ARTmonday: Stefanie Klavens How We Live

Like many of the artists whose work I feature and own, I discovered photographer Stefanie Klavens at the School of Museum of Fine Arts sale in Boston. One year I was eyeing the photo of the two double beds (second photo below). It looks to me like a dreary motel room, though it’s titled Guest Room. I was attracted to the colors and the color fields, along with the general downtrodden, or at least severely outdated, decor. My husband very much didn’t want me to buy it. I didn’t.

That’s ok, because the following year I purchased the gold-hued living room photo of Klavens called Henry’s Paintings. I didn’t make the connection between them then, though now looking at them, it’s obvious these two interior photographs were taken by the same photographer. It’s hanging in a grouping of four photographs in our family room over our sofa, in a sort of compositional echo.

My favorite work of this mostly interior photography series that Klavens calls “How We Live,” is the first image here. To me, the pink and green living room interior really stands up. Swap out the art and preferably the shag rug (though a hip inhabitant could make it work) and you’re all set. Anna’s Parlor could work too, with its Jonathan Adler vibe.

Klavens describes the series as “the small-scale drama of everyday life.” She dubs them “portraits of people through the places they inhabit,” depicting “life captured as still life.” Klavins is inspired by “banal” and “mundane” scenes that hide clues about how people live. She says, “The images are empty and uninhabited, yet one senses a human presence just out of reach.”
In addition to this interior photography and similar exteriors of swimming pools, hotels, and the like, Klavins has photographed a series called “Theaters and Drive-Ins.”
Stefanie Klavens studied at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where she received a BFA and was awarded a Traveling Fellowship. Klavens has an upcoming exhibition this summer at the 555 Gallery in South Boston.

Stefanie Klavens Interior Photograph Pink & Green Living Room

Formal Room

Stefanie Klavens Interior Photograph Motel Room

Guest Room

Stefanie Klavens Interior Photograph Wood Paneled Parlour

Anna’s Parlor

Stefanie Klavens Interior Photograph Gold Living Room

Henry’s Paintings

Stefanie Klavens Interior Photograph Seventies Kitchenette


Stefanie Klavens Interior Photographs Animal Print Bed

Blue Room

Stefanie Klavens Interior Photograph Pink Tiled Bathroom

Pink Tiles

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ARTMonday: 27 Rainbow Artworks

In honor of the United States Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, making same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, here are 27 artworks featuring rainbows, because #lovewins.


Charlotte Chisnall    RainbowSociety6


Zee Tucker    Taste the Rainbow  •  Society6


Landon Nordeman    Nice Pants  •  20×200


Jan Sowarby    No.S124 Floating Rainbows    Serena & Lily


Adine Stix    Harbor    Serena & Lily


Cissy Chen    Rainbow Dip  •  Saatchi Art


2sweet4words Designs    rainBOW    Society6


Bridge Fahy    Jibboom  •  Saatchi Art


Carrie Marill    Bird Power  • 20×200


Mel Bedggood     Rainbow Baby  •  Saatchi Art


Timothy Blewitt    Memories Lie Over the Sea  •  Saatchi Art


Ivana Vajman Jackson     Over the Rainbow  •  Saatchi Art


Julie Hansen    With the Waves    Serena & Lily


Jessica Snow    Color Stack Series #5  •  20×200


Lisa Congdon    Lovebirds •  20×200


Serhii Bilyk    I-Horizon (Landscape with road, sun and rainbow)  •  Saatchi Art


Thea Altmann    Home Is Where My Heart Is  •  Saatchi Art


Katherine Blackburn    Rainbow Girls in Brooklyn  •  Saatchi Art


Kristofir Dean    Silvery Sky  •  Saatchi Art


Stacey Meacham    Salt Water Taffy    Minted


Matthew Shelley     Rolodex 2    Uprise Art


Budi Kwan    Uphill Battle  Society6


Kristi Hoodjer    Rainbow    Saatchi Art


Mariana Ionita    Crossing the Other Sea    Saatchi Art


Mia-Nelle Droschler    Rainbow    Saatchi Art


Damian Hoar De Galvan


Corali    RainbowSociety6

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Saturday Say It: Through a Prism

I Find Happiness In Rainbows Quote

artist unknown

“I find happiness in rainbows.”

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Very Vignette: Take the Stairs

Rainbow Painted Stairway

photographer unknown



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ARTmonday: 10 Variations On White

This past week I’ve been working intensely on an urban development / real estate piece for the Boston Globe, interviewing a number of Boston’s top real estate developers and architects. The other day I had the pleasure of talking with Sam Norod, a principal at Elkus Manfredi. Wrapping up business chatter, we connected on other things, including art. Norod’s daughter, Hilary Tait Norod, is an artist in her late 20s who recently moved back to the East Coast. Of course I clicked over to her website to have a look.

I was drawn to her white abstract paintings. The White Series began as a challenge—with the exception of the black outlines, all the colors on the canvas have been mixed with different ratios of white paint. The shapes in the compositions develop from through layering the paint and other materials on the canvas.

Norod explains her series of white abstract paintings with this statement: White is the color produced by the reflection, transmission or emission of all wavelengths of visible light without absorption. When light reflects off of a white surface the full spectrum of color is displayed, even when we may not see it. However, in the production of white paint there is no use of color.

Here is a roundup of mostly abstract artworks, all in variations of white, and all by artists represented by Boston art galleries.


Hilary Taite Norod, The Black Swoosh
Galatea Fine Art


Bill Fisher, Red Dots
Arden Gallery


Julia Weiman, Reverse II
Bromfield Gallery


Wilfredo Chiesa, White 1 (La Serenissima)
Alpha Gallery


Janice Redman, Immobility Series (Spoon)
Clark Gallery


Christina Pitsch, Flora of Fauna
Kingston Gallery


Suzanne Ulrich, No. 1459
Barbara Krakow Gallery


Danette English, Vase Series #19
Andrea Marquit Gallery


Magda Biernat, Adrift #22
Robert Klein Gallery


Bernard Haussmann,#2249 untitled (Darwin’s Coral)
Chase Young Gallery

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