ARTmonday: 12 Artworks from UGallery

I posted about UGallery back in January 2013 (28 Photographs from UGallery), when they asked me to curate a collection on the UGallery Pinterest boards. They’ve invited me to be  a UGallery Guest Curator again, which of course I was more than happy to do. Any excuse to Pin as “work.”

True to my fascination (obsession?) with the portrayal of women in art, my recent effort, which can be found on Pinterest and UGallery’s site, is a simple but robust collection of 60 images of women. You may recognize some images as one’s I’ve featured before (sorry, they speak to me, long term), as well as new pieces by artists whose work I’ve featured. There are certainly new ones too.

To go along with my UGallery Guest Curator collection, I’ve pulled together a variety of 12 artworks from UGallery today, including landscapes, abstracts, still lifes, in acrylic, oil, and photography. If you love any, click through and investigate. UGallery prices are quite reasonable and they frame too. I’m about to order one for myself. I’ll show you when it arrives.


Joanna Pechmann  •  Summer Fun #2

Spatial Color

Corey Gilbert  •  Spatial Color


Kiana Mosley  •  Sashimi


Casey Parks-Schwartz  •  Looking Out the Window


Savinia Ghost  •  Socks


Richard Silver  •  Tilt Shift Marathon


Anna Williams  •  Seeking


Talia Rainyk  •  Dance


Gregory Hochmuth  •  Father & Son
Wynee Lou  •  Green Rainboots
Kimberly Poppe  •  ===
 JJ Galloway  •  Vintage Polka Dot Bathing Suit
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ARTmonday: 12 Pieces at the Affordable Art Fair


Sorry for the super late posting today. Ok, tonight. I spent the weekend spring cleaning. Kinda achy now; was a workout. More importantly, the Affordable Art Fair is in New York City this week, from Wednesday, April 3 to Sunday, April 7 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street.

The Affordable Art Fair launched in London back in 1999, a few years after founder Will Ramsay opened and found success with his gallery Will’s Art Warehouse which offered work from unknown and emerging artists priced at $100to $5,000. The gallery is still around, and the Fair now takes place in 12 cities around the world.  He also founded the contemporary art hub PULSE, held annually in New York and Miami; co-founded Art Hong Kong and is a co-shareholder of Art India. I think he has my dream job.

I was hoping to go the NYC this weekend, though that’s seeming unlikely. Here’s a preview of what’s for sale. If anyone attends, I’d love to see pics, especially of purchases!

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Tony Moriello “Diamonds”
Arterior  •  Bromont, Canada


Duncan Johnson “Riveredge”
Edgewater Gallery  •  Middlebury, VT

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Richard Silver “Hawaiian Beach”
Artstar  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Robert Clarke “Coffee”
Rebecca  Hossack Gallery  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Janet Sherman “Color Block”
Contemporary Art Source  •  Olympia, Washington

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

 Constance Old “Shades of Clear”
Julio Valdez Studio  •   NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Miran Kim “Time Travel”
Art Company Misoolsidae  •  Seoul

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Laurie de Camillis
Canadian Art Collective  •  Toronto

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Petr Weigl “New Beginning”
Blue Tomato Gallery  •  London

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Gian Paul Lozza “Wolf”
Luster  •  NYC

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Nataly Goubet “Pause Cigarette”
Galerie Olivia Ganancia  •  Paris

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2013

Xavi Carbonell “Unititled”
Art Angler  •  NYC