Get the Look: 25 Colored Glass Vases

garden flowers in a green speckled glass vase in front of an abstract painingPhoto by  Marni Elyse Katz @StyleCarrot

After a September of European travels (yes, I’ll post some photos but in the meantime you can see some on my Instagram feed @StyleCarrot) followed by two weeks convalescing from COVID (my first time, if you can believe it), I’m back on Cape Cod. 

Most of the plants are past their heyday (our gardens need some serious help even in the peak of summer), but I was able to scrounge up a few flowers. A couple of white roses, a hearty hydrangea, three rudbeckia, and pretty deep violet and pale pink wildflowers with wispy stems. (Post the name of this flower in the comments if you know it please.)

What spurred me to forage? Juliska sent me a trio of speckled glass vases. Not sure why or how, but hey, thank you Juliska, I love them. The Puro vases (#AffiliateLink #CommissionsEarned) come in clear, green, blue, and tortoiseshell, each prettier than the next.

As your putting together your autumn sideboards, mantels, and tablescapes, consider adding a colored glass vase to your collection. Here are some suggestions.

Colored Glass Vases for Fall

Colored Glass Vases for Fall S H O P P I N G
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Covet: Dot Vases by Ben Fiess


Dot vases by Ben Fiess for Inesse, $50 at Gretel Home

I’m in love with these limited edition vases in pretty pastels with pin dots.

They are designed by ceramicist Ben Fiess for Inesse, handmade in Minnesota of cast high-fired porcelain. The vases are colored with vitreous engobes (a specific clay slip which is applied to each vase’s surface) and have glossy white interiors. Each Dot vase is produced as one of a limited edition of 25 and comes with a numbered and signed card.

I’ve already ordered three Dot vases and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Fiess also makes these crazy cool utilitarian vessels.


Shopping Trip: IKEA

I finally took a road trip to IKEA in Stoughton, Mass. yesterday. It was pretty painless. Despite my husband’s plea “not to buy anything,” I came back with lots of little goodies. After all, not he surely meant furniture, not 79 cent glasses and fifteen dollar lamps. I tried out a few chairs – as uncomfortable as I remembered – but was impressed by the cute bedding. I went crazy in the Marketplace, stockpiling enough little vases to get me through next summer, even at increased rate of flower cutting. I loved the cozy sheepskins – especially the curly gray ones (must go back to buy a couple). I was most impressed by the lighting. I concentrated on table lamps. There were so many colorful, well-designed, decently made, inexpensive options, and I bought rather a lot. Here are pictures from my excursion, plus some product shots from the website.

First stop, the cafeteria for a cinnamon bun. I only ate half. Such restraint! They make great use of their KNAPPA pendant here. Head over for dinner – they serve Swedish meatballs.


Wandered from there into the kids section. Thankfully I no longer need plastic tableware, but the colors made them tempting!


The bug lights were appealing too.


I really liked the bedding patterns. Very graphic and not at all cutesy. The fabrication was a bit gauzy, but soft.


The model bedrooms were well put together.

Gotta love the Missoni-like throw.


This one used a rattan shade to add texture and make the bed wall more of a focal point.

straw bed

They even give tips: Frame a straw placemat for instant art.

placemat art

They were really touting these soft, woven baskets.They’re quite nice, actually.


There were some great texture-y lamps too.


And a straw ottoman.

straw ott

More lamps. Love the straw weave one (i think it is plastic). The picture does not do the first one justice. It’s the Lunta from the IKEA 365+ collection. The lamp is beautiful; the metal is shiny and strong and the pleated lamp shade is a natural linen. I bought one for my bedroom. At $59.99, it was the most expensive piece I purchased, but well worth the price. I got the white sphere, the FADO, for my son’s nightstand. Its low profile really opened up the space that had been blocked by a more traditional lamp. The last one, the LAMPAN, comes in white, red, gray, and navy. It is short, all plastic, one piece, and $4.99!


One of the best things about IKEA, besides its prices, are the colors. I thought the violet Arne Jacobson knock-off chair could be fun in our playroom. Too bad it was so uncomfortable! Love the orange chair; the yellow too. I like the two tone white and natural color of the third chair. It’s all wood and very sturdy.


Great rug! Color, pattern, and fabrication all wonderful.

pink rug

Speaking of color, I fell in love with the LYKTA table lamps. They look like vases (they’re glass, supposedly mouth-blown, but at $14.99 one wonders). The shades in our playroom are these exact shades of turquoise, lime, and violet. The store was out of the turquoise, but I came home with two limes, a violet, a purple. They’re lined up on the mantle. Unplugged, in the plastic wrap still. But I’ll figure something out


I went a little crazy in the vase department. But I couldn’t resist the colors, shapes, sizes, and prices. No matter how many vases I have out on the Cape, it’s never enough. The three little chartreuse PERSIKA ones will be perfect for my white blooms. They’re similar in shape and style to a larger Venini periwinkle vase I bought in Venice a million years ago. Notice the middle pair. One is an authentic Jonathan Adler, purchased a few years ago in NYC. (By the way, a Jonathan Adler boutique is opening on Newbury here is Boston. Can’t wait!) The other is a version of the FÄRM vase – Adler knock-offs. The last is another PERSIKA in white, placed in a generic florist’s vase that I had. SOrt of looks like a light bulb, but I like it.


Finally, the succulents and bamboo. Who knew IKEA had live plants? I put the bamboo, known at IKEA as DRACAENA, in the thick glass SNÄRTIG vases (79 cents! I bought five!). I popped the succulents into shiny white earthenware pots, the KARDEMUMMA, which have a vertical, almost bamboo-like design. LOVE!