ARTmonday: That Elusive Woman—Sourcing Statement Photos For Troy Boston

At the end of January I posted color inspiration—a blush & charcoal color palette—for a model apartment that I’ll be decorating. The apartment is in a new building that’s still under construction called Troy Boston in Boston’s SoWa neighborhood, right by the other new building with Boston apartments, Ink Block, and the giant new Whole Foods. (My husband got lost in there recently; says it’s fantastic.)

Troy Boston is one of a number of new buildings with Boston apartments (there are also a couple in the Fenway) slated to have a LEED Gold rating; that mean’s it will be officially “green.” I’ve been to the construction site twice now (complete with hard hat). These Boston apartments are small but beautiful, with a loft-like feel. There are floor-to-ceiling windows, pale oak flooring, and cerused oak and lacquer cabinetry.

The model apartment I’m decorating is a 469-square-foot studio on the 14th floor. It’s got lots of sun, a sleek grey bathroom, and grey kitchen, which runs along one side of the room. I’ve been putting together collage-y room layout mockups (as a non-designer I have no idea how to use interior design software), and measured last week. Fingers crossed I did so accurately.

No surprise, my favorite aspect of decorating is curating the artwork for the walls. I have a definite idea of what I want, and am excited to include works by artist friends Lee Essex Doyle, Tess Atkinson, and Grace Hopkins. Linda Cordner is another local Boston artist whose work I hope to hang, as she generously offered up a large encaustic in my blush and grey color palette.

Above the sofa in the main living space I will hang a collection of photography and paintings. I want to include a statement artwork of a partially obscured woman; a moody portrait/fashion-y lifestyle photograph, preferably with a hint of copper or mustard, which will be the accent for the pink and grey scheme color scheme.

Given my limited budget, I need to find artists who would like to loan their artwork in exchange for exposure and publicity (of which there should be plenty). Given the other work I will be using hails from New England, I have decided that all the artwork I use will be created by local women artists.

I think I’ve identified the replacement for that initial inspiration piece. In the meantime, here are the photographs I’ve found that I’d most like to use in the model apartment. I lam hoping to secure at least one or two for the Troy Boston project, which I also hope will be a well-curated showcase featuring New England artists who all happen to be women.


Alicia Savage


Anastasia Cazabon


Cig Harvey


Anastasia Cazabon


Rhi Ellis


Alicia Savage

ARTmonday: 36 Obscured Portraits of Women

If you follow the ARTmonday posts,  you’ll know that as much as I love abstract art, I am especially drawn to artwork featuring female figures. Among my many posts highlighting specific female painters or more frequently, photographers, who create quirky or elusive images of women (Cig Harvey, Viviane Sassen, Natsumi Hayashi), I’ve also curated a number of roundups, including Women Thinking, Women In the Kitchen, Figures in the Landscape, Women In Water, and Girls At Play. (For more, you can also peruse my Pinterest boards Female Figures in Art, PortraitsNudes.)

I have so many images of women turning their backs on the camera, that I thought for sure I did a post of those, but I can’t find it, so maybe not. Today’s post features 36 portraits of women whose faces are obscured in some way. The overall image might be blurry, her head could be wrapped in twigs (or a shower curtain!), perhaps her hair is in her face, or she’s wearing a blindfold. Or, the image might show what could have been a perfectly straightforward rendering, but then he or she dripped paint over the visage, or whited out all traces of personality.

Some of these obscured portraits of women are cloaked in mystery, others are silly, and still others, a tad subversive. I find them all appealing. (I left out the more disturbing of the finds this time around.)


Smooth #1  •  Agnieszk Maria Zieba


Petra Stridfeldt


Andy Denzler


Barbara Baldi


Parker Fitzgerald


Melodie Mousset


“Hunger”  •  Jovana Lakovic




Julia Skopnik


Annija Muižule


Human Sculptures  •  Joakim Heltne


Jose Romussi


Wilkosz & Way


“Portrait with the Cat”  •  Chiara Elisa Ragghianti


Wool and the Gang


Yann Faucon


“Portrait with a Spectrum 3”  •  Chad Wys




“Paper Butterflies”  •  Ping Homeric


Maia Harms


“Sky of Tears”  •  Tabitha Vevers


“Essäché”  •  Flora Borsi

obscured-portrait-grace-coddington-by-tim -walker

Grace Coddington  •  Tim  Walker


Rafael Sliks


Melissa Gamwell


Mate Moro


Javier Martin


Face-Kinis  •  Peng Chen


“Ubearable”  •  Alessandro Passerini


“A Bundled Mass of Confusion”   •  Robert Flynn


Sarah Bodri


Urs Fischer


Lalla Essaydi


“Portrait of Petra Collins”  •  Neal Turner

Marianne Faithfull by David Redfern

Marianne Faithfull  by  David Redfern

ARTmonday: Sofia Sanches and Mauro Mongiello

I discovered the last one of these images on Pinterest (it’s on my Photography board), and followed the link to Trendland. It’s part of this larger fashion spread for Tar Magazineshot by Sofia Sanches & Mauro Mongiello. Love the use of flowers.

Modeled by Valerija Kelava  •  Styled by Samuel François