Just In: The Best Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Summer is here. For real. Did you forget to buy a cute crop of shorts and fresh tees? Sandals? Pretty dresses are important too. Now’s the time. Here are the best Memorial Day weekend sales, happening right now.

S U M M E R   F A S H I O N 

50% off full price purchase; extra 40% off sale styles.
Code: Summer50

Banana Republic
40% off your purchase.
Code: BRTAKE40

Extra 30% off sitewide; 40% off clothing; 30% off shoes & accessories.

Club Monaco
Extra 30% off sale items.
Code: Warmer

30% off select styles and all sale items.
Code: SUMMER30

Free People
Additional 25% off sale items.

35% off everything.

30% off

Additional 20% off sale items.
Code: MD2016

L.K. Bennett
Extra 30% off sale items

60% off summer favorites & all sale styles; 40% off new arrivals.

Lord & Taylor
20% off up to $199; 25% off over $200; 10% off fragrances.

Up to 40% off; extra 20% off sale items.

Up to 40% offhalf-yearly sale/

Old Navy
Extra 50% off all tees, tank, swim, and shorts.

Rag & Bone
50% off select spring styles.

Rebecca Taylor
Extra 25% off sale items.
Code: EXTRA25



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ARTmonday: 8 Motel Room Murders By Airco Caravan

I love the retro air of these small oils on canvas by Dutch artist Airco Caravan. Little did I realize there are sinister stories behind these motel room paintings, which are part of her “Crime Scene” series.

Airco Caravan told Yen Magazine that the motel room paintings series began when she noticed how casually murder is reported on the news. “Horrible things like this are in my head all the time. . .,” she says. “It freaks me out that people are so happy to kill each other. I don’t understand it.”

Caravan, who is based in Amsterdam,  extensively researches the back stories using online newspaper archives. She usually worked from photographs, devising her own colour palette for her paintings of the motel rooms. As a child growing up in Europe she was fascinated by this type of comfortable room that symbolized the American dream.

She says, “After a crime has been committed the room is still there. It just looks like an ordinary motel room. But what does it do to your view when you know what happened there?”

In another of Airco Caravan’s series, “100 Murders,” she photographs footpaths in New York where people have been murdered. “Other people just walk all over it, having fun, being a tourist, whatever,” she says. “But somebody actually died there.”

I think I’ll stick to the Ritz.

Motel Room Murder Scene Paintings By Airco Caravan

Possession of a Deadly Weapon, 2012

Authorities were called to the Delaware Riverview Motel, after an employee discovered the victim. Homicide detectives arrested a woman after finding some of her personal items in the motel room where the victim was found. She has been charged with 1st degree murder, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony, and possession of
a deadly weapon by a person prohibited.

Motel Room Murder Scene Paintings By Airco Caravan

Motel Slaying, 2012

King County prosecutors have filed murder charges against three 19-year-old men and a 16-year-old girl in connection in the slaying of  a 47-year-old man. The sheriff’s office says witnesses saw the victim  drive up and enter a room of SeaTac Motel. Within a few minutes they  heard an argument and then a gun shot. The victim stumbled out of the room and collapsed. He died at the scene.

Motel Room Murder Scene Paintings By Airco Caravan

Lifeless Bodies of Two Children, 2012

Broke and jobless a woman killed her young sons in an Orangeburg motel, then strapped their lifeless bodies into their car seats before rolling the vehicle into a South Carolina river, authorities said. She drove to a motel with the 2-year-old and 18-month-old boys. Late that night, in a corner room tucked at the back of the rundown, one-story motel
complex, she suffocated the boys with her hands.

Motel Room Murder Scene Paintings By Airco Caravan

Suicide By Gun, 2012

Wichita Police now say the shooting at the Stratford House Motel was  a suicide. Police were called to the motel Friday night and found a 23-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to her head. According to Sedgwick County 911 dispatchers, the young woman was found dead at the Stratford House Motel in the 5500 block of West Kellogg, near I-235 and Kellogg.
Police are interviewing witnesses and continuing to investigate.

Motel Room Murder Scene Paintings By Airco Caravan

Hotel Homicide, 2011

A man will face a second-degree murder charge after a stabbing at the  Motel 6 in Brandon. Police were called to the Trans-Canada Highway hotel around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night, where they found the body of a 63-year-old man in one of the third-floor rooms, with injuries to his upper body. There is speculation from hotel staff and patrons that the
victim was killed by his own 26-year-old son.

Motel Room Murder Scene Paintings By Airco Caravan

Fractured Skull, 2013

A man beat a handcuffed guest to death inside an Elkton motel, Room 418. Court records list a fractured skull as one of the many injuries that he suffered during a “mutual combat fight” that, at some point, turned into an alleged deadly assault. According to court records, the man continuously beat the victim in the head with the leg of a chair that had been broken during their fight.

Motel Room Murder Scene Paintings By Airco Caravan

Overdose, 2013

Two people were found dead in an Athens motel after what a sheriff’s investigator suspects was a ‘pill party’. A man in his 20s and a woman in her 30s were found dead at the Starlight Motel after investigators responded to a call from another hotel guest. A ‘pill party’ involves mixed prescription medications passed around in a bowl. Investigators are waiting for lab results to determine the contents of the pills.

Motel Room Murder Scene Paintings By Airco Caravan

14 Stab Wounds, 2013

The prime suspect in the brutal slaying murder of a 38-old municipal employee was arrested on Saturday. The victim, who succumbed to 14 stab wounds in different parts of the body, was a former live-in partner of the suspect. She checked-in alone at Room 45 of the Mariposa Lodge III motel. 30 minutes later, a man also checked-in. As he left, the employees
found the woman dead, lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds.

•           •           •

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Beauty Break: 10 Products From Fresh

Beauty brand Fresh, known for their exquisitely wrapped oval soaps, was founded here in Boston back in 1991 by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, who opened an apothecary store on Tremont Street. Today the Fresh shop is on Newbury Street, where I recently enjoyed a little shopping spree, compliments of Fresh.

In 1993 Fresh beauty debuted those oval soaps, triple-milled, vegetable-based soaps infused with shea butter and laced with delicate, single-note scents, which they personally hand-wrapped in ornate cotton inlaid paper tied with a delicate wire and topped with a semi-precious stone. In 1998 came the Brown Sugar Body Polish, marking the first sugar exfoliant on the market. And on they go, developing fragrances and natural skin care products.

I left the shop with half a dozen goodies. I’m saving the body scrub and bath gel for Cape Cod, where I have a bathtub, but I’ve since become addicted to the Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream and the Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments. Color, nourishment, and SPF . .  they’re basically a dream come true. So yes, Fresh beauty is now in my daily cosmetic lineup.

Here are some Fresh beauty products I really love. Hover over the icon for name and price, then click to link over to Sephora or Nordstrom, which carries Fresh skincare and cosmetics. Coincidentally, Nordstrom has a lovely gift with Fresh purchase promotion going on now.


•            •            •

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Fine Print: Emily Henderson Styled

I finally got a copy of the new(ish) design book, Emily Henderson Styled.  I’ve actually never seen Emily Henderson on HGTV, but I am a huge fan of her Instagram feed and I love her blog. She’s super cute, seems like she’d be really nice, and most importantly, her aesthetic is so fresh, clean, and functional. I would be incredibly happy from here to eternity to live in any one of the rooms she features in this book.

Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves (October 2016, Potter Style), with photos by David Tsay, is Henderson’s first book. It starts with the premise of figuring out what your style is. Although I’m able to define my style pretty well, I took the quiz for fun. (Side note: she also suggests looking into your closet for clues, but I found that method completely contrary for myself. My clothes are all black and grey, but I love to live with color!)

I found the questions somewhat limiting, forcing you to pigeonhole yourself into one style or another, but for the purposes of the book, that’s the point. You need to settle on a style, so she can help you achieve it. The results were pretty accurate. If you don’t go for quizzes, you can simply read about each of the 12 styles (Scandinavian, Minimalist, Bohemian, Rustic, Industrial, etc.) she puts forth, which she defines quite well, one per page.

The important thing to note about the book is that focuses on styling, which is different than decorating. Emily Henderson is a prop stylist. She knows how to make anything look good. That means you don’t have to swap out your furniture, which in most cases is too pricey an enterprise. Instead, you can tweak the space with accessories, using Henderson’s little bits of magic. And, for those of you also obsessed with Instagram, she offers specific photo styling tips too.

New Book By HGTV Star Stylist Emily Henderson

She’s adorable. Girl crush. 

I’m not going to go through the whole book for you (you’ll definitely want to do that yourself), but I’ll share some highlights.


Henderson talks about balancing the colors of the accessories in this deeply saturated blue walled living room, offers tips for hanging a gallery wall above a sofa, counsels us on the best height of side tables and lamps, and comments on the room’s symmetry.


I love how she uses Danish modern furnishings here, but adds in touches of other aesthetics, like the almost granny floral pillow, the contemporary art, and subtly striated rug.

New Book By HGTV Star Stylist Emily Henderson

Here we’ve got the one sofa four ways trick: Pop Contemporary; Black, White & Wood; Boho Traditional; Americana. You can totally do this. Especially when she breaks it down for you.


This photo opens the chapter on color. Henderson gives some interesting advice here, saying, “If you love color, don’t paint your walls.” She reasons that if you have color on your walls and then you mix in a zillion different colorful accessories, things could get a wee bit crazy. She advises keeping the foundation of the room quite, then layer on the chaos, which should result in lively color rather than chaos. I love this advice. I think it really sums up the basis of how Henderson creates such fresh looking spaces.


Another gallery wall, in the context of designing around the television. Mostly I included this image because I’ve been obsessed with that grass photograph ever since I first saw it. (Emily please tell me who that photographer is.)

New Book By HGTV Star Stylist Emily Henderson

This may be my favorite lesson in Styled. The vignettes are very similar, yes, but Henderson tweaked many elements to get it to look just right. I love that she tells us exactly what she altered  and why.

New Book By HGTV Star Stylist Emily HendersonPhoto by Marni Elyse Katz / StyleCarrot
Emily Henderson Styled on my coffee table.

S H O P  the  L O O K

•            •           •  


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ARTmonday: Millee Tibbs’ Folded Landscape Photos

I don’t remember where I first saw these crumpled landscape photos by Detroit-based artist Millee Tibbs, but I’ve been holding on to the images for a while. Although I’m not often a fan of straightforward landscapes, I’m drawn to abstracted landscapes. Or, in this case, folded landscapes.

Tibbs is interested in the relationship between surfaces and what lies beneath them, along with the space where its qualities contradict each other while simultaneously coexisting. This series is called Mountains + Valleys after the two primary folds in origami.

After photographing the landscapes, Tibbs prints, folds, then re-photographs them, resulting in images that are both manipulated and photographically real.

In her statement Tibbs says that images of the American West are used to interpret and confront cultural myths that are disseminated through the representation of that landscape. And that the work uses physical alteration to create relationships between formal geometries and natural spaces that question the illusionistic representation of the photographic image.

Here are eight of Millee Tibbs’ folded, abstracted landscapes.


Landscape Photography By Milee Tibbs

Landscape Photography By Milee Tibbs

Landscape Photography By Milee Tibbs

Landscape Photography By Milee Tibbs

Landscape Photography By Milee Tibbs

Landscape Photography By Milee Tibbs

Landscape Photography By Milee Tibbs

Landscape Photography By Milee Tibbs

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