ARTmonday: Installation Photos of Webster & Company Artwork

Thanks to my friend interior designer Dee Elms of Terrat Elms, who suggested me for the project, Mr. Webster and I have been collaborating on bringing new artwork to his Boston Design Center showroom, Webster & Company.

I pick the artists (most have ties to New England) and present available pieces to Mr. Webster. He and Visual Design Director Jonathan Giacoletto choose which ones to feature and where to hang them.  We began in fall 2015 and it’s an ongoing success.

For a full listing of available works (as well as those that have sold), see the Webster Art Project tab here on my blog.  If you are interested in pricing, please email me at stylecarrot [at] gmail [dot] com.

For more art follow @StyleCarrot and @WebsterCompany on Instagram and the hashtags #WebsterArtProject and #StyleCarrotCurates.

Here is a sampling of pieces in situ in the Webster & Company showroom.


Alicia Savage

Portland Maine Abstract Artist Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Hawkins

Cambridge Based Artist Amanda Agrawal and New Haven Based Artist Emilia Dubuicki

Left: Aparna Agrawal  |  Right: Emilia Dubicki

Betty Carroll Fuller Black & White Abstract Drawings At Webster & Co.

Betty Carroll Fuller

Betty Carroll Fuller Black & White Abstract Drawing in Graphite At Webster & Co.

Betty Carroll Fuller

Budd Hopkins Abstract Expressionist Painting At Webster & Co. BDC

Budd Hopkins


Ellen Levine Dodd


Grace Hopkins


Hilary Tait Norod

Abstract Painting By Emerging Boston Artist Hilary Tait Norod and Porcelain By Anna Kasabian

Hilary Tait Norod (painting)  + Anna Kasabian (porcelain)

Abstract Artist Hilary Tait Norod Painting At Boston Design Center

Hilary Tait Norod

Abstract Painting By New England Artist Jen Bradley

Jen Bradley

Jennifer Amadeo-Holl Abstract Painting At Webster & Co. BDC

Jennifer Amadeo-Holl / Schoolhouse Gallery

Large Scale Abstract Painting At Webster & Company BDC

Jennifer Amadeo-Holl / Schoolhouse Gallery


Jenny Brillhart (painting) + Anna Kasabian (porcelain)

Jenny Brillhart Installation Sculptures At Webster & Company

Jenny Brillhart


Jenny Prinn

Maine Artist Jenny Prinn Abstract Painting At Webster & Co. BDC

Jenny Prinn

Cape Cod Artist Joe Diggs Abstract Painting At Webster & Co. BDC

Joe Diggs

Orange Abstract Painting By Joe Diggs At Webster & Co

Joe Diggs

Vertical Purple Abstract Painting By Cape Cod Artist Joe Diggs

Joe Diggs

Patch NYC John Ross Still Life Flower Photography

John Ross

Judyth Katz Abstract Landscape At Webster & Company

Judyth Katz

Cape Cod Artist Julia Salinger Abstract Painting At Webster & Co. BDC

Julia Salinger

Pen & Ink Botanicals By Indian Artist Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar


Linda Pagani

Encaustic Abstracts By Boston Artist Linda Cordner

Linda Cordner

Encaustics By Linda Cordner At Webster & Company

Linda Cordner

Meg Brown Payson Yellow Abstract Painting

Meg Brown Payson / Walker Contemporary

MP Landis Blue Abstract Painting At Webster & Co BDC

MP Landis

Sarah Lutz's Marine Inspired Abstract Painting at Webster & Company

Sarah Lutz / Schoolhouse Gallery

Sarah Lutz Ocean-Inspired Abstract Painting At Webster & Co. BDC

Sarah Lutz / Schoolhouse Gallery

Somerville Artist Sarah Myers Brent

Sarah Meyers Brent

Stephen Sheffield B&W Self Portraits At Webster & Co

Stephen Sheffield / Panopticon Gallery


Stephen Sheffield / Panopticon Gallery


Tess Atkinson

Boston Photographer Tess Atkinson's Paris Bridge Photos

Tess Atkinson

ARTmonday: New England Artists at Webster & Company

This fall I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wonderful new project: curating artwork for the Webster & Company showroom at the Boston Design Center.

I love art. I buy art like other women buy shoes. I have master’s in art history that I did for fun and I started collecting art around the same time.  Friends have asked me for help choosing artwork, and over the years I’ve often thought of art consulting for interior designers.

This summer I was at the bar at Blackfish in  Truro with my friend Dee Elms,who encouraged me. (If  you don’t know her, she  is a very talented, supremely generous Boston-based interior designer). A week later I got an email from Mr. Webster at Webster & Company, asking me if I’d be interested in helping find local Boston artists whose work he could hang in his showroom. (A little birdie suggested me.) He was looking to do a complete swap of everything he had hanging. Within a month.

In a frenzy, I scoured my files and sources for Boston artists (and some further afield in Maine and on the Cape) whose work I loved that aligned with Mr. Webster’s tastes. We met in early September, narrowed down my finds, and over the last few weeks the very gracious Mr. Webster and his meticulous visual design director Jonathan Giacoletto have hung the work. There are about 75 pieces from almost 20 artists, all either local or with ties to the area.

It’s been a thrilling experience, both working with Mr. Webster and his team and all the artists. I haven’t seen everything hung yet, but I plan to go this week. If you happen to be over there, stop by. (Obviously they’re all for sale. If you you’re interested, you can  let me know.) Here is one piece from each artist represented. If you read ARTmonday regularly you will recognize some names. More photos to come of the installations in the coming weeks.


John Ross

John Ross, who has a degree from UCLA and is co-founder of design label PATCH NYC, composes photos inspired by Dutch still life paintings in his South End studio using only natural light.


Tess Atkinson

Tess Atkinson, who graduated from Skidmore College and studied photography at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, likens her images to being lost in a trance.


Linda Pagani

Linda Pagani, who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, photographs vast spaces to compose abstract new environments.


Anna Kasabian

In her studio in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Anna Kasabian crafts wafer thin porcelain pieces that recall the forms and motions of flowers, sea plants, and ocean waves.


Jenny Brillhart

Abstracting beauty from the ordinary, Jenny Brillhart, who holds an M.F.A. from New York Academy of Art and a B.A. from Smith College, lives and works in Miami and Stonington, Maine.


Judyth Katz

Having begun her career as a fiber artist, today Judyth Katz works in paints and pastels to create abstracted landscapes en plain air and from her studio on the Outer Cape.


MP Landis

MP Landis, who traveled the world with his Mennonite missionary parents, opened a bookstore, and painted in Provincetown, recently relocated from Brooklyn to Portland, Maine.


Jenny Prinn

Rain, laughter, footsteps, and foghorns are examples of the fleeting inspirational moments that inform Maine-based artist Jenny Prinn’s colorful abstract paintings.


Grace Hopkins

Grace Hopkins, who holds a B.F.A. from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, creates photographs with he look and feel of abstract paintings.


Hilary Tait Norod

Neuroscience and psychology are strong influences on Boston-based painter Hilary Tait Norod, who holds a B.A. in studio art from Skidmore College.


Steve Barylick

Former creative director and muralist Steve Barylick, who holds a B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art, paints abstracts at Joy Street Artist Studios in Somerville.


Linda Cordner

Linda Cordner layers pigmented translucent wax to depict subtle, atmospheric landscapes, all created in her SoWa studio.


Alicia Savage

Boston-based photographer Alicia Savage, who holds a B.A. from Northeastern University, documents her life and mind in self-portraits that hide her face but uncover her journey.


Budd Hopkins

Abstract Expressionist Budd Hopkins (1931—2011), who worked in New York and Wellfleet, combined geometrics with a gestural style. The Whitney Museum and The Guggenheim, among others, own his work.


Sarah Lutz

Sarah Lutz, whose abstract work refers to the natural world, holds a B.S. from Skidmore College, an M.F.A. from The American University, and lives and works in New York City and Truro, Mass.


Stephen Sheffield

Using film and nontraditional techniques, South Shore-based photographer Stephen Sheffield, an alumnus of Cornell University and California College of the Arts, creates narrative images with a cinematic feel.


Ellen Levine Dodd

Ellen Levine Dodd, who grew up and studied art in New England, creates expressive compositions with colorful gestural brushwork in her Northern California studio.


Joe Diggs

Working from his home studio overlooking a pond on Cape Cod, Joe Diggs sometimes strategically plans his compositions while other times is guided by pure emotion.

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ARTmonday: Connecticut Collection

I spent a few days in Connecticut before fleeing the Northeast for sunny South Florida. As I may have mentioned before, my in-laws have all sorts of wonderful artwork. I took a bunch of Instagram shots of their collection. Many Cape Cod/NYC artists, who are also longtime family friends, are represented, including Budd Hopkins, Paul Resika, Selina Treif, Joan Miller, and Sidney Simon, as well as my husband’s great, great grandmother, Ina Whitney, whom I didn’t even realize was a painter.  I’ve also included a piece by James Rosenberg, which was their very first piece of art, given to them by my husband’s grandparents, and painted the year they were married. Here are the highlights of the artwork that is hanging in their home at the moment.


Budd Hopkins


Budd Hopkins


Gerritt Hondius


Maurice Freedman


Herman Maril


Herman Maril


Ina Whitney


Arthur Cohen


Edwin Dickinson


This eagle is carved out of a single piece of wood.


Judyth Honeycutt Katz


Judyth Honeycutt Katz (detail)


Keiko Minami


Sidney Simon


Wolf Kahn


Nora Speyer (detail)


Paul Resika


March Avery


March Avery


Selina Trieff


Selina Treiff


Oliver Chaffee


James Rosenberg


Paul Resika


Paul Resika


Paul Resika


Joan McD Miller


Joan McD Miller


Elspeth Halvorsen


Remo Farruggio

ARTmonday: Budd Hopkins

Today’s post is in memory of Budd Hopkins, an artist who worked in New York City and Wellfleet, Cape Cod, and died one year ago Wednesday. He was a longtime friend of my in-laws, and his daughter, photographer Grace Hopkins-Lisle is a childhood friend of my husband’s, and a friend of mine now too. I knew Budd a little bit. I remember how he playfully teased my son one afternoon when we happened to hanging around during his visit with my in-laws. Last year, my husband spoke about remembering him as the guy who always had a joke for the kids, while they ran wild during the grown-ups cocktail parties in the seventies. Seemed he hadn’t changed much.

He was a very successful painter and sculptor; an Abstract Expressionist, whose work is in the permanent collections of MoMA, the Whitney, Guggenheim, and Hirschhorn. He was friends with Motherwell, encountered Pollack, and lunched with Rothko. (He was also known for his sighting and subsequent research of UFOs. In his obituary, the New York Times called him, “the father of the alien-abduction movement,” having been the first to publish narratives of people who said they’d been abducted.) But back to his artwork.

I first saw his work when my husband and I moved in together. Budd had given him a piece as a wedding present to his first wife. It’s a visually uplifting work,I think, in a saturated pink in a nice silver frame. It’s one of his “guardians” (not sure if they’re guarding earthlings or the other worldlies).  My in-laws have several of his pieces hanging in their Cape house, including a sculptural representation, and presented us with a couple of little guardian studies over the years. Last summer, his daughter Grace curated a show of his work at Castle Hill in Truro, which was the last time we saw him. My kids both got to pick out a piece they liked, which their grandfather purchased for them. They love  having them in their bedrooms.

These are photos I took at my house, my in-laws, at Castle Hill, and at Budd’s own home in Wellfleet, during his memorial service.

The stairwell of Budd’s Wellfleet home.

Two small guardian studies hang in my dining area.

Leaning in my living room. 

At the end of the hall at my in-laws’ house.


Two in the stairwell.

Two non-guardian abstracts.

In the basement of Budd’s Wellfleet home. 

On my son’s bookshelf.

Exhibit at Castle Hill in Truro last summer. 


ARTmonday: Grace Hopkins

Grace Hopkins is one of many New England artists whose abstract artwork defies expected New England standards. Hopkins  grew up in NYC and is now based in Portland, Maine, with her artist husband and sweet little girl Gigi. Grace shows her work in galleries all over the Northeast. I discovered her work in Cape Cod. Her father, artist Budd Hopkins, is a longtime friend of my in-laws. (I’ll do a post on Budd at some point too.)

Hopkins characterizes her work as abstract photo-paintings. I have included a sampling of her photos from 2005 to the present , so you can its progression. This is how she describes the evolution: ” In the past few years I have been getting closer to my subject matter and minimizing the number of objects in my pictures, essentially zeroing in on what really interests me and excluding everything else.”

2009 South Beach




2009 Europe


2008 Michigan



2008 Maine


2008 Las Vegas


2007 Belize




2006 St. Maarten


2006 Curacao


2005 California