Get the Look: 22 Men’s Watches

We seem to go through a lot of watches at our house. I still have my prized Cartier (thank goodness; I’d be crushed if I lost it…too expensive to replace), but oftentimes, especially in summer, I just like to throw on a Timex with a stretchy metal elastic bracelet. (I wear it to the movies too; Indiglo rocks.) Unfortunately, the batteries don’t last very long. At least mine don’t. I’ve taken to treating them as disposable, which is of course ridiculous.

My husband also favors a Timex. For him it’s a plain white face with black numbers and black (imitation?) leather strap. I’ve tried to buy him nicer watches, but he protests. I think I did finally get him to wear a similar style, slightly upgraded, but he does so begrudgingly. He loses them, which I don’t really get since he’s generally pretty organized. But whatever, not my problem. My son loses his watches too, which is my problem, but he just bought himself an expensive Swatch, so we’ll see.

I love wandering through watch stores, whether its Tourneau in Boston, Cartier in New York, or Wempe in London. (Admittedly, if there’s also jewelry I tend to get sidetracked by the diamonds.)

I did a roundup of 15 stainless steel watches for women in March, but with Father’s Day upon us, I thought it would be a good time to pull together a variety of men’s watches too. As with Mother’s Day, we don’t really observe Father’s Day either. (We’re equal opportunity holiday ignorers.) I kind of ignored my husband’s birthday this year too, which I wasn’t all that nice (but he didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything, or want anything), so he deserves some recognition. Obviously, not a watch.

Here are 22 men’s watches, from sporty to sleek from StyleCarrot partners.






1. Zeitmaster Sport Diver’s Watch

2. Uniform Wares 104 PVD Pewter Watch

3. Flud The Exchange Watch in Birch Wood

4. Skagen Ancher Three-Hand Leather Watch

5. Diesel Chronograph Red Silicone Watch

6. Tsovet Canvas Strap Watch

7. Movado Large Bold Watch

8. ASOS Stag Print Watch

9. Coach Bleeker Stainless Steel Watch

10. Jack Spade Conway Watch

11. Michael Kors Dylan Silicone Chronograph Watch

12. Skagen Ancher Three-Hand Steel Mesh Watch

13. Timex for J.Crew Andros Watch

14. Daniel Wellington Classic Warwick Watch

15. Nixon The Sentry Leather Watch

16. Adidas Originals Brisbane

17. Komono Winston Galore Watch

18. Nixon The Kensington Leather Watch

19. Boss Hugo Boss Stainless Chronograph Watch

20. Mondaine Evo Giant 

21. Invicta Signature Two Tone Dive Watch

22. Express Silver Chronograph Bracelet Watch

 •           •            •

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Get the Look: 15 Stainless Steel Women’s Watches

I still remember my very first watch—a Lucy from the Peanuts watch with a white band, that for some reason I wore on my belt loop. Then, in high school, I had Swatches; a true child of the ’80s. I had the one with a black lace print over a teal face and a semi-translucent purple band, with one of those rubber things in hot pink to protect the face. Before I went to college, I really wanted a black Movado with gold dot. I couldn’t afford it, and went for a Gucci that was half the price that I never loved. A few years later, as a college graduation gift, I got a stainless and gold Movado.

These days I have two watches—a stainless steel Cartier watch that I bought with an unexpected check I received to appear in a Samsung ad campaign shot by Peter Arnell (they shot a whole bunch of Internet pioneers of the early-mid 1990s) and a silver & gold stretchy Timex Indiglo. And then there’s the watches I covet: the Chanel white ceramic and diamond watch and the Chanel pearl watch. I also had my eye on this Rolex, though it’s on the large side.

If I were in the market for a watch, I might go for one with rose gold details. Then again, the ones with blue faces are so pretty. And diamonds mixed with stainless steel is a look I love. Here are 15 stainless steel women’s watches that would work for me.





1. Baume and Mercier Capeland Watch

2. David Yurman Thoroughbred Diamond Bezel Watch

3. Cartier Pink Gold & Stainless Steel Watch

4. Burberry Diamond & Mother-of-Pearl Stainless Steel Watch

5. Peugeot Stainless Steel Rose Gold Tone Watch

6. Omega De Ville Ladymatic Co-Axial Watch

7. Bulova Stainless Steel & White Ceramic Watch

8. Skagen Mesh Watch

9. Michael Kors Emery Embellished Rose Goldtone Stainless Steel Watch 

10. Nixon The Kensington Crystal Watch

11. Kate Spade Gramercy Pave Grand Watch

12. Movado Stainless Steel Watch With Rose Gold 

13. Tissot Cera Women’s White Ceramic Watch With Diamonds

14. Cabochon De Ce Monde Multi-Function Green Dial Stainless Steel Watch

15. Coach Hamptons Watch

*          *          *

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