ARTmonday: Drive-by Projects Debuts Online Art Shop

After a year of corresponding with art consultant Beth Kantrowitz, I met her in Provincetown when she did a pop-up gallery the summer before last. I was instantly attracted to her enthusiasm, not to mention her taste in art. She and Kathleen O’Hara of Watertown, Massachusetts gallery  Drive-by Projects recently introduced the Drive-by Store where you can by works from emerging and mid-career artists online. Here are some of the offerings which you can also see @drive_by_projects.

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Rebecca Doughty

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Jon Cowan

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Amy Ross

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Danica Phelps

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

James Kennedy

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Helena Wurzel

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Shannon Rankin

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Crystalle LaCouture

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Michelle Grabner

Drive-By Projects Gallery Boston Emerging And Mid-Career Artists

Jenny Brown

Drive-by Projects, 81 Spring Street, Watertown, Massachusetts, 617-835-8255, by appointment.

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Sunday Bouquet: Still Life with Sunflower and Mandarin Oranges

Still Life With Sunflower Mandarin Parsley

Photo by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

Just a little burst of sunshine from a tableau on my table down in Florida back in December.

ARTmonday: 11 Retro Style Campers

Everywhere you turn there’s a vintage retro camper, or glamping scene. Granted the two are totally different, but still, two sides of the same coin. While I could be convinced to glamp, you won’t catch me in a camper, ’50s style chic or otherwise. I am, however, charmed by some of the images. I also kinda love the idealization of the old-fashioned camping trip, in artwork mind you, not in real life, thank you very much.

A few months ago Rise Art asked me to curate a summer-themed art collection—”Summer Is Coming“—which features some camp and road trip inspired artwork. One of my favorites from that collection is this first piece, a technicolor blur of a family camp scene.

I searched for other similar images, but wound up finding illustrations mostly vintage campers, so I figured I’d just go with it.


Camping  •  Jack Addis  •  Rise Art


Camper & Mountains  •  Amy Lighthall  •  Etsy


Camper Trailer RV  •  Cece & Coco  •  Etsy


Camp Hawk  •  J. Austin Ryan  •  Etsy


Campfire Retro American Landscape  •  Jazzberry Blue  •  Etsyhappy-camper-susanna-jarian

Happy Camper  •  Susanna Jarian  •  Etsy


Vintage Camper  •  Paper and Canvas  •  Etsy


Vintage Camper •  Just Print It


VW Camper  •  Wyatt Design  •  Society 6


Wallowa  •  Rachel Austin  •  Etsy


Boler Camper  •  O’Reilly Ink  •  Etsy

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ARTmonday: Sydney Licht

Artist Sydney Lichtrepresented by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in New York City and Bridgehampton, paints still life  subjects as geometric, flat forms that appear abstract, and somewhat architectural. She portrays not just the items, but the packaging, shopping bags, boxes, and inevitable detritus in which they are sold and purchased. She says, “I am interested in updating the conventions of still life by picturing items that reflect the way we currently live.” The colors are soft and alluring; she works with restricted palettes, and has at times limited herself to only four or five colors per work, and avoids using black completely. Licht attended Smith College, earned her MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago, and currently lives in New York City.


Blue Crush


Untitled, watercolor on paper, 2013


Still Life with Pasta, oil on board, 2010


Still Life with Two Bundles, oil on linen, 2010


Still Life with Open  Box #1, oil on linen, 2006


Still Life with Artificial Sweeteners, oil on board, 2010


Still Life with Sweet and Low #1, oil on linen, 2010


Yaddo Lunches, watercolor


Yaddo Lunches, watercolor


Still Life with Bundles, oil on linen, 2011


Up and Over, oil on panel, 2013


Still Life with Coffee and Tea, oil on board, 2010


Still Life with Espresso Bag #1, oil on linen, 2008


Still Life With Three Bundles, oil on linen, 2012


Still Life With Common Objects


Untitled, mixed media on paper, 2013

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Gift Guide: 24 Artworks

It’s true that art is personal, but if you know somebody well, you should still be able to choose a piece of art that suits him or her. A pretty landscape, a funky abstract, a minimalist still life, a furry little animal. There are a number of subjects and price points for artwork as gifts.

Jane Mount Fashion Bookshelf Print 20x200

Ideal Bookshelf 505: Fashion Print by Jane Mount


Flamingo No. 4 by Sharon Montrose


Surf Family Print by Michael Northrup


By the Lake by Kelly Neidig

Ellen Levine Dodd Landscape Oil Painting

Cape Cod Marsh 10 Painting by Ellen Levine Dodd

Bayview 3 Original Painting Jenny Prinn

Bayview 3 Painting by Jenny Prinn

Abstract Original Artwork Serena & Lily

Mid Century Colorful Optical Art Study by Dellard Cassity

Sally Benedict King Original Paintings Furbish Studio

Cacti Sun Painting by Sally King Benedict

Abstract Painting By Megan Donnelly

Terrace Painting by Megan Donnelly

Abstract Painting By Keila Marino

Expletion Painting by Keila Marino

Lulu DK Abstract Art Collage Screen Print

Boom2 Framed Print by Lulu DK


Curiosity Framed Print by Jon Bertelli

art furbish Elizabeth_Mayville_Bruce_Sleeping_Print__74208.1380213687.450.450

Bruce Sleeping Giclee Print by Elizabeth Mayville

art S&L abstracts

Rise & Shine Framed Screenprint by Becky Hui Chan


Circle Poster Issue 3 by Travis Robertson

her 150 S&L appleprint

Apple Screen Print by G. Anderson

seb type

Sebastian’s Typewriter by AC Photography


Untitled (Salvation) Print by Mitch Paster

art S&L wayne pate

Rise of the Setting Sun Print by Wayne Pate


Contemporary Bold Abstract Painting by Warren Snodgrass

Lulu DK Floral Print

Juniper Framed Print by Lulu DK

Kate Lewis Chair Interior Artwork

Dash of Disco Giclee Print by Kate Lewis

Britt Bass Abstract Artwork

He and I Print by Britt Bass

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.12.57 AM

Kate 2 Photograph by Burton Machen

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