Giveaway: Arianna Skincare Beauty Product Basket Worth $670

Arianna Beauty was founded in 2007 by Israeli-born Miri Torre, who suffered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in high school.  In Arianna Beauty stores in Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, and Newport, Miri now sells the products that helped aid her beauty restoration, including mineral make-up, skin care, and bath accessories. Her exclusive skincare line is all natural, made from minerals from the Dead Sea. I am excited to try some.

To celebrate her brand new store in Boston’s South End neighborhood, Arianna Beauty is generously giving away a gorgeous gift basket filled with skin care specialties to one StyleCarrot winner.  Here’s a photo of the actual prize, along with a list of its contents.


1. Ultra Rich Mineral Body Butter ($79.99)
2. Ultra Exfoliating Body Treatment ($89.99)
3. Exfoliating Shower Milk Refiner ($69)
4. Intensive Mineral Hand Treatment ($69)
5. Skin Renewal Facial Peel ($179.99)
6. Skin Balance Revitalizing Gel Cream ($179.99)

* TO  E N T E R *
Leave a comment on this post with a winter beauty tip or must-do ritual to keep you cute in the dry season.
 Don’t forget to sign in with your email address so I can contact you if you win. Winner will be chosen at random. Prize can be shipped within the Continental U.S. 

Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at midnight E.T. 



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27 Responses to Giveaway: Arianna Skincare Beauty Product Basket Worth $670


    i use arianna’s body scrub once a week – it is so luxurious. Would love to win this gift basket. PS I love your blog!

  2. Kelly

    To stay cute in the dry season I apply hand cream like a mad woman, treat myself to monthly facials and drink two glasses of water for each glass of wine.

  3. michelle

    Moisturize and H2O are key in the winter!! Especially since I am prone to exema I need to follow a ritual!

  4. Oh la la, this looks scrumptious! One of my wintertime beauty rituals is to regularly apply a nice cuticle creme or balm to those dry, cracked cuticles… A simple, but smart trick in my book – I’m a big fan of pretty hands 🙂 Thank you!

  5. barbara fitzsimmons

    Sounds pretty fancy! One of my wintertime beauty rituals is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

  6. Susie Jue

    Evening hot bubble bath in jacuzzi tub, great way to end a great day.

  7. Shirley Harris

    Beautiful products! Lips need special care in winter. Several times a day I use a tinted lip balm containing beeswax… no more chapped lips.

  8. Laura

    I use Aquaphor on my heals and lotion on my face. I take cooler showers plus wish for straight hair 🙂

  9. I drink extra water this time of year! I also exfoliate and use aquafor on my lips, fingers, and feet!


  10. I switch from a light facial moisturizer to a heavier one in the winter. Hot air heating can be hard on the skin. Thanks for this contest.

  11. I use the cupcake bombs in my tub to turn it into a fizzy delight night. Also the Arianna skin renewal facial peel once a week to keep those hard winter lines at bay. My at home remedy for my baths to keep skin silky is to use a mesh bag, fill it with dulse & oats and toss it into the tub.

  12. Thank you for the generous and wonderful giveaway! In winter time, I stock up on organic yogurt and parsley and make facial masks (2 tablespoons yogurt+ 2 tablespoon minced parsley) every week. Not only they reduce sun and age spots, they moisturize my skin really well.

    Also, I drink warm chamomile tea every morning with some lemon and honey. I believe it makes my skin glow 🙂

  13. Sarah L

    Not too much changes as I live in a warm climate…moisturizer and sunblock, drink lots of water.

  14. Always drink lots of water, moisturize my skin as soon as I am out of shower, use eye cream day and night, leave a hand cream in my car so I can keep dry hand at bay!
    I might want to try of the other suggestions above!

  15. virginia

    Great giveaway! I use Grape Seed Oil twice a day on my face to keep it moisturized.

  16. Jocelyn

    It’s not sexy but it works: vaseline on my feet with cotton socks at night. Keeps them very smooth!

  17. jax

    I apply extra virgin olive oil on my face before going to sleep

  18. Kristen Raye

    Winter beauty tip: two things: moisturize your face every night AND put a little bit of Vaseline on your cuticles!! (Nails are always cracking/super dry in the winter!!)

  19. I always apply foot cream before bed and in the morning before putting on my socks

  20. Shyana Harper

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize head to toe everyday especially after a shower.

  21. I drink water – tonz of water! And, as hard as it is, don’t let the water get too hot in the shower (it torches your hair and skin).

  22. auntiethesis

    I suffer from super-dry skin in the winter so in addition to using moisturizer nightly before bed, I also try to add extra moisturizer to my elbows and then cover them with terry wrist bands while I sleep so they don’t end up cracking and flaking all winter long.
    shel704 at aol dot com

  23. At present, winter season is going on in our area so that I am facing moisture problem. My skin is going to be dry. In order to remove my dryness, I would love to choose Skin Balance Revitalizing Gel Cream by Arianna Beauty.

  24. Wehaf

    Drink lots of water, and avoid long, hot showers – they’ll dry out your skin! I also moisturize right after every shower to lock in the water.

  25. Christine

    Hand cream constantly, moisturize, and shorter showers.

  26. I just started using the face cream and all , formidable is the right word to discribe your products Hope to win. Thank your

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