style [stahyl] an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living

car•rot [karuht] something promised as a lure or incentive

style carrot: a morsel of chic design

i am a writer and editor living in boston, obsessed and affected by the aesthetics of life. i got my professional start in the fashion closet of rolling stone magazine. but the true birth of my passion for combining pictures and text began at age twelve, in the basement of my childhood home in connecticut. there, perched on the modular sofa under a disco ball from the previous decade, i carefully crafted copy to accompany the fashion photos i had my sister snap. i can still see my favorite shot (though the actual image is long gone), of me, in a silky (read, polyester) dress with a swingy skirt (purchased for my cousin’s bat mitvah), sitting prettily at our bamboo bar, champagne glass in hand.

i learned the real ins and outs of publishing during my three years as an editor at a travel magazine, then subjected myself to a year of terror as a model editor at a women’s magazine. (no, it’s not like the devil wears prada. it’s worse.) i was living my dream. in the mid-’90s i flitted from one fashion show to the next, explaining that the internet was the next big thing. not a tech savvy bunch, but they played along.

then, real life hit and i moved from nyc to dc, had two babies (both with carrot-colored hair), retired my aol screen name (stylexpert) and cashed in my stock options to help finance the renovation of our 1918 bungalow. life began anew. forget fashion. it was all about hearth and home. glossy design tears, colorful paint palettes, nubby fabric swatches, little squares of smooth corian. being surrounded by good design on all sides, above, and below, was essential to a good life.

these days, from the sofa in my bay window on beacon street, i write about the (material) stuff that life is made of. wrap dresses, platform sandals, shimmery lipstick, dewy skin, shiny hair, green weddings, zebra skin rugs, modernist furniture, cavernous closets, emerging artists, bauhaus architecture, japanese gardens, kissing, and fantasies of all types.

life is but a dream.


p.s. my name is marni elyse katz | you can email me at stylecarrot [at] gmail [dot]com

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  1. Congratulations, the blog looks nice and clean.
    I like the all yellow pieces for your banner.

    Let me know when you need to feature Plank, art on a yoga mat, or just stuff.
    Good luck

  2. Marni,

    If your room is really as dreary as you say, and a photo might be a good idea, your color selections for wall paper may not do what you want. The light reflective quality of grey isn’t very good though it is lighter than what you may have. Bright tones and high contrasts (black on white) give more energy and “brightness” to a dreary space. Consider a pop of color in your small space behind your bed. Then repeat the color on your bed in a pillow or a piece of art in the room.

    Thought for the day!

    Sue Adams

  3. Hi Marni,

    If your goal in your bedroom is to create a less dreary room then you might want to select brighter tones. The papers you are considering are very serene and lovely for a bedroom however a pop of color or bolder pattern in a small space will give more energy and “brightness” to an otherwise dreary area. Carry the color onto the bed with a pillow or around the room in a piece of art. Your bedroom should be pleasing and a haven but not boring!

    Hope this helps,

    Sue Adams

  4. mimioso

    Absolutely love your blog!! Its stylish awesomeness.

  5. Cute blog! You have a great eye.

  6. What a great blog!!! I love all the colors and all the fabulous ideas….

    In my business, decorative wall tiles, I’m finding that people are not afraid of color or style choices… People want something unique, that shows their personal style….

    I’ve had people put nautical or fish tiles in a bathroom. Makes sense…. water… nautical…. fish…..

    But I’ve had some pretty unique designs like the woman who loved cats and wanted 27 accent cat tiles for her bathroom or another customer who wanted funky bright colored cows around her sunken tub…. (She was really into cows!)

    But whatever your style or look your hoping to achieve this is a great blog to get some great ideas.

  7. Lovely blog! I’ve listed you in my “sites to love”

    Happy Blogging!

  8. Marni,

    Thanks for your visit to simply danish today. Fun to meet you – I love your blog. I will be totally ignoring customers now with my nose stuck into your site.

    Have a fun visit in P-town.


  9. Madeline

    Hi Marni,
    I really like your blog and how you group the similar designs together. Must have taken you a lot of time to hunting down all those designs. My husband and I are now planning on building our house and your blog will certainly inspire us a lot. Also as a mother of two, I can amazed how you managed to look after the kids as well as writing the blog. So thanks and keep up the hard work!


  10. Lovely dear, I’ll try to follow your wonderful steps. Hopefully, one day I’ll have half of your amazing résumé.

    It looks like you have a happy life, I’m really glad for you.

  11. Flower

    Alright….its just been so long since I’ve come across a blog that has held my interest entry after entry. The only sad thing about that is I have gone through the entire blog. Wonderful posts and I do believe you are my new fav! I only wish you posted multiple times a day.

    P.S. – I cannot believe you were allowed to have your own phone in your room in 1982! Lucky ducky.

  12. Hi-

    Nice work! I’m into all things fashion and style and really enjoyed the vibe and stuff you feature. Love the furniture, fabric, vintage, clothes. I read this article in Psych Today a while back about the difference between fashion and style- according to the article you don’t need fashion to have style- which I thought was an interesting insight…but in your case…I think you have both! Keep up the great work!



  13. Somehow, I now feel less than chic….which is the reason ..We have linked your blog as a resource. We write about appliances, lighting, plumbing and energy efficiency. Have a look when you have a free moment http://yaleappliance.blogspot.com/



  14. Hello Marni:

    Hope you are well. Been on your great blog before but never realized you are a mom, too. How do you do it all?!

    Just want to drop you a line that after 8 years on Newbury St, we are relocating to the North Shore–Marblehead vicinity. Of course, we are having an huge moving sale–everything is at least 30% off.

    Hope to see you at the next design event. Btw, I totally covet that Starburst mirror in your banner.


    Bliss Home
    225 Newbury St

  15. Hi Marnie,

    Both Ashley and Alex (my cousins) forwarded your site to me. They told me that you are looking for fashion blogs in CT… I read a lot of fashion blogs but none in the CT area. I am in Fairfield County and the Moffly Media website is a great resource for fashion, decor and so much more.


    Love your blog!

  16. I was so happy to see you featured one of our items on your amazing blog!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Michele Graham
    Juxtaposition home

  17. Marni ~ love your manner of writing & expression; happy to have found your blog ~ so far, with all I’ve gotten through, I love it!

  18. nazli gonensay

    Hi Marni 🙂 I didn’t even realise this was your blog until I saw your note after mine on jess’ work. This is great, I enjoy strolling thru your site. I will be around to follow up on whats to come.. keep up the fun, great to be back in touch with you. xoxo

  19. Hello Dear!

    Such a lovely blog. I am sending you one mail in person with an affiliation request! hope you like and accept that!

  20. love to see your blog every day…

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  22. Hi, Marni.

    I enjoy your blog— and even more, following someone local who shares many of the same cultural interests and obsessions.
    Love the description of your childhood memory—I can picture it!
    Appreciate your open, honest style. I get it!
    May be coincidence that your name happens to be one of my favorite fashion labels…
    Hope you will come visit me, too at http://www.katierosenfelddesign.com.
    Meantime, I will continue to read.

  23. monika

    Hi there!

    A while ago I purchsed the crate and barrel multi rug after i saw it on your site. I’d love to get another one, but the rug has been discontinued. Does anyone out there have one they’s like to get rid of? I’m willing to pay…

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  25. So excited I ran into this blog!

  26. Hi there,
    I love your blog so much that I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. Congratulations! I received this award from a fellow blogger and as a recipient I had to award it to a few of my favorite bloggers 🙂

    You can read more about it on my blog, http://www.michelleswordpressyay.wordpress.com


  27. You are still writing well…..

  28. marci klein

    great blog- makes it easy to compare when looking for a particular piece of furniture. Thanks

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  30. I want to contact you for guest blog..

  31. Hi Style Carrot,

    I like this blog and also follow this blog regularly ,because you gave a clear and clean concept in your articles. Thanks for the articles.

    Good Luck

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