princess

Julian Opie, Walking in Sinsa Dong 3

mondrian style paintings


Little Boy Dreaming By Liu Ye at Hamilton Princess

Liu Yue, Dreaming of Mondrian

Neon Art By Hero Design at Hamilton Princess Bermuda

Hero Design, #princessbright




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Sunday Bouquet: Japanese Snowball

Doublefile Viburnum Japanese Snowball White Spring Flowers

An Insta follower told me these flowering branches, clipped from my yard on the Cape, are called doublefile viburnum, otherwise known as Japanese snowball.
Styled in an unglazed bone china vase from CB2

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