ARTmonday: 12 Photos from the Fraction Holiday Print Sale

I received an email last week from local photographer Dana Mueller that  one of her prints would be available for a limited time at the 9th annual Fraction Holiday Print Sale. I loved her photo so I clicked through to see the others and it was instantly smitten. I hadn’t heard of Fraction Magazine, an online publication dedicated to fine art photography.

The Fraction Holiday Print Sale offers more than 100 prints starting at $75; most of them are about $100. Every one of them is wonderful. I limited myself to two photos—Mother Bird by Joy Christiansen Erb and Be the Light by Puspa Lohmeyer, both which arrived very quickly. (Prints ship directly from the artists.)

The prints are numbered and signed originals. If you order before this Wednesday, December 14 the site says you are likely to have it by December 24th. The sale goes through 8PM December 31st. Here are a dozen of my favorite photographs from the sale. 

Interior Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Kurt Simonson, Veranda Window (Swedish Light), 2011

Interior Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Fritz Liedtke, Isola

Portrait Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Heather Evans Smith, Wrench

Landscape Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Shawn Bush, Burro Schmidt

Interior Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

John Paul Evans, till death us do part – 6

Still Life Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Bootsy Holler, Treasures (Pack 03)

Still Life Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Joy Christiansen Erb, Mother Bird

Landscape Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Deborah Hamon, Ice Diamond

Interior Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Puspa Lohmeyer, Be the Light

Interior Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Lucia Ferreira, Fern #1 ( The Secret Garden series)

Landscape Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Dana Mueller, Untitled (diver), 2015, (May Days series)

Interior Photography From Fraction Holiday Sale

Peg Shaw, Hover (4.1)

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Gift Guide: 24 Artworks

It’s true that art is personal, but if you know somebody well, you should still be able to choose a piece of art that suits him or her. A pretty landscape, a funky abstract, a minimalist still life, a furry little animal. There are a number of subjects and price points for artwork as gifts.

Jane Mount Fashion Bookshelf Print 20x200

Ideal Bookshelf 505: Fashion Print by Jane Mount


Flamingo No. 4 by Sharon Montrose


Surf Family Print by Michael Northrup


By the Lake by Kelly Neidig

Ellen Levine Dodd Landscape Oil Painting

Cape Cod Marsh 10 Painting by Ellen Levine Dodd

Bayview 3 Original Painting Jenny Prinn

Bayview 3 Painting by Jenny Prinn

Abstract Original Artwork Serena & Lily

Mid Century Colorful Optical Art Study by Dellard Cassity

Sally Benedict King Original Paintings Furbish Studio

Cacti Sun Painting by Sally King Benedict

Abstract Painting By Megan Donnelly

Terrace Painting by Megan Donnelly

Abstract Painting By Keila Marino

Expletion Painting by Keila Marino

Lulu DK Abstract Art Collage Screen Print

Boom2 Framed Print by Lulu DK


Curiosity Framed Print by Jon Bertelli

art furbish Elizabeth_Mayville_Bruce_Sleeping_Print__74208.1380213687.450.450

Bruce Sleeping Giclee Print by Elizabeth Mayville

art S&L abstracts

Rise & Shine Framed Screenprint by Becky Hui Chan


Circle Poster Issue 3 by Travis Robertson

her 150 S&L appleprint

Apple Screen Print by G. Anderson

seb type

Sebastian’s Typewriter by AC Photography


Untitled (Salvation) Print by Mitch Paster

art S&L wayne pate

Rise of the Setting Sun Print by Wayne Pate


Contemporary Bold Abstract Painting by Warren Snodgrass

Lulu DK Floral Print

Juniper Framed Print by Lulu DK

Kate Lewis Chair Interior Artwork

Dash of Disco Giclee Print by Kate Lewis

Britt Bass Abstract Artwork

He and I Print by Britt Bass

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.12.57 AM

Kate 2 Photograph by Burton Machen

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Shop the carefully curated collection of artwork at Serena & Lily >

Shop Serena & Lily Art Collection

ARTmonday: Affordable Art Fair New York 2013

It’s back, the Affordable Art Fair New York. As I mentioned back in April, the Affordable Art Fair, which started in 1999, now takes place in 12 cities around the world. Here’s a preview of pieces and other works by artists who will be shown. The Affordable Art Fair runs this Thursday, October 3 to Sunday, October 6. One of these days I hope to attend.


John Conn, Antarctica 29, Elisa Contemporary


Jen Wink, The Way I See, Uprise Art


Ken Girardini, New Mexico View, Zenith Gallery


Klaus Leidorf, Aerial Beach I, Contempop Expressions Galleries


Heaeyon Yoon, Anemone I, Art-Flow


Pancho Chalinsky, Two Beds, Villa Del Arte Galleries


Mabel Poblet, Falsa Apariencia, Co Galeria de Arte


Cirenaica Moreira Arbol, Que Nace Toricido Jamas Su Tronco Endereza
Co Galeria de Arte


Belondrade, Treasures Hunt, 31 Galerie


Philip Melling, Loop IV, Fine Art Consultancy London Tokyo


Henrietta Dubrey, Modern Insight, Edgar Modern


Daniel Fontoura, Archi de Pasqua, Sciacco Studio


Edd Pearman, Female Nude Study No. 6, Mark Jason Gallery


Amber Goldhammer, A Day At the Beach, Artspace Warehouse


Cecily Kahn, Untitled, Able Fine Art


Zoe Pawlak, Rose Child, Uprise Art


Makiko Azakami, Lunch Box, Onishi Project

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ARTmonday: Ocean Wave Artworks

It’s July 1, the start of the week of the Fourth of July, a big deal around here. My boys consider it the best day of the year (and not just because we let them have soda, which is basically never allowed). We celebrate with a picnic at Corn Hill beach, which my husband has done his entire life. It’s a definite slice of Americana, with many groups of families and friends that span multiple generations gathering on picnic blankets, with grills, hors d’oeuvres, and cocktails. If it’s warm the kids run in and out of the ocean waves (actually,it’s a  bay beach), and later there are sparklers, s’mores (my favorite part), and fireworks. I’ll definitely snap some Instagram pics (follow StyleCarrot). Here are some ocean wave artworks, all available to purchase online. And speaking of waves, has anyone else been noticing a lot of wave prints in wallpaper and textiles?


 The Wave, Matt Josephs, Society 6


 Wave Flow, Cailin Rawlins, Society 6


 Mariana’s Wave, Shelly Sea, Etsy


 Ocean, Design Windmill, Society 6


 Wave, Jesus Zuazo-Garrido, Saatchi Online


 Wave, Bella Blue Photography, Society 6


Any Ocean, Estelle Caswell, Society 6tina-crespo-ocean-nature-circle
You or Me, Tina Crespo, Etsy


Bridge, Jeremy Miranda, Mammoth & Company


Wave, Chris Redford, Society 6


Sunlight On Narragansett Bay, Jorey Hurley, Etsy


Wave, Caroline Provine, Society 6


Ocean Wave With Color Bars, John Jackson, Saatchi Online


Sea Recollection, Efi Tolia, Society 6

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ARTmonday: 22 Original Artworks Under $500 from Saatchi Online

Not long ago I discovered the art site Saatchi Online. It’s amazing. I don’t know what took me so long to find it—it was launched in 2006 by the Saatchi Gallery in London. The site has many, many pieces of contemporary art across mediums and price ranges. Artists sell original artwork, as well as prints, so even if you love a pricey work, you can still acquire it in that form. The site is easily searchable and guest curators often put forth interesting collections. Here are my picks—22 original pieces under $500.


Georg Cevales “Elefant” $400


Adalberto Ortiz “Page corner #6” $375


Amelia Coward “Forty two vintage map dots” $265


Emily Fried “Audrey” $250


Bea Mahan “Untitled” $100


Christina Kerns “Nostri” $400


Anne Harper “Whispers are Shadows” $350


Juan De La Rica “Untitled” (Inertias series) $250


Nicole Carman “Brighton Beach Huts and Fido the Dog” $450


Jim Harris “Way Out West” $400


Liat Elbing “Holes #4” $450


Jelena Kostic “Monika R S/S 2012” $220


Luis D’Akmin “Translucent Artless Things” (Series 01)  $350


Tess Gumblin “Reclining Nude” $400


Øyvind Suul “Mind map #17” $375


Lies Heilmann “koa titl 8” $250


Sally Schaedler “Rand 9” $380


 Nina Beslic “Shadwell II, London” $150


Craig Anczelowitz “Untitled Buddha Forest (Mini Statue #2)” $140


Siri Tenden “Blue boat with pink sail on deck” $250


Paco Vila Guillen “Untitled 9” $100


Patricia Schnall Gutierrez “Domestic Duality” $450