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Sneaker Alert: More Marathon Monday

N E W  B A L A N C E   x   B O S T O N

New Balance Limited Edition Boston 993

New Balance debuted custom heritage running shoes, the Boston 993, on Friday in honor of the Boston Marathon.

It’s a limited edition design, and  only 72 total pairs have been created – 36 women’s and 36 men’s. They’re available exclusively at the Tannery on Boylston, Boston.

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Sneaker Alert: Marathon Monday

P A R T Y  @ P U M A

Puma’s stuck their senior director of merchandising, Magda Cardosa, in the window of their Newbury Street store today – on a treadmill –  in honor of the Boston Marathon.  Stop by and see her sweat.  There’s a sale and a party (yes, of course there’s beer and music). Details below!

The Puma Store, 333 Newbury Street, Boston

Boston’s BladeRunners will be at the DJ booth all day.

A the end of Cardoso’s 26.2 mile jaunt, PUMA is throwing a soiree (everyone’s invited!) complete with balloons, snacks, and drinks courtesy of Harpoon, and maybe even dancing.

Anyone who tries on a pair of PUMA’s new Complete Ventis or Complete Spectana running sneakers gets 26% off of any piece of footwear today.  You can also enter to win $50 PUMA gift cards, which will be raffled off throughout the day.

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