ARTmonday: 12 Artworks from UGallery

I posted about UGallery back in January 2013 (28 Photographs from UGallery), when they asked me to curate a collection on the UGallery Pinterest boards. They’ve invited me to be  a UGallery Guest Curator again, which of course I was more than happy to do. Any excuse to Pin as “work.”

True to my fascination (obsession?) with the portrayal of women in art, my recent effort, which can be found on Pinterest and UGallery’s site, is a simple but robust collection of 60 images of women. You may recognize some images as one’s I’ve featured before (sorry, they speak to me, long term), as well as new pieces by artists whose work I’ve featured. There are certainly new ones too.

To go along with my UGallery Guest Curator collection, I’ve pulled together a variety of 12 artworks from UGallery today, including landscapes, abstracts, still lifes, in acrylic, oil, and photography. If you love any, click through and investigate. UGallery prices are quite reasonable and they frame too. I’m about to order one for myself. I’ll show you when it arrives.


Joanna Pechmann  •  Summer Fun #2

Spatial Color

Corey Gilbert  •  Spatial Color


Kiana Mosley  •  Sashimi


Casey Parks-Schwartz  •  Looking Out the Window


Savinia Ghost  •  Socks


Richard Silver  •  Tilt Shift Marathon


Anna Williams  •  Seeking


Talia Rainyk  •  Dance


Gregory Hochmuth  •  Father & Son
Wynee Lou  •  Green Rainboots
Kimberly Poppe  •  ===
 JJ Galloway  •  Vintage Polka Dot Bathing Suit
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ARTmonday: Crowded Beaches

Italian photographer Massimo Vitali is one of the the most known contemporary chroniclers of the crowded beach; his work is au courant for sure. Before Vitali, there was Weegee, a photographer and photojournalist, known for his gritty black and white images, including those of crowded Coney Island. (Incidentally, Coney Island was the beach of my toddlerhood. I was born in Brooklyn, a trend-setter from a very early age.) 

The other day I picked up three pieces of art at Delray Art & Framing (have a look at my  no longer bare beach condo wall), where Joe Davis’ aerial paintings of beaches dotted with sunbathers always hang. Yes, lucky me, I’m in Florida. It’s sunny, a tad breezy, not too hot. The ocean is 100 shades of blue. The beach is, well, a little bit crowded. But really, I’m not complaining, because a crowded beach is better than no beach at all. Especially given that my husband is home in Boston, where it just keeps snowing. (Sorry sweetheart.)

Here are 15 scenes of crowded beaches and waters, some more than others. And almost all are for sale (many as inexpensive prints), so if you’re tempted, click through. You should at least be able to gaze at the beach if you can’t be there, even if it’s a crowded beach.

Crowded Ocean Beach Swimmers Bryan Solarski

Beach Goers • Bryan Solarski • UGallery


Beach Pattern • Alejandra Click • Society 6


Beaches XV • Oliver Kornblum • Saatchi Art


Beach • Tim Kleyn • Society 6


Beach • Do Da • Society 6


Beach • Pau Salazar • Society 6


Crowded Beach • Camilla Warburton • Society 6

Built Up Beach Art Etsy

Beach Crowd • Seven Eleven Studios • Etsy

Beach Scene Margarita Kazanovich

Beach of Cadiz • Margartia Kazanovick • Saatchi Art


Joe Davis • Delray Art


Coney Island Beach • Mina Teslaru • Society 6


Beach • Jennifer McMahon • Society 6


Sunbathers • The 333 Alliance • Etsy

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ARTmonday: 6 Scenes from the Beach

It being the end of summer, I thought artwork of scenes from the beach was in order. I quickly (sorry I had to drive back to Boston for a school orientation this morning), pulled together a mishmash of images, in different mediums, with no real rhyme or reason, other than they picture sand and sea, without being basic landscapes. In addition to an Instagram shot of my own, it includes a work by Boston publicist-turned-photographer Sandra Goroff, whose first book, Solitary Soul, will be published this November. I was privy to a sneak peak; it’s full of tons of wonderful, slice of life images of New England life, from laundry in the countryside to teens at a public pool.


 Georg Dienz, “Oderburg”


Sandra Goroff


Ieva Baklane, “The Bridge”


Aleksa Street, “The Beach Party”


Nikki Lindt, “Landscape and Small People #4”


Hironobu Aoki, “Den Haag 11”