ARTmonday: 10 Runners For Marathon Monday

It’s Marathon Monday here in Boston. The weather is gorgeous. There are tons of people out and about. It looks like it will be a very happy day. Here are ten artworks featuring runners in honor of The Boston Marathon. Enjoy your day off! (Yep, most of us get the day off on Marathon Monday.) Cheers.

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

Runner at Rest, 2015    Katherine Bradford
Fred Giampietro Gallery    Artsy

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

Pyongyang City Marathon, 2012    Ari Hatsuzawa
Museum of Contemporary Photography    Artsy

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

Track and Field   Nigel Parkinson, Jr.    Vango Art

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

Runners    Nicole McHugh    Society6

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

number 94 Black and White Marathon    Heather Blanton     Saatchi Art

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

Marathon    Luke O’Bray  •  Society6

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

Champion Girl    Alexandra Moskalenko    Saatchi Art

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

Wheelchair Marathoner    Sabino Caputo    Saatchi Art

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

I went running out into your yard    Christy Powers    Saatchi Art

Marathon Related Artwork Runners

Running boy    Pedro Abreu    Saatchi Art

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Sneaker Alert: More Marathon Monday

N E W  B A L A N C E   x   B O S T O N

New Balance Limited Edition Boston 993

New Balance debuted custom heritage running shoes, the Boston 993, on Friday in honor of the Boston Marathon.

It’s a limited edition design, and  only 72 total pairs have been created – 36 women’s and 36 men’s. They’re available exclusively at the Tannery on Boylston, Boston.

Sneaker Alert: Marathon Monday

P A R T Y  @ P U M A

Puma’s stuck their senior director of merchandising, Magda Cardosa, in the window of their Newbury Street store today – on a treadmill –  in honor of the Boston Marathon.  Stop by and see her sweat.  There’s a sale and a party (yes, of course there’s beer and music). Details below!

The Puma Store, 333 Newbury Street, Boston

Boston’s BladeRunners will be at the DJ booth all day.

A the end of Cardoso’s 26.2 mile jaunt, PUMA is throwing a soiree (everyone’s invited!) complete with balloons, snacks, and drinks courtesy of Harpoon, and maybe even dancing.

Anyone who tries on a pair of PUMA’s new Complete Ventis or Complete Spectana running sneakers gets 26% off of any piece of footwear today.  You can also enter to win $50 PUMA gift cards, which will be raffled off throughout the day.