ARTmonday: My Instagram Pics

With all my Instagramming of late, there have been a few photos I’ve been thinking about getting printed. Experience tells me, though, that the prints won’t look great; they’ll either be too blurry, or too glossy, or just not a good enough image. I could go through a high end printing place, but I have another idea—canvas prints.

Recently Canvas Republic got in touch about its service of transferring one’s own photos to canvas. (They also sell ready made canvas print artwork, including abstracts, florals, and pop art prints. It got me thinking that maybe I should try it. I rifled through Instagram images I’ve saved over the past year.

Do you think any are worthy of transferring to canvas (or to a high end print)?

amelias batmitzvah

Amelia’s Lights


Peony Explosion

pink jean

Pink Lady


Out On the Esplanade

socks aglow

Dance Glow


Copper Colander


Pret a Manger

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.42.03 PM

Rose Tangled in Beach Grass


Salmon Bites


Seersucker And Such




Lunch at Louis’


Socks Rolled Down

ARTmonday: Albert Koetsier’s X-Rayography

When he was eight years old, Dutch-born artist Albert Koetsier made his own camera using a matchbox and pair of magnifying glasses. At 16 he leased a Dalmeyer top-view camera, and finally at the time he married, go this hands on a 35mm camera, which was quite a feat. While he collected cameras and camera parts, his day job was as an x-ray technician. In 1969,

Koetsier noticed a calendar that had x-ray images of flowers on the wall of a doctor’s office, and was immediately intrigued, thinking it was unnecessary to use such pricey equipment to create them. 

Much later, living in California, Koetsier stumbled across a very old, but fully operable x-ray apparatus that he bought very cheaply. It wasn’t until 1991, years later, that Koetsier developed an x-ray that he considered art-worthy. It was a lizard had drowned in the pool, and coincidentally had a broken leg.

Today, Koetsier creates images of plants and flowers using x-ray photography, a project he calls Beyond Light. Here are some examples of his work, many of which are available as wall murals or digitally printed on canvas.








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