Just In: Framebridge Opens in Hingham

It’s no secret that I use StyleCarrot partner Framebridge to frame much of my art. Yes, that’s alotta frames! There are a handful of Framebridge brick and mortar stores (Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, Williamsburg, etc.). Now there is a Framebridge shop near Boston, which I plan to check out soon.


Photo by Sean Litchfield 

Framebridge is open at the Derby Street Shops in Hingham, Massachusetts. This South Shore Framebridge store is part of a large retail expansion; Framebridge plans to open 35 stores by the end of 2022. Boston proper will get one too. Framebridge Boston Seaport will open early next year. I will continue to ship my artwork to Framebridge until they open a shop in the Back Bay, but it’s nice to be able to check out the various frame styles if need be.

Framebridge Frame Store Hingham Massachusetts

Photo by Sean Litchfield 

Framebridge, Derby Street Shops, Hingham, Mass.

I have sent a variety of types of art to Framebridge, including fine art photography and works on paper. I’ve also uploaded my own digital photos for them to print and frame. Framebridge can frame objects too, though I haven’t personally tried that.

Frame Anything At Framebridge

Photo by Sean Litchfield 

I tend to use the Irvine Slim frame, a simple white gallery frame. If I want black, I go with the Mercer Slim, a simple black gallery frame. There’s also the Irvine and Mercer with a slightly wider dimension. The pale, natural wood Marin frame is another favorite of mine. I’ve also used the champagne silver wood Lille frame, as well as the whitewashed Bleached Maple frame, though I feel like that wood might hold onto dirt in a way the others do not.

Framebridge Marin Pale Wood Gallery Frame

Marin frame on a digital photo I shot at the Cape Cod Dance Festival. I requested an extra wide white matte.

Framebridge Irvine Slim White Wood Gallery Frame

Irvine Slim frame on a photo I purchased at SMFA Art Sale.

Framebridge Pale Wood Frame

Bleached Maple frame on a mixed media piece I made during Covid. The artwork is floating (extra $25).

Framebridge has recently introduced some new frame styles. I hope to try the Monterey whitewashed gallery frame, the Gray Ash gallery frame, and maybe, maybe, maybe even the mint green (!) Positano or jade green Bangkok frames; could be cute for just the right keepsake.

Here are a few of my Framebridge endeavors in the wild:

Framebridge Marin Frame Over Fireplace

Hanging over our dyed concrete mantelpiece on Cape Cod: Gabriel Sosa text art from Montserrat College of Art auction in Marin frame. Text art on the right by Susie Nielsen from Off Main Gallery in Wellfleet, already framed. 

Framebridge Lille Frame Over Fireplace

On the fireplace mantel: Photograph by Asia Kepka from SMFA Art Sale in a Framebridge Lille frame.

Framebridge Irvine Frames On Suzanne Koett

On the living room wall in Cape Cod: Painting on the left by Hilary Tait Norod; photographs on the right by Suzanne Koett via Etsy done in Irvine Slim frames.

Gallery Wall in Boston Framebridge

Art layered on our built-ins in Boston: I used pale wood Marin frames for a photograph by Anastascia Cazabon on the left as well as for a nude watercolor by Dana Ellyn (my sister). The Anastascia Cazabon photo in the middle (the girl falling off the bed) is in a white Irvine Slim gallery frame. The two small photographs towards the right are in black Mercer Slim gallery frames by Framebridge. The other artwork, which I did not frame, includes a portrait by Gustavo Lacerda on the left, a woman swimming by Joy McKinney, and two abstract dot paintings by Kristi Kohut.

Above four photos by Marni Elyse Katz | StyleCarrot

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Use Framebridge for digital photos, diplomas, kid’s art, or fine art –>

Framebridge Frame Store Hingham Massachusetts

Shopping Trip: Room 68 In Provincetown

This weekend we went out to the Cape, where we ate, drank, and slept rather a lot. On a trip to Provincetown (the boys wanted new Swiss Army knives) I stopped into one of my favorite home decor shops in Provincetown, Room 68. (Actually, it is my very favorite Provincetown boutique).

Brent Refsland is the creator of home design shop Room 68, which first opened in Jamaica Plain, Boston, before relocating to 377 Commercial Street in Provincetown on Cape Cod in 2014. Over the last couple of years he has begun curating fresh, contemporary artwork in addition to cutting edge home furnishings.

Here’s a tour of what is in store at Room 68 this month:

Copper Chair By Bend Goods Bent Wood Shelf

I love this copper geo chair from Bend Goods, which would have been perfect in that model apartment I decorated last year at Troy Boston. The curved floating shelf is gorgeous.

Bass Bowl And Resin Salad Servers

This organic brass bowl is an unexpected piece for greens and makes a great contrast to the resin salad servers by San Francisco-based designer Tina Frey.

Bubble Chandelier By Pelle At Room 68

Finish Options For Bubble Chandelier By Pelle

The PELLE Bubble Chandelier made of a cluster of blown glass globes is stunning and comes in a variety of finishes.

Sarcastic Greeting Cards At Room 68

Sarcastic greeting cards for when you don’t really mean it, but have to say something.

Geo Dipped Cutting Boards By Bower

Cutting boards in geometric shapes and bright, dipped colors by Bower. Use the blank side to cut and the colored side to look at.

Helsinki Speaker by Vifa Table By Tina Frey

Helsinki wireless speaker by Fifa produces a crisp, loud sound. Yes, he cranked it up. The pretty blue table is by Tina Frey.

Graphic Provincetown Poster At Room 68

In case you forget where you are. This graphic Provincetown print by Liz Roache comes in various colors and makes a great housewarming gift.

Nylon Pouch By Alaina Marie

These nylon mesh pouches by Alaina Marie are super cute. They are inspired by a lobsterman’s bait bag, created with the same marine grade materials, but in way better colors, obv.

Resin Bowl & Resin Salad Servers By Tina Frey

Resin salad servers and serving bowls by Tina Frey are hand sculpted in San Francisco. The large bowls are great for serving pasta or leafy greens.

Solar Puff Light By Alice Soo Chun

Professor of Design and Material Culture at Parsons in NYC, Alice Min Soo Chun invented this new Solar Puff light that is useful for camping, the patio, or just whatever in the dark. They fold flat and expand into cute little cubes.

Sandpaper Artwork By Brent Refsland

Room 68 owner Brent Refsland, who has traditionally worked in photography, takes on a new material with these cut sandpaper renditions of sandcastles. They look great in a grouping of three or four.

Laser Cut Jewelry By Nervous System

Cambridge-based company Nervous System gets all shiny with this statement laser cut coral necklace. The spiral cuff up in the corner is cool too.

Copper Flasks Made In Brooklyn By Surname Goods

Because everyone needs a flask, especially in summer. (Summerhouse shares, traffic, family, etc.)  These well-worn copper beauties by Surname Goods are made in Brooklyn, natch.

Stoneware By Michele Quan

Wheel thrown stoneware by Michele Quan is beautiful. She makes ancient style bells too.

Porcelain Teapot With Copper Accents

These matte porcelain coffee pots are perfection, thanks to the minimalist silhouette and spare copper details.

Success Failure Text Art By Cody Justus

A typography diptych by artist by Boston-based artist Cody Justus.

Kawa Porcelain Vases By Souda

Kawa vases and vessels designed by Souda are slip-cast in reusable leather molds. The blue color-plate etching on the left is the work of Boston-based artist James Mustin III, who earned his MFA at MassArt.

Copper Mirror By Bower At Room 68

Copper and smoky mirror behind the desk at Room 68.


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Shopping Trip: Eat Boutique Holiday Market

Maggie Battista has been doing the beautiful food thing with her website Eat Boutique for years. Yet somehow I just discovered her, I guess via social media (Eat Boutique IG is a must-follow).  She just published a gem of a cookbook, Food Gift Love: More Than 100 Recipes to Make, Wrap and Share (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, October 13, 2015), with gorgeous photography by Heidi Murphy of Boston-based  White Loft Studio.

While I’ve been “liking” her gorgeous photos (it’s practically a cyber-stalking situation), Battista has been working her butt off readying her latest pop-up shop, Eat Boutique Holiday Market.

Located in a former laundromat, an industrial-like space owned, like everything else in that part of Allston, by Harvard Business School. Thanks to Maggie, this wide open white wonderland is hosting 70+ (mostly)  local artisanal food vendors through Dec. 10. The Scandinavian-inspired feel is so appealing, so peaceful, so pretty, I kind of want to move in. It is a Pinterest board come to life.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market  is open Wednesdays through Sundays until December 20, 2015 at 267 Western Avenue, near Harvard Business School in Allston. (Exact hours at the end of the post.)

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Food Gift Love by Maggie Battista

The recipes are very tempting. I might even make something. But not gift it.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Those worn wood communal tables are calling out for me and my computer. If it were open weekday mornings, I might just be there. Really they’re for eating the scrumptious food purchased outside at whichever food truck is scheduled that day. When I visited last weekend with my son and husband we got scrumptious fish tacos from the Baja Taco Truck.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

I was thrilled to meet Maggie Battista last weekend, and she couldn’t have been nicer. (She hugs hello and goodbye.) Turns out we could have easily crossed paths over our many, many years in new media, starting in the mid-’90s. It’s not often I run across others who knew how to program AOL screens in Rainman. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, skip it.)

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Le Parfait Jars stocks, well, Le Parfait jars, at the back of the space. They’ve also got a pretty IG feed.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Cape Cod-based Salt Cellar Shop has fun, flavored salts and dreamy photos on IG. I’d love a salt stack as a gift. In fact, I featured a similar one in a Boston Globe gift guide last month.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Flavored syrups are a thing. (Yep, featured those in a Boston Globe Magazine gift guide, because I’m on the cutting edge.) Eat Boutique Holiday Market is hosting Maine company Royal Rose Syrups. That’s co-owner Forrest minding his table. What does one do with raspberry, anise, or saffron simple syrups? Mix ’em in cocktails of course.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Loyal Supply Co. is a design firm, retailer, and distributor of cool goods for the home, office, and studio with a very cool storefront in Union Square, Somerville. Last month I met Ryan at the Remodelista Holiday Market at Lekker. Last weekend I met his partner Kimberly at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market. They also carry modern geo jewelry, wood rattles, candles, artisanal honey, and home products by Copenhagen brand Hay. I think they are the only ones carrying Hay here. I L O V E Hay.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband said his cup from Black Magic Coffee Co. was quite good.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Everyone needs small batch Sriracha. These are from Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, Massachusetts.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

A bicycle is a must-have prop in any hip shop.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Shelves of alluring cookbooks.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Beauty products by Brooklyn-based company PLANT. Great packaging (haven’t had an opportunity to try the actual products). I love that they’re made with the help of adults with physical and mental disabilities at a workshop in New York City.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Artisanal chocolate bars by Farmhouse Chocolates based in Bristol, Vermont.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

I was psyched to meet Shari Apotheker of Apotheker’s Kitchen because I had been emailing with her husband and business partner Russ about a gift guide recently. Sadly, their honey-sweetened, dark chocolate covered mallows were cut from the story, but I can report they are OMG amazing. I bought a package of ten. I gave two to each kid, and—here’s how you know they are excellent and refined—neither one loved them. These are grown up marshmallows, thank you very much.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Apotheker’s Kitchen makes chocolate bars too. The gourmet kind with peppers, sea salt, and quinoa.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Marshmallows that taste like honey.

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista\Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

Eat Boutique Holiday Market
267 Western Avenue • North Allston (Boston)

Wed. – Fri. – 2 – 8PM
Sat. 10AM – 8PM  •  Sun. 11AM – 5PM

Eat Boutique Holiday Market Boston Pop Up By Maggie Battista

EVENTS on Saturday, Dec. 12

Start the day with pop tarts from Flour Bakery
10–11:30AM Wreaths Workshop with Adrianna Adarme of The Year of Cozy
Mei Mei Street Kitchen Food Truck
1–2PM Book Signing with Maggie Battista of Food Gift Love
2–3PM Bake Cookies with Maria Speck of Simply Ancient Grains 
6–8PM Mei Mei Street Kitchen & Chef Brendan Palley of Pelekasis

Some workshops require tickets.

More events on Sunday and the following weekend.

All photos by Marni Elyse Katz for StyleCarrot

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Sunday Bouquet: Succulent in Taylor Ceramics at Remodelista Market This Weekend

Taylor Ceramics Planter At Remodelista Market Boston

Instagram photo by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

Succulent in Taylor Ceramics planter
 Remodelista Market New England
Lekker Home, 1313 Washington Street, Boston
Nov. 14 – 15, 2015

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Shopping Trip: 1630 A Colonial Chic PopUp by Visual Dialogue

UPDATE:  1630 has popped up at Faneuil Hall for December 2015
Faneuil Hall Marketplace, South Market Building  • across from the Christmas tree

If you live in Boston and haven’t stopped by the colonial Boston-themed pop-up shoppe 1630, you must. This week. The pop-up, which I wrote about for the Boston Globe is open through Sunday, November 15th. 

Developed and executed by Susan Battista and Fritz  Klaetke, the wife and husband duo behind South End-based design and branding agency Visual Dialogue, the shop and its contents are an exercise in thoughtful, clever, and refined design. Battista and Klaetke are incredibly talented designers with razor sharp skills for curating talent to support their vision. Plus, they took turns working the till every day, adding shopkeeper to their resumes.

The goods, both vintage and locally made, celebrate Boston’s colonial history, elegantly. In a sense, it’s a gift shop for both visitors and absolute natives)= who wouldn’t dream of buying tacky T-shirts and such. In addition to vintage finds, there are a number of items from local artisans that make perfect holiday presents, including chunks of herb encrusted soaps, re-imagined vintage pendants, hand-dyed tote bags, oxford cloth aprons, pressed seaweed prints, handmade metal pens, leather keychains, felt pennants, appealing T-shirts, and the cutest onesie in the city.

The props are covet-worthy too. Artist & builder Doug Weathersby created wooden colonial dudes that populate the shoppe, and also  made an ingenious bar for opening night, out of wood scraps from the said figures. The wall paint color, which you will certainly ask about, is Benjamin Moore HC-156 Van Eeussen Blue.

1630 occupies the former Nanette Lepore boutique on the second floor of 119 Newbury Street between Clarendon and Dartmouth. Stop in and take a selfie with Ben Franklin.


Founding fathers don T-shirts with clever sayings that include “The Original New England Patriot.”


A plate wall of blue and white transferware from Brimfield hang above a little antique chest painted a rusty red.


Fritz at the wrap desk, getting the hang of being a shopkeeper.


Vintage wooden bowl and wooden letters.


Tote bags by local textile designer Fiona Stoltze who went to MassArt.


Artisanal soaps and balms by local maker Red Langler Apothecary in Lowell.


They created pendant necklaces using vintage Monopoly-like charms.


Postcards with Boston landmarks.


Vintage trinkets.


Handmade aluminum & brass pens by local maker Ian Schon.


Felt pennant s by Somerville-based Loyal Supply Co.


Fritz & Susan designed the adorable onesies.


Vintage toy blocks.


Antiques, T-shirts, vintage engravings, and contemporary seaweed prints by Mary Chatowsky Jameson.


Framed map of Boston print by Italian-born, Boston-raised typographer Matteo Gulla.
Notice the oyster shucking kit by Jan Moscovitz in the lower right.


Vintage brass clipper ships.


Handmade leather  key holsters by Loyal Supply Co.


Wooden bowls and spoons look great with the autumn harvest.
Aprons by Jamaica-Plain based artisan Natalie Pangaro.


Vintage cocktail napkins.


Pewter candlestick against the blue/grey walls.


Plywood bar with relief of United States cut into it, made for opening night event by Doug Weathersby.


American flag, vintage trunk, and cheeky T-shirts.


Vintage glass bottles with glass and metal stoppers.


Hancock building weather alert.


Homemade caramel apples.


Susan Battista in floral bow tie blouse and vintage vest.


C’mon by.
1630 is open through this Sunday, Nov. 15.
119 Newbury Street (bet. Clarendon & Dartmouth), 2nd floor, Boston

Upcoming events:
Tues., Nov. 10th 6-7:30pm:
Talk by Beth Carroll-Horrocks, Head of Special Collections at the State Library of Massachusetts.
Sat., Nov 14th 11am-6pm:
Pop-in by Julie Vician of Fairbanks Fancy Goods.
Sun., Nov 15th 11am-6pm:
Pop-in by MassArt illustration students, featuring unique products designed exclusively for 1630.