ARTmonday: That Elusive Woman—Sourcing Statement Photos For Troy Boston

At the end of January I posted color inspiration—a blush & charcoal color palette—for a model apartment that I’ll be decorating. The apartment is in a new building that’s still under construction called Troy Boston in Boston’s SoWa neighborhood, right by the other new building with Boston apartments, Ink Block, and the giant new Whole Foods. (My husband got lost in there recently; says it’s fantastic.)

Troy Boston is one of a number of new buildings with Boston apartments (there are also a couple in the Fenway) slated to have a LEED Gold rating; that mean’s it will be officially “green.” I’ve been to the construction site twice now (complete with hard hat). These Boston apartments are small but beautiful, with a loft-like feel. There are floor-to-ceiling windows, pale oak flooring, and cerused oak and lacquer cabinetry.

The model apartment I’m decorating is a 469-square-foot studio on the 14th floor. It’s got lots of sun, a sleek grey bathroom, and grey kitchen, which runs along one side of the room. I’ve been putting together collage-y room layout mockups (as a non-designer I have no idea how to use interior design software), and measured last week. Fingers crossed I did so accurately.

No surprise, my favorite aspect of decorating is curating the artwork for the walls. I have a definite idea of what I want, and am excited to include works by artist friends Lee Essex Doyle, Tess Atkinson, and Grace Hopkins. Linda Cordner is another local Boston artist whose work I hope to hang, as she generously offered up a large encaustic in my blush and grey color palette.

Above the sofa in the main living space I will hang a collection of photography and paintings. I want to include a statement artwork of a partially obscured woman; a moody portrait/fashion-y lifestyle photograph, preferably with a hint of copper or mustard, which will be the accent for the pink and grey scheme color scheme.

Given my limited budget, I need to find artists who would like to loan their artwork in exchange for exposure and publicity (of which there should be plenty). Given the other work I will be using hails from New England, I have decided that all the artwork I use will be created by local women artists.

I think I’ve identified the replacement for that initial inspiration piece. In the meantime, here are the photographs I’ve found that I’d most like to use in the model apartment. I lam hoping to secure at least one or two for the Troy Boston project, which I also hope will be a well-curated showcase featuring New England artists who all happen to be women.


Alicia Savage


Anastasia Cazabon


Cig Harvey


Anastasia Cazabon


Rhi Ellis


Alicia Savage

ARTmonday: Figures in the Landscape

I think we’ve already established that I’m enamored of images picturing women lying in a field, wading into water, curled up in a corner, or moodily attending to some undefined task. Today’s images are first and foremost, landscapes, then dotted with a single woman, man, or child, group, or crowd. The vistas range from grassy lawn to corn field and from rocky cliff to rubble. They all capture a mood; many peaceful or relaxed, at least one determined, another possible agitated, and others simply unbothered. I think the common thread here, is individuals carrying on with their lives, in outdoor settings. No more than that, than perhaps a certain aura they have, to me.


Julie Blackmon, Lost Mitten, 2010
Courtesy of Robert Klein Gallery


 Anastasia Cazabon


Cig Harvey, Flood Tide, Self-portrait, Mangrove Bay, Bermuda, 2005


Rhi Ellis


Tom Chambers, Late For Dinner, 2013

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ARTmonday: 37 Portraits In Celebration of Women

With the elections tomorrow, and so much of the talk centering around the rights of women, I thought I thought it would be nice to post a medley of portraits that showcase women’s strength, beauty, and femininity over the last century or so.

Amedeo Modigliani  Young Red Head in an Evening Dress, 1918

Salvador Dalí  Woman at the Window at Figueres, 1926


Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine

Stephen Poling  No Shoes, 2008

Ray Cesear  Mourning Glory, 2008

Richard Diebenkorn  Sleeping Woman, 1961

Ramon Casas i Carbó (1866-1932)  Preparing the Bath

Tony Vevers

John Currin   Rachel in Fur, 2002

Ogura Yuki  Bathing Women, 1938

Jared Katz  Untitled, 2009

Michael Carson

Sidney Simon (1917-1997)  The Red Bathrobe

Frida Kahlo Portrait of a Woman in White, ca. 1929

Eugenia Bazarovaw  Liza Kotova, 2012

Jan Sluijters  Rob and Liesje in the Bathroom, 1949

Jordan Sullivan

Hope Gangloff

Mary Ellen Strom  Nude No. 4, Andrea-Hendrickson, ca. 2010

Alessandro Gottardo

Milton Avery  Sunday Morning, 1962

Henri Matisse  The French Window at Nice, 1919

Elizabeth Peyton, L.A. (E.P.), 2004

Elizabeth Mayville  Top Knot

Elisa Johns  Marie at Tea, ca. 2006

Olef Hajek

Edward Hopper  Morning Sun, 1952

Joyce Tenneson

Balthasar Klossowski (Balthus)  Alice dans le miroir, 1933

Annie Leibovitz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mother Blythe Danner

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Street

Inslee Haynes

Billy Nava  Ming Xi for Glass Magazine, 2012

Claire Elsaesser Three

Andres Marroquin