ARTmonday: My Instagram Pics

With all my Instagramming of late, there have been a few photos I’ve been thinking about getting printed. Experience tells me, though, that the prints won’t look great; they’ll either be too blurry, or too glossy, or just not a good enough image. I could go through a high end printing place, but I have another idea—canvas prints.

Recently Canvas Republic got in touch about its service of transferring one’s own photos to canvas. (They also sell ready made canvas print artwork, including abstracts, florals, and pop art prints. It got me thinking that maybe I should try it. I rifled through Instagram images I’ve saved over the past year.

Do you think any are worthy of transferring to canvas (or to a high end print)?

amelias batmitzvah

Amelia’s Lights


Peony Explosion

pink jean

Pink Lady


Out On the Esplanade

socks aglow

Dance Glow


Copper Colander


Pret a Manger

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.42.03 PM

Rose Tangled in Beach Grass


Salmon Bites


Seersucker And Such




Lunch at Louis’


Socks Rolled Down


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7 Responses to ARTmonday: My Instagram Pics

  1. Anonymous

    I votI

    I vote for peony explosion!

  2. Linda

    I like Pink Lady and Rash. They both have a narrative quality to them.

  3. As a graphic artist and interior designer, I like Peony Explosion, Rash and especially love Pink Lady. If these are for your FL residence, they will look fabulous!

  4. Pink Lady is such a great shot, you could market it!

  5. Thanks Sarah. Yes, I think I will go with Pink Lady for the LR and Rash for the boys room perhaps. Not sure if I can invite Pink Lady in… would she like it? Hmmm.

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