Street Style: 6 Ways to Wear Metallic Pleated Maxi and Midi Skirts

Trying to motivate and distract myself after a completely unproductive (not to mention disappointing) week. Before fall passes us by, let’s look at the pleated skirt trend, which started last year. Accordion pleated skirts work well as maxis and midis (unless you’re in you are on the younger side I’d probably skip the pleated mini). The season’s pleated maxi and midi skirts are best done in metallics. The main trick is to dress them down. Let’s see how the street style stars are wearing them.

Metallic Skirt + Leather Jacket

Pairing pleated metallic skirts with leather jackets (quilted moto jackets look most fresh this season) toughen it up. Add booties, or if you can need to meander cobblestone streets, Gucci loafers.


Silver Pleated Maxi And Cropped Leather Jacket


Pleated Skirt And Studded Moto Jacket


Gold Metallic Accordion Pleat Skirt Street Style

Metallic Skirt + Florals, Stripes, Animal Prints

Maximalists can revel in an anything goes state of mind, pairing metallic pleated skirts with multitude of pattern (embroidered florals are hits this fall), be it on top, bottom, or both. Leave it to Alexa Chung to pull on a preppy multicolor striped sweater with her liquid metal. Leopard print oxfords and a wide belt infuse a sort of vintage schoolgirl flair.

Metallic Gold Gucci Skirt With Patterned Gucci Stop

Graffiti Leather Jacket And Copper Metallic Midi Skirt

Alexa Chung Pairs A Multicolor Striped Sweater With Pleated Gold Skirt

Pleated Skirt In Silver Metallic With a Wide Belt and Black Tights

Metallic Skirt + White Sneakers

It’s been all about the white sneaker, apparently even through fall. From not quite white canvas Converse  Chuck Taylors to pristine, look-at-me-I-got-new-shoes slip-ons to Adidas Stan Smiths like I had in high school.

Gold Metallic Accordion Pleated Skirt WIth Quilted Jacket

Pleated Metallic Gold Midi Skirt With White Sneakers & YSL Crossbody Bag
Metallic Silver Maxi Paired With Pink Sweater And White Sneakers

Jessie Bush Wears Pleated Gold Metallic Maxi Skirt With White Sneakers

Green Metallic Maxi Skirt WIth Adidas Sneakers

Sweater Dress Over Metallic Maxi Skirt Plus White Sneakers
Metallic Skirt + Graphic T-Shirt

While the graphic T-shirt trend has slowed, there’s no question it’s the perfect antidote to a super shiny metallic pleated maxi skirt.

Gold Metallic Skirt Paired With Graphic T-Shirt

Pair A Graphic Black Tee With A Gold Pleated Maxi Skirt

Metallic Skirt + Textural Sweaters

As we move into winter, the season’s textural or ruffled knits dress down the bling of a metallic skirt while still offering a look that’s absolutely fashion forward.

Bronze Metallic Maxi And Belted Textural Sweater

Silver Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt and Layered Bell Sleeve Sweater

Metallic Skirt + Furry Loafers

When they appeared on runways you wondered wear on earth you’d wear a fur-lined loafer. Now you know. The gold metallic pleated skirt paired with a black turtleneck and Gucci shearling-lined mules is pretty much perfection.

Gold Skirt And Fur-Lined Gucci Loafers

Metallic Skirt + Boots + Sweater

Finally, you can’t go wrong pairing your pleated skirt with boots (studded if you’re nasty) and a baggy ribbed sweater. An all-purpose day look that’s equal parts casual and cool.

Gold Metallic Pleated Maxi Skirt And A Baggy Black Sweater
Gold Skirt And Chinese Silk Jacket

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ARTmonday: Studio Visit with Laura Allis-Richardson

Last week I visited Boston-based artist Laura Allis-Richardson at her studio at Fenway Studios. A new friend had recommended her work to me and she insisted I come have a look myself. I’m glad I took the time for a studio visit—Laura Allis-Richardson is charming, her space is wonderful, and her work is fantastic. If you like what you see, she’s participating in Fenway Open Studios this coming weekend, November 12th & 13th, 2016 at 30 Ipswich Street in Boston.

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Scouting for the Webster Art Project, I was drawn to Richardson’s large abstract paintings, specifically the ones hung along the top of the room above. I also discovered that she does some mixed media pieces.

Abstract Painting By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

She says mixed media is very popular right now. These have some sort of twigs or straw layered atop the oil paint.

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

The other side of the room is her studio space. Some of these pieces are still works in progress.

Abstract Landscape Painting By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Abstract Paintings By Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

These two oil paintings are currently propped up in my living room. Later this week I’ll deliver them to Webster & Company in the Boston Design Center where they’ll hang as part of the new fall/winter art installation. (If you’re interested in purchasing, let me know, or stop by the showroom. They are $750 each or $1,400 for the pair.)

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Abstract Painting By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Abstract Landscape Painting By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

Richardson plans to do a bit more work on the piece in the back.

Self Portrait By Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

This is one of a series of self-portraits that Allis-Richardson is currently working on.


I see the forest and architectural elements in this lively blue and black abstract.

Studio Visit With Boston Artist Laura Allis-Richardson

A view of the Mass Pike from the lofty second floor. Those windows.

Fenway Studios In Boston Open Studios November 12 & 13

Fenway Studios In Boston Open Studios November 12 & 13

Laura Allis-Richardson is one of 21 artists who will welcome visitors at Fenway Open Studios at 30 Ipswich Street this weekend, November 12th & 13th from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Sunday Bouquet: Tiny Clusters in a Pitcher

Fall Flowers At Union Square Restaurant Juliet

Photo by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

Yarrow and pink yarrow, perhaps?
Floral arrangement on the counter at Juliet in Somerville, Mass.

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Saturday Say It: I’m With Her

I'm With Her Hillary Clinton 2016

(Red Bubble)

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Site Spotlight: Modern Clocks at Purely Wall Clocks

Australian retailer and StyleCarrot partner Purely Wall Clocks offers a huge range of clocks—they offer over 250 clock designs.

Most are modern wall clocks though there are also a number of retro clock designs too. My favorites are the Scandinavian inspired minimalist designs, as well as the highly graphic black and white clocks. The site also features a number of oversize, large scale wall clocks.

Here’s a sampling of modern clocks from Purely Wall Clocks:

Scandinavian Style White + Wood Clocks

Modern Scandinavian Style Wall Clocks

Scandinavian style clocks feature natural materials such as pale wood as well as reclaimed wood, both paired with white. There are ball clock styles, cut lattice work designs, round clocks in solid frames, and even wall clocks shaped like houses.

Graphic Black + White Clocks

Modern Black & White Wall Clocks

Taking cues from school or office clock designs, one might think graphic black and white clocks would be the most straightforward, but maybe not. Some of these clocks have fun with numbers, dashes, and blank space.

Modern Multicolor Rainbow Clocks

Modern Multicolor Wall Clocks

It’s never to early to teach kids to tell time, the old fashioned way. These multi-color wall clocks are super fun for playrooms or nurseries. A color for every number, or just plain mayhem.

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