Storefront: Boston Cupcake News

Sweet, Newbury Street

Sweet is now open on Newbury, and it’s just as sweet as the Mass. Ave. and Harvard Square shops. Same pretty wallpaper (Studio Printworks Grille Modern in a custom pink) and fixings – design compliments of Annsley McAleer. My son and I popped in on the way home from a friend’s on Saturday night. Though I wasn’t splurging on an 8pm cupcake, we indulged in frosting shots (him vanilla, me cream cheese) for fifty cents each. Genius.

*     *     *

Treat cupcakes

While we’re on a sugar high . . . there’s another new cupcakery in town. Well, not really in town, it’s out in Needham, but it sounds so amazing that I’m almost tempted to make the drive. (Almost, not actually. Hoping Sam at Marlo Communications, their PR agency, will import a cupcake to the Back Bay.)  It’s Treat Cupcake Bar and the concept is make-your-own cupcake.  I put in my order for a chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting and a chocolate covered pretzel topping.

*     *     *