ARTmonday: My Impressions from the Acela

I’ve taken a lot of trips to New York this spring. I always ride the Amtrak Acela from Back Bay Station, Boston. It’s a route I love. Rhode Island is picturesque, but I most look forward to seeing the Connecticut landscape.  As the little harbors of boats meld across the state line, we soon ramble by the pair of steel truss bridges that span the Connecticut River from Groton to New London. It’s the first recognizable reminder of college: drives to Mystic, dinner at Paul’s Pasta starting with the peanut butter pie. Then it’s past the New London City Pier, with the ferry docks, where we used to catch the first of a trio of ferries to the Hamptons, or the train to New York City. Then it’s onto the small towns. In Niantic, the tracks are basically on the beach. Soon we pull past Old Saybrook, a town of my childhood (I grew up in the next one over), where the train station has since been rehabilitated. Eventually we make it to New Haven, and then a whole other world of Fairfield County, right through the town where my in-laws live.

Inspired a bit by the memories, a bit by the almost industrial scenes interspersed with scenes, one after the next, of seaside charm, and a bit by my predilection for blurred photographic images, I pulled out my iPhone to see what I could capture. Mostly I used Instagram, though I didn’t always fuss with its editing options. These are the photos I think are most evocative. I’d love to know if you like any of them.

Author: StyleCarrot

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3 thoughts on “ARTmonday: My Impressions from the Acela”

  1. I, too love the Acela….I love any train. I, also will take to train to NYC.
    This truly, is such a beautiful post. Next time I am heading towards CT. area via the train…I will think of your most amazing photo’s. ~mss

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog and love the look; however, your poor grammar in today’s post is a huge turn off…. “I’ve took”….yikes.

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