ARTmonday: Flowers Are Manly

Maapilim, a Tel Aviv-based grooming and beauty brand, was in touch earlier this year, about its male-focused, Israeli-made products, along with its art exhibit/campaign, Flowers Are Manly.

Maapilim Male Grooming Products From Tel Aviv Israel

They sent a couple of samples for me to try. Maapilim Pacific Soap is delicious in the shower. It contains argan oil, rosemary oil, and sage oil, and smells like grapefruits. Maapilim Wedgewood All Purpose Oil contains jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and scotch pine oil, which helps reduce redness. Guys can use it on their beard, though it’s also meant for skin.

As for Flowers Are Manly, you can imagine my interest/ I fell head over heels for these flower-infused portraits of vulnerable manly figures. Although they are not hiding, per se, they remind me of the obscured portraits of women I love so much.

Maapilim Male With Flowers 1

Maapilim Male With Flowers 2

Maapilim Male With Flowers 3

Concept & Production by Maapilim • Photos by Liron Erel • Flowers by Fiori • Grooming by Barberia • Space by Kuli Gallery • Clothes by Story

Beauty Break: Own Day Lotion & Lip Treatment

Own Skincare Products Sunscreen Lip SPF


I want to give a shout-out to Own skincare products. A publicist sent a over Own Dual Protecting Day Lotion with SPF 30 and Own Day Lip Treatment with SPF 10 since the line just debuted at Ulta.

Although I was once a beauty editor, I’m no longer product-obsessed. While it was once fun to have the entire OPI and Nars glittery nail polish collections at my disposal, these days I’m more apt to be hoarding ikat print pillows. (For fun, you can click through to this article in the Hartford Courant in which I’m quoted on spring nail trends.)

Anyway, as old habits die hard, I happily snapped up the stuff, seeing how it’s sunscreen and I’m pretty darn pale, and gave them a test drive in Delray. High marks. The packaging is lovely (green IS my favorite color) and works well (the dispenser on a tube was a fun surprise). The day lotion sunscreen went on smoothly and while initially shiny, soaked in with a smooth, dry finish within ten minutes. Plus it is scentless. SO important! I didn’t burn, though of course I was also wearing a hat. (Sun = poison pour moi.)

I adored the lip treatment ($9.99). While I’m addicted to Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 for night time, I really like the Own lip treatment for day, with the SPF of 10 (zinc oxide is the active ingredient). The pen-like tube is cool, and is better for tossing in a handbag. Application was easy. . . it has a roller ball. Remember those kissing potions, those of you who were little girls in the ’70s & ’80s? The good news is that you get the nostalgia without the scent or gooeyness.

So, thanks Mr. Publicist. These ones are keepers.


Giveaway: Arianna Skincare Beauty Product Basket Worth $670

Arianna Beauty was founded in 2007 by Israeli-born Miri Torre, who suffered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in high school.  In Arianna Beauty stores in Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, and Newport, Miri now sells the products that helped aid her beauty restoration, including mineral make-up, skin care, and bath accessories. Her exclusive skincare line is all natural, made from minerals from the Dead Sea. I am excited to try some.

To celebrate her brand new store in Boston’s South End neighborhood, Arianna Beauty is generously giving away a gorgeous gift basket filled with skin care specialties to one StyleCarrot winner.  Here’s a photo of the actual prize, along with a list of its contents.


1. Ultra Rich Mineral Body Butter ($79.99)
2. Ultra Exfoliating Body Treatment ($89.99)
3. Exfoliating Shower Milk Refiner ($69)
4. Intensive Mineral Hand Treatment ($69)
5. Skin Renewal Facial Peel ($179.99)
6. Skin Balance Revitalizing Gel Cream ($179.99)

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Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at midnight E.T.