ARTmonday: 8 Artworks from The Road Gallery

I had a social day on Friday, meeting a new friend for coffee in the morning and architect Mette Aamodt of Cambridge-based modern architecture firm Aamodt/Plumb (I wrote about their transformation of a mid-century barn for Boston Globe Magazine last summer) for lunch at Tatte Bakery in Beacon Hill.

(In between I happened to run into a friend and we stopped into two of my favorite Boston boutiques Good and December Thieves. A few Instagram photos here.)

Currently Mette and her partner (and husband) Andrew are working on a project for the founder/curator behind online gallery The Road Gallery. I hadn’t been familiar with The Road Gallery, but upon returning home promptly looked it up. I loved it and must share.

The Road Gallery represents a small, highly curated selection of emerging and established but lesser known contemporary artists. There are a handful of artworks by each artist, plus guest artists, and pieces start around $100 and go up to $7,000.

Here is abstract artwork by eight artists from The Road Gallery, and a little bit about them.

Artist Liz Barber's Abstract Paintings at The Road Gallery

Liz Barber  •  Summer 8, 2015
Mixed media on panel
Atlanta-based artist Liz Barber, who holds 
a degree from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, grew up in coastal Massachusetts. She paints watery abstract works on which layers of materials are built up to create depth and movement, and reflect her emotional attachment to the ocean. 

Artist Kelly Neidig's Abstract Landscape Paintings at The Road Gallery

Kelly Neidig  •  Braddock, 2014
Flashe on canvas

Artist Kelly Neidig, who was born in Pittsburgh and studied Landscape Architecture and Integrative Arts at Pennsylvania State University, lives and works in Vancouver, Washington. In the studio, Neidig relies on her memory and imagination to reinvent scenes of places she has traveled to show the experience of time and its effect on the memory. She is more interested in the overall feeling of these places than their details.

Artist Kyle Utter's Interior Oil Paintings at The Road Gallery

Kyle Utter  •  The Captain, 2013
 Oil on canvas

Brooklyn-based figurative painter Kyle Utter, who hails from Michigan and once lived in Montana, earned his B.F.A at the Pratt Institute in 2011. Utter paints personal spaces, imbuing them with human needs, desires, and yearnings.

Artist Haylee Anne's Water Paintings at The Road Gallery

Haylee Anne  •  Mademoiselle Deux, 2011
Digital Archival C-Print (Limited edition of 5 per size)

Photographer Haylee Anne, who travels between Atlanta and New York, was inspired at an early age by lush National Geographic landscapes. She photographs women and water, employing special processes, to enhance and support feminist and bodily dialogue. 

Artist Susan Klein's Layered Landscape Paintings at The Road Gallery

Susan Klein  •  Peering Through, 2013
Oil on Panel

Charleston, South Carolina-based artist Susan Klein earned an M.F.A. in 2004 from the University of Oregon and a B.F.A. from the University of New Hampshire in 2001. Her paintings combine elements from separate places and times into one image. Usually, she begins with a landscape painting, upon which she layers representations of architecture, nature, and urban materials, which coalesce into a dense visual obstacle course.

Artist Emily Zuch's Paintings of Interior Installations at The Road Gallery

Emily Zuch  •  Garden of Boxes and Balls, 2011
Oil on paper

Brooklyn-based artist Emily Zuch received an M.F.A. from the New York Studio School in 2011 and a B.F.A. from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2008. Zuch paints from installations she creates in her studio. The set-ups involve objects she makes, childhood toys or those she has recently acquired, and various other curiosities. There is an element of narrative in her work, and she is interested in imagery that connects to fantasy and folklore. 


S.W. Dinge  •  Hit My Head on the Ice, 2014
Gouache and watercolor on canvas

Artist S.W. Dinge lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.  He is drawn to aged materials such as rusted metal, discolored newspaper, weathered wood, and other aged objects which are, along with acrylic paint, the foundation of his work.  

Artist Charlotte Lethbridge's Pool Paintings at The Road Gallery

Charlotte Lethbridge  •  Sorry I’m Late (Go Ahead Without Me), 2014
Oil on linen

Manhattan-based artist Charlotte Lethbridge studied painting at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. In 2014, Lethbridge concentrated on a swimming pool series titled “Sorry I’m Late.” While pools evoke nostalgia of swimming lessons and suburban summers, left alone they have a compelling stillness. Absence is key component of the series. 

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ARTmonday: Misty Landscapes

Misty landscape photography seems to combine the dewy feel of the heat and the starkness of the wintertime, to me anyway. I love a desolate winter landscape photo. Since I’m in a Florida for a few days, I was also drawn to a few of these other images which are tinged with a Southern feel. Here are misty landscapes, from fields, to woods, to mountains, to sea.


Pedro Correa    Goodbye
original photograph, $2,200 at Saatchi Art


David Vakrat    Mist #1
original photograph,
$290 at  Saatchi Art


Ephemerality  •  Mist
prints from $17.68 at Society6


Aprons & Birds  •  Mist 
prints from $16 at Society6


Evan Mariah Pettit  •  Mist
prints from $13.52 at Society6


Luis Lazo    Mist
original photograph, $1,200 at  Saatchi Art


Jessica Ramm  •  Cloud Dispersal
original photograph, $870 at Saatchi Art


Tasha Marie    Frosty Mornings
prints from $16 at Society6


Jessika Hunter  •  Mist
prints from $22.88 at Society6

ARTmonday: Last Days of Summer

A collection of images that evoke summer—beaches, road trips, watermelon, cocktails on the patio, swimming pools, and sunsets. Enjoy the last day of summer everyone.


Charlie Engman  •  Uprise Art


Hwan Lee  •  Saatchi Art


Leah Giberson • Little Paper Planes


J. Adam Mcgalliard  •  Saatchi Art


Michael Northrup  •  Uprise Art


Mario Sughi  •  Saatchi Art


Joyce Lee  •  At 60 Inches


Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe  •  Artspace


Life Through The Lens  •  Society6


Franck Bohbot  •  Uprise Art


PopPopPhotography  •  Society6


Paper Whistle  •  Society6

ARTmonday: Crowded Beaches

Italian photographer Massimo Vitali is one of the the most known contemporary chroniclers of the crowded beach; his work is au courant for sure. Before Vitali, there was Weegee, a photographer and photojournalist, known for his gritty black and white images, including those of crowded Coney Island. (Incidentally, Coney Island was the beach of my toddlerhood. I was born in Brooklyn, a trend-setter from a very early age.) 

The other day I picked up three pieces of art at Delray Art & Framing (have a look at my  no longer bare beach condo wall), where Joe Davis’ aerial paintings of beaches dotted with sunbathers always hang. Yes, lucky me, I’m in Florida. It’s sunny, a tad breezy, not too hot. The ocean is 100 shades of blue. The beach is, well, a little bit crowded. But really, I’m not complaining, because a crowded beach is better than no beach at all. Especially given that my husband is home in Boston, where it just keeps snowing. (Sorry sweetheart.)

Here are 15 scenes of crowded beaches and waters, some more than others. And almost all are for sale (many as inexpensive prints), so if you’re tempted, click through. You should at least be able to gaze at the beach if you can’t be there, even if it’s a crowded beach.

Crowded Ocean Beach Swimmers Bryan Solarski

Beach Goers • Bryan Solarski • UGallery


Beach Pattern • Alejandra Click • Society 6


Beaches XV • Oliver Kornblum • Saatchi Art


Beach • Tim Kleyn • Society 6


Beach • Do Da • Society 6


Beach • Pau Salazar • Society 6


Crowded Beach • Camilla Warburton • Society 6

Built Up Beach Art Etsy

Beach Crowd • Seven Eleven Studios • Etsy

Beach Scene Margarita Kazanovich

Beach of Cadiz • Margartia Kazanovick • Saatchi Art


Joe Davis • Delray Art


Coney Island Beach • Mina Teslaru • Society 6


Beach • Jennifer McMahon • Society 6


Sunbathers • The 333 Alliance • Etsy

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