Shopping Trip: SoWa Market

I’ve lived in Boston for over six years, and have never visited the SoWa Market. Until last weekend, that is. It was a beautiful day, so I dragged my family out to explore. While the boys feasted on delicious, super chocolatey homemade brownies (sorry, I didn’t get the vendor), I whisked myself through the stalls at record speed, camera in hand. Here’s what I turned up:

sowa1Tot tees from Pinecone + Chickadee and re-purposed gift cards from Albertine Press.

sowa2Handmade soaps by Urban Kitchen and infused honey from The Herb Lyceum Kitchen.

sowa3Monster incense burner and pottery vases by Steve Murphy.

sowa4Local veggies.

sowa6Grain sack pillows from The Textile Trunk.

sowa8Macaroons from Klara’s Gourmet Cookies and tea towels by Moth Written Dialogue.

sowa9Vintage home furnishings from Studio Twenty Two.