Just In: Serena & Lily Introduces New Rattan Furnishings for Indoors & Outdoors

In case you’re not excited enough about spring. StyleCarrot partner Serena & Lily has introduced 300+ new pieces, including rattan furniture and  accessories. Can you say scalloped rattan tray?

If you’ve swooned over the bohemian Avalon daybed but had nowhere to put one, consider pre-ordering the new king or queen-sized Avalon bed, a celebration of coastal Cali decor with enough gravitas for a New England interior.

I love the marble-topped pedestal dining table with wrapped rattan base for a double dose of natural materials and a perfect blend of city meets the sea.

Here are nine new introductions of rattan furniture and accessories from Serena & Lily:

Serena & Lily New Furnishings For Spring 2021

Shop these new indoor & outdoor rattan furnishings from Serena & Lily:

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Serena & Lily Bohemian Rattan Bed

The  beloved bohemian Avalon daybed by Serena & Lily has been reimagined as a king or queen-sized Avalon bed. The original inspiration was a 1940s French bed that they company rendered in rattan for a coastal casual vibe. This rattan bed is available with a footboard or without. The white ceramic, textured table lamp is a coastal take on the Kelly Wearstler Linden lamp.

Serena & Lily Balboa Rattan Coffee Table

Serena & Lily has added a wood and handwoven rattan coffee table with brass capped-feet to its Balboa collection. At 46-inches in diameter and a bottom storage shelf, it’s very efficient, and its appearance lends itself to a coastal Cali living room or a more polished city decor. Paired with a braided abaca rug for complete coastal appeal.

Serena & Lily Rattan Pedestal Dining Table

The new Serena & Lily Southampton dining table has a 30-inch diameter marble top and rattan pedestal base. Paired here with the everyone’s favorite, Serena & Lily’s take on the classic Parisian bistro chair, the Riviera dining chair made with a rattan frame and woven resin seat.



Scheming: Not Too Feminine Floral Bedroom by Thiara Borges

I used to chat with Thiara Borges when she worked for designer Kate Maloney. Borges has since gone out on her own under the name Studio Borges Interior Design and her work is beautiful. I love how this bedroom combines femininity, sumptuous fabrics, natural materials, unexpected color pops, and a vintage element all in one cohesive scheme.

Last summer, I wrote about this bedroom in Boston Globe Magazine.  Borges designed the bedroom for a woman in the South End of Boston whose style she describes as “cool and eclectic; modern and traditional.” It was the last room in the condo they tackled, and while the client wanted to retain her personal vibe, she also wanted the room to feel calm and soothing.

Borges achieved her goal by choosing wallpaper in a softly-colored, painterly botanical, Designers Guild Delft Flower Grande Tuberose, then layering in texture, color, and shine.

“I tend to emulate a client’s personal style by echoing accessories they might wear; she always has a cool piece of jewelry on,” Borges says. “The bed, the lampshade, and the pillows are an extension of her polished, but cool, eclectic look.”

Bedroom With Floral Wallpaper And Blue Velvet BedPhoto by Michael J. Lee 

You can pull together a bedroom scheme that balances femininity, glamour, and a global sensibility with these carefully curated furnishings, accessories and artwork that I scoped out on StyleCarrot partner sites:

Bedroom Scheme With Blue Velvet Bed And Floral Wallpaper

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Scheming: Dining Room Drama with Kelly Wearstler’s Graffito Wallpaper

With vaccine life on the horizon, I’m thinking that dining rooms might need sprucing up. Throw the kids and their laptops back to their bedrooms and classrooms, and reclaim your entertaining space. I’m sure you practiced plenty of recipes during lockdown. It’s almost time to put them to use for friends.

I love this dining room for its fearlessness. I’ve seen other dining rooms with Kelly Wearstler Graffito wallpaper and adore them. This one by designer Martha O’Hara takes it to another level by pairing an equally busy, but geometric rather than organic, pattern on the floor. Then, O’Hara prettifies it with a floral chandelier and goes for color with green velvet head chairs.

Although Martha O’Hara Interiors is based in Minneapolis, she and her colleague Emily Anderson designed this room for O’Hara’s son in Norwell, Massachusetts. I wrote about it for the Boston Globe Magazine.

Kelly Wearstler's Graffito Wallpaper

Photo by Joyelle West 

If you’re daring, go for a patterned dining room. It’s an easy look to pull off with the pieces I sourced for you from StyleCarrot partners, based on O’Hara’s design.

Kelly Wearstler's Graffito Wallpaper

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ARTmonday: Drive-by Projects Debuts Online Art Shop

After a year of corresponding with art consultant Beth Kantrowitz, I met her in Provincetown when she did a pop-up gallery the summer before last. I was instantly attracted to her enthusiasm, not to mention her taste in art. She and Kathleen O’Hara of Watertown, Massachusetts gallery  Drive-by Projects recently introduced the Drive-by Store where you can by works from emerging and mid-career artists online. Here are some of the offerings which you can also see @drive_by_projects.

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Rebecca Doughty

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Jon Cowan

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Amy Ross

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Danica Phelps

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

James Kennedy

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Helena Wurzel

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Shannon Rankin

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Crystalle LaCouture

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Michelle Grabner

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Jenny Brown

Drive-by Projects, 81 Spring Street, Watertown, Massachusetts, 617-835-8255, by appointment.

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Get the Look: 60 White Dressers for the Bedroom

Twelve years ago, around the time I wrote about Boston designer Erin Gates’ house in Jamaica Plain for Boston Globe Magazine,  she helped me pick out the Studly Dresser by Worlds Away (no longer available) for my bedroom. It’s a white lacquer dresser with a beveled mirrored top with six drawers that are blissfully deep and open wonderfully smoothly. White lacquer and polished silver finishes may not be the on-trend choice these days, but it still makes me happy both in looks and functionality.

White Dresser With Chrome Studs Modern Bedroom FurnitureMy bedroom dresser. 

There’s value in a white dresser — it matches almost everything and disappears against white walls if you don’t want it to be the talking point. There are many, many takes on it too, without veering into traditional styles. I found 60 clean-lined white dressers from StyleCarrot partners worth sharing.

I’m currently loving the West Elm dresser with fluted drawer fronts (#37), the minimalist white dresser with light wood surround by Normann Copenhagen (#38), and the Serena & Lily dresser with raffia drawer fronts (#43).


White Dressers For Bedrooms

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White Bedroom Dressers

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Bedroom Furniture White Drerssers And Chests

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White Bedroom Furniture Modern Dressers

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Modern Bedroom Furniture White Dressers

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Modern White And Wood Dressers Bedroom Furniture

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Modern White And Wood Bedroom Furniture

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Contemporary White Dressers Bedroom Furniture

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Modern Bedroom Furniture White Dressers

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Modern Bedroom Furniture White Dressers

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White is always a good idea.
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White Furniture & Decor From Serena & Lily Coastal California