ARTmonday: 6 Scenes from the Beach

It being the end of summer, I thought artwork of scenes from the beach was in order. I quickly (sorry I had to drive back to Boston for a school orientation this morning), pulled together a mishmash of images, in different mediums, with no real rhyme or reason, other than they picture sand and sea, without being basic landscapes. In addition to an Instagram shot of my own, it includes a work by Boston publicist-turned-photographer Sandra Goroff, whose first book, Solitary Soul, will be published this November. I was privy to a sneak peak; it’s full of tons of wonderful, slice of life images of New England life, from laundry in the countryside to teens at a public pool.


 Georg Dienz, “Oderburg”


Sandra Goroff


Ieva Baklane, “The Bridge”


Aleksa Street, “The Beach Party”


Nikki Lindt, “Landscape and Small People #4”


Hironobu Aoki, “Den Haag 11”