ARTmonday: Sarah Meyers Brent’s Flower Paintings at Chase Young Gallery

I first saw Sarah Meyers Brent’s flower paintings about five years ago at an open studios. I was immediately drawn to her large pieces depicting moody florals dripping down the canvas. Her bio says she is attracted to the wilt and decay of dried flowers. I recently read an Instagram post by one of my favorite Boston area floral designers who urged her followers to embrace flowers at every stage. Sarah obviously does. I love that.

I was lucky enough to work with her when we featured a dripping flower painting at the Webster & Company showroom.  Some of her work is spare, with a background peeking through, while other paintings are so textured and layered they’re truly three-dimensional. Sarah also does  cool fiber sculptures that included upcycled kids clothing; these seem to grow out of the wall.

Sarah Meyers Brent is represented by Kate Kostopoulos at Chase Young Gallery in the SoWa Arts District in Boston. Her solo show “Curious Cultivations” runs through October 31, 2020. You can see it in real life or online. You can also tune into her Zoom talk this Thursday evening.

Zoom Live Artist Talk with Sarah Meyers Brent
Thursday October 8th – 6:00pm – 6:30pm

Dripping Flower Paintings Boston Art Gallery

Dripping Plant VI
Acrylic on Canvas • 50 x 40 inches

Dripping Flower Paintings Boston Art GalleryFalling Flowers
Acrylic on Canvas • 48.5 x 66 inches

Flower Sculptures Boston Art Gallery

Birdsong Sculpture
Found Objects & Mixed Media • 48h x 30w x 30d inches

Dripping Flower Paintings Boston Art Gallery

Floral Dance II
Acrylic on Paper • 11 x 15 inches

Lush Flower Paintings Boston Artist

Put a Bird On It
Acrylic & Graphite on Paper • 11 x 14 inches

Abstract Flower Paintings Boston Artist

Stay At Home Rainbow
Acrylic on Board • 10 x 8 inches

Textural Flower Paintings Boston Artist

Flower Vase
Acrylic & Mixed Media on Board • 11.25 x 9 inches

Dripping Flower Paintings Boston Art Gallery

Floral Explosion
Acrylic & Charcoal on Canvas • 30 x 40 inches

Dripping Flower Paintings Boston Artist

Ice Cream Scoop
Acrylic & Charcoal on Canvas • 48.5 x 66 inches

Chase Young Gallery SoWa Sarah Meyers BrentFollow @sarah_meyers_brent and @Chase Young Gallery on Instagram

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ARTmonday: Inside World by Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe

Ann Arbor-based painter Mia Risberg got in touch with me earlier this summer about a project she did with  Los Angeles-based photographer  Jessica Chappe. The artists met through this project, organized by Shoebox PR, a support network for artists in Los Angeles. The work was completed between April 16,2020 and May 31,2020.

During the pandemic, they met remotely to collaborate on a series of responses to each other’s work. The creations reflect their life experiences while in lockdown. Risberg and Chappe created a series called “Inside World” consisting of 12 photographs and 12 paintings, each a reflection, reaction, interpretation, iteration of the other.

Mia Risberg shares a bit about her experience: I found the quick turnaround (24 hours) helpful because it encouraged spontaneity and an intuitive approach to painting. At first my paintings seemed to be responses to colors or patterns in Jessica’s photographs. Quickly though, they evolved . .  . Although the figures appear introspective and isolated they also seem to merge with the natural world.

If you know me/follow me, you can see this is very in line with my taste in art. I like to call this genre, of which I have many in my personal collection, obscured females. You can see hundreds of images in line with these on my Female Figures in Art Pinterest board.

Here are four pairs of art from “Inside World” by  Jessica Chape (photos) and Mia Risberg (paintings).

Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe Mia Risberg and Jessica Chappe

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ARTmonday: Emerging Female Artists at Collective 131

Last week the founder/director of Collective 131, Cassandra Fiorenza, emailed me to tell me about this online art gallery, which exclusively features emerging female artists. I was excited to see that an artist I’ve worked with in the past, Patricia Spergel, is represented here.

Fiorenza launched Collective 131 in 2018. In addition to its online platform, exhibits at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, the Affordable Art Fair, and Superfine! Art Fair.  The site offers artwork for sale, and also pulls together exhibitions.

The current online exhibition, “Personal Space” features art created during the last few months during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pieces have been hung in a virtual exhibition space that you can move through with your mouse/keyboard, so definitely check it out.

I pulled 10 paintings and works on paper from the new arrivals section of Collective 131, all of which are all for sale. You can click through for pricing, which is reasonable. I’ve purchased several pieces of art from various other initiatives during this time, which I’ll post on my Instagram account @StyleCarrotCurates when they arrive.

Cortney Herron Portrait Selfie Painting

Cortney Herron

Mary Younkin Still Life Books Painting

Mary Younkin

Elizabeth Tillemans Landscape Painting

Elizabeth Tillemans

Emi Avori Bohemian Plant Painting

Emi Avora

Cassandra Brown Abstract Painting

Cassandra Brown

Cathleen Clarke Painting

Cathleen Clarke

Noa Charuvi Abstract Still Life Painting

Noa Charuvi

Nicole Renee Ryan Abstract Landscape Painting

Nicole Renee Ryan

Patricia Spergel Abstract Painting

Patricia Spergel

Sam Ticknor Affordable Art

Sam Ticknor

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ARTmonday: Lynne Kortenhaus at Schoolhouse Gallery

Boston and Provincetown based printmaker Lynne Kortenhaus has new work on display right this minute at The Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown. The show, curated by gallery director Mike Carroll, features collages by  Lynne Kortenhaus, photographs by Amy Arbus, wall-mounted sculptures by Breon Dunigan, abstract paintings by Jeannie Motherwell, and more.

Kortenhaus is influenced by the changing moods of the sea. I visited her studio at the Fine Arts Work Center in summer 2017 for an inside look of how she layers textural tidbits to create her delicate and evocative abstract compositions. (You can see the piece I purchased later that winter here, on my @StyleCarrotCurates Insta feed.)

For this series, which is much bolder in style and color, Kortenhaus was inspired by decades family mementos, photographs, and scrapbooks. She began to interweave memories of her family home and early life, just as the term “shelter in place” became the world’s call to action this spring. Kortenhaus integrated those elements with recent etchings and lithographs to create larger scale pieces. She employed various mediums and materials to create artwork that seeks to find balance and safe haven.

Stop by The Schoolhouse Gallery to see  her new, on display through August 10. Here are four pieces from the current show:









See new work by Lynne Kortenhaus at The Schoolhouse Gallery
494 Commercial St., Provincetown, MA on Cape Cod
through August 10, 2020.

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ARTmonday: Piñata-Inspired Installation at the Pru

Have you walked into the Prudential Center lately? Next time you’re at the Apple Store, cross the street and have a look. Boston-based public art organization Now + There has kicked off its 2020 season with a temporary, site-specific, and very colorful installation.

¡Provecho! by Justin Favela, which hangs from two towering windows facing Boylston Street, is joyous. The piece, inspired by piñatas is an ode to Boston’s Latinx culture. It is meant to evoke “the happiness, fulfillment, and pleasure we experience after sharing a good meal with family and friends.”

Justin Favela, a Las Vegas-based artist of Guatemala-Mexican-American heritage spoke with Afro-Latina, agitator, activist, and Boston City Councilor, Julia Mejia on The Art People podcast. Listen  here.

Boston Art Installation By Justin Favela Now + There

Boston Art Installation By Justin Favela Now + There

Boston Art Installation By Justin Favela Now + There

Boston Art Installation By Justin Favela Now + There

¡Provecho! by Justin Favela through Now + There at Prudential Center, Boston through March 2020.

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