ARTmonday: Affordable Art Fair New York 2013

It’s back, the Affordable Art Fair New York. As I mentioned back in April, the Affordable Art Fair, which started in 1999, now takes place in 12 cities around the world. Here’s a preview of pieces and other works by artists who will be shown. The Affordable Art Fair runs this Thursday, October 3 to Sunday, October 6. One of these days I hope to attend.


John Conn, Antarctica 29, Elisa Contemporary


Jen Wink, The Way I See, Uprise Art


Ken Girardini, New Mexico View, Zenith Gallery


Klaus Leidorf, Aerial Beach I, Contempop Expressions Galleries


Heaeyon Yoon, Anemone I, Art-Flow


Pancho Chalinsky, Two Beds, Villa Del Arte Galleries


Mabel Poblet, Falsa Apariencia, Co Galeria de Arte


Cirenaica Moreira Arbol, Que Nace Toricido Jamas Su Tronco Endereza
Co Galeria de Arte


Belondrade, Treasures Hunt, 31 Galerie


Philip Melling, Loop IV, Fine Art Consultancy London Tokyo


Henrietta Dubrey, Modern Insight, Edgar Modern


Daniel Fontoura, Archi de Pasqua, Sciacco Studio


Edd Pearman, Female Nude Study No. 6, Mark Jason Gallery


Amber Goldhammer, A Day At the Beach, Artspace Warehouse


Cecily Kahn, Untitled, Able Fine Art


Zoe Pawlak, Rose Child, Uprise Art


Makiko Azakami, Lunch Box, Onishi Project

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ARTmonday: 12 Pieces at the Affordable Art Fair


Sorry for the super late posting today. Ok, tonight. I spent the weekend spring cleaning. Kinda achy now; was a workout. More importantly, the Affordable Art Fair is in New York City this week, from Wednesday, April 3 to Sunday, April 7 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street.

The Affordable Art Fair launched in London back in 1999, a few years after founder Will Ramsay opened and found success with his gallery Will’s Art Warehouse which offered work from unknown and emerging artists priced at $100to $5,000. The gallery is still around, and the Fair now takes place in 12 cities around the world.  He also founded the contemporary art hub PULSE, held annually in New York and Miami; co-founded Art Hong Kong and is a co-shareholder of Art India. I think he has my dream job.

I was hoping to go the NYC this weekend, though that’s seeming unlikely. Here’s a preview of what’s for sale. If anyone attends, I’d love to see pics, especially of purchases!

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Tony Moriello “Diamonds”
Arterior  •  Bromont, Canada


Duncan Johnson “Riveredge”
Edgewater Gallery  •  Middlebury, VT

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Richard Silver “Hawaiian Beach”
Artstar  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Robert Clarke “Coffee”
Rebecca  Hossack Gallery  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Janet Sherman “Color Block”
Contemporary Art Source  •  Olympia, Washington

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

 Constance Old “Shades of Clear”
Julio Valdez Studio  •   NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Miran Kim “Time Travel”
Art Company Misoolsidae  •  Seoul

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Laurie de Camillis
Canadian Art Collective  •  Toronto

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Petr Weigl “New Beginning”
Blue Tomato Gallery  •  London

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Gian Paul Lozza “Wolf”
Luster  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Nataly Goubet “Pause Cigarette”
Galerie Olivia Ganancia  •  Paris

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Xavi Carbonell “Unititled”
Art Angler  •  NYC