Foodie Friday: Kennebunkport Food Festival

Earlier this month I was invited on a very fun and fabulous two day press trip to Kennebunkport, Maine, where I stayed at Hidden Pond. (You must go, but more about that in future posts). One of the highlights of the trip was attending the Grand Tapas Party, part of the Kennebunkport Food Wine Art Festival.

In a white tent along the Kennebunk River in downtown Kennebunkport. over 25 chefs offered up inventive and beautiful bites of food, each paired with specific wines. It’s a one price ($65) ticket, and once you get in, it’s all you can eat and drink. Everything I tried was absolutely delicious.

I think my favorites were the Nordic-inspired smoked salmon and blue potato dish (sorry I have no idea which restaurant provided them), and the vanilla buttercream frosting on the East End cupcakes. I am hoping to return for the Kennebunkport Festival next year. It was that good.














Photos by Marni Elyse Katz for StyleCarrot via Instagram


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Montage: Walk in Showers with Frameless Glass Partitions

Door or no door? There’s no question that a walk in shower is the way to go (nobody wants to climb over a tub), but do you do just a simple, frameless glass partition, or do you add a door?

I was just having this conversation with someone (though I don’t remember who), and she pointed out that it’s a lot less expensive if you skip the door, not just in terms of the glass, but the hardware and installation. There’s also the whole hassle of shower door seals.

A shower without a door is good for a smaller space. We used one when we renovated our master bath down in DC, and also in the guest bedroom on the Cape. You also need to consider the shape. We did a door in the master because it’s square. And of course, if you don’t like a breeze on your naked body.

The other option is to do a tile wall or half wall. Not sure how the pricing works out. I guess it’s a decent option for more modest folks, but it definitely closes in the space, whereas glass keeps everything light and open.

Here are 15 walk in showers with frameless glass partitions sans doors.




Silvio Rech + Lesley Carstens Architecture


Lori Pepe-Lunché  •  Design Sponge


Eric Roth Photography


Fabio Galeazzo Design


Minarc Design


John Granen Photography


Home of artist  Rory Dobner  •  Elle Decoration




Canadian House & Home


Francois Muracciole Architects  •  Agathe Perroy Interiors






London loft of Hosh Ibrahim 


Architects Felipe Hess & Renata Pedrosa  •  Fran Parente Photography


Heath Tiles

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Just In: Lulu DK Jewelry Tattoos

Last week I was on the phone with Lulu deKwiatkowski, an effortlessly cool artist/designer whose label, Lulu DK, spans from Schumacher wallpaper to Matouk bedding to Elson & Co. carpets, and more. Not long ago she launched a lifestyle retail site on which she sells one-of-a-kind finds, her own original artwork and prints, well as accessories and furnishings in her textile prints, including lampshades and tote bags.

I was interviewing Lulu about the Italian Riviera—she spends her summer there with her Italian-born husband and three little kids—for her new Riviera bedding collection for Matouk. At the end of the enlightening conversation (I’ve never been to the Italian coast; sounds heavenly), she tossed out her newest venture—jewelry tattoos.

Lulu DK jewelry tattoos are temporary tattoos, like the kinds you put on your kids, but in metallic gold and silver, in swirly silhouettes, that range from rope to geometrics to henna-like designs, and look like jewelry. She got the idea from her sister, and they’ve taken off like mad. Love them?

lulu-dk-gold-tattoos lulu-dk-gold-back-tattoo lulu-dk-silver-tattoos-2 lulu-dk-silver-tattoos

M E T A L L I C   J E W E L R Y   T A T T O O S   B Y   L U L U  DK

lulu-dk-jewelry-tattoos-la-femmr lulu-dk-jewelry-tattoos-love-story   Each order includes 2 sheets, one gold & one silver. Made in the USA.  Passes safety standards for cosmetic products and meets all domestic and international regulatory requirements. Non-toxic.

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ARTmonday: Clint Jukkala

Missoula, Montana-born artist Clint Jukkala went to college in Seattle, and earned his M.F.A. at Yale University, where he stayed on, and is now an Associate Professor of Painting/Printmaking.

Jukkala’s recent work explores the ideas of light, filters, lenses, and frames. His colorful, geometric, and sometimes textural paintings, while for the most part abstract, at times resemble figures, namely ones with seriously large eyeglasses.

Clint Jukkala is represented by the Fred Giampietro Gallery in New Haven. His work has been shown at Feature Inc. and Envoy Enterprises in New York City, The deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA, Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Philadelphia, PA, VOLTA NY 2013, The Currier Museum, and Soil Gallery in Seattle.


Cosmic Trigger


Cosmic Trigger


Around the Outlines


Off Course


Out Look, Look Out


Either Or


Carry the Zero


Over the Under




Inside Out




Sunshine in the Shade



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Sunday Bouquet: Thrift Store Vase with Bright Blooms


Photo by Marij Hessel  •  My Attic

The blogger made over a thrift store find with white primer and bright yellow spray paint.

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Just In: The Chicken Lamp

This just popped up in my inbox and I thought it was hysterical. It’s called the Chicken Lamp, and yes it is really a chicken.

Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz created this working lamp using actual taxidermy.

Previously he designed a Duck Lamp out of a taxidermy duck with a broken neck (poor duckie) that he found in the trash of a taxidermy museum. (Museums just toss specimens in the trash? Really?) Apparently he was nervous about presenting the piece since taxidermy was not yet trendy.

Taxidermy is certainly trendy now (with deer heads thankfully disappearing from the design scene), though not sure I’ve seen much in the way of stuffed chickens.

White Feather Chicken Lamp WIth Bulb Head



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Giveaway: Win a Belt from

I have less of a waist then I’d like, so belts aren’t always at the top of my list. I have two skinny patent leather Calvin Klein belts from the early 1990s (belts were enjoying a moment back then), that have long been relegated to my luggage accoutrements, perfect for securing a stack of folded clothing in a suitcase. Sadly, they will likely never fit again, so no matter how prominent belts become, there they’ll stay.

I purchased a stretchy elastic belt with a hook that I might wear with a dress, but feeling way too bloated of late, the last time I wore it was with my “Like a Virgin” Madonna getup for an 1980s theme party last summer.

For everyday, I have a great medium width black belt with little brass studs and buckle that I tend to use to keep my pants up, if necessary. Walking around as though I have a loaded diaper is probably not the best look, so I have been making a fair effort to take the time to thread my belt through my Lycra-infused Madewell jeans belt loops. It’s pliable and goes with everything. I also have a wider, totally worn caramel leather colored belt with matte brass buckle that’s perfect when I’m going with more of a natural, neutral look.

The other day I bought skinny zipper pants (with two percent stretch) at J.Crew, and it being summer, also picked up a skinny perforated leather belt on which the perforations go all the way around. (Who knows, I could love three inches if I starved myself. And my belt would still fit, or so exclaimed the perky stylist.) The buckle is a too shiny gold tone, but I won’t be tucking in my popover, so it’s not really an issue. (Except for me, privately, but I’m trying to get over it.)

An in other personal belt news, my boys, who are just a year apart in age and about the same size, have been sharing one belt between them. They go to different schools, so dress up days vary and it hasn’t been an issue. Last weekend we all had to go to a bar mitzvah so I had to buy another belt. Two belts in one week, a personal record.

Before you totally fall asleep with the ins and outs of my belt life, I want to introduce a Founder Sivan Soffer has kindly offered a $50 gift card to for one StyleCarrot reader. The site has a large selection and the prices are quite good, so depending on the style(s) you choose, you will likely be able to get more than one new belt for yourself. has skinny belts, wide belts, stretchy elastic belts, metallic belts, beaded belts, rope belts, and a variety of belt buckles too. You can even design your own belt. Here are ten belts I like from



Tell me in the comment section of this post:

What style of belt do you wear most? 


Deadline to enter is Thursday , June 26 at midnight EST.

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ARTmonday: Bowls From the Kitchen Cupboard

I’ve been collecting cute and colorful tabletop and kitchen trinkets, like dipped wooden spoons, little patterned bowls, graphic tea towels, flowerpots,  and such, because this summer I’d like to attempt to take more original photographs for the blog. I’ve recently attempted to style a few shots (like the ones for the Raddish Kids post), and I think they’ve come out decently. And, of course, I’ve been practicing my still life tablescape and flower photos on Instagram almost daily. The last think I need is more stuff to store, but I figured the items would be good inspiration.

That reminded me of these artworks of bowls that I’ve been saving for a while, and figured today is as good a time as any to post them.

William Scott Still Life Painting

Orange Still LIfe  •  William Scott

Kitchen Art Fruit Bowl Drawing Mzscreations

Bowl of Fruit  •  Mzscreations  •  Society 6

Kitchen Art Vintage Pyrex Bowl Print

Vintage Pyrex   •  Pocono Modern


Vessel  •  Edel Rodriguez  •  Gallery Nucleus

Kitchen Art Bowl Stack Graphic Print

Bowl Stack  •  Strawberry Luna •  Etsy

elizabethgraeber vintage pyrex

Vintage Pyrex  •  Elizabeth Graeber

Vintage Pitcher And Cup With Flowers Artwork



Fruit Bowl  •  Colourbox  •  Society 6

Dorothy Coldwell Still Life Of Bowl

Dorothy Caldwell


Midnight Blue  •  Akiko Kobayakowa  •  Etsy


Retro Kitchen Bowls  •  Charming Shop Love  •  Etsy

Ashley Goldberg Drawing Thermos Mug

Ashley Goldberg •  Etsy

Red Cast Iron Pot Illustration Kitchen Art

Yusuke Yonezu

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Sunday Bouquet: White Peony in Glass Vase

White Peony In White Vase

If I don’t get out to the Cape in early June, I miss the peonies. This year, school let out pretty early, so we just spent a week there, and the white peonies were blooming, blooming, blooming. Here’s one in a tiny glass vase on a rattan coaster  on the dining room sideboard. 

Photo by Marni Elyse Katz for StyleCarrot

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Saturday Say It: Be Smart

Quote-About-Being-Smart-& Sexy

“Intelligence is sexy.”

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Lingerie is sexy too. Shop La Perla >

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