Shop Alert: Brooklyn Industries Opening on Newbury

Gorgeous in Boston today.  So nice that i went outside – TWICE. Really needed some air and movement after spending this rainy spring break on the sofa, fingers glued to my Mac.  Not only did I enjoy the sunshine, I got a blog post out of it.  Brooklyn Industries is moving in on the last block of Newbury, amidst Puma and Madewell.

Looks similar to Madewell and Spitawell for that matter, but hey, there can never be too many options for on trend affordable clothing, in my humble but ever fashionable opinion. I checked out the site and here’s what I came up with:

Shop Alert: All Saints Spitalfields To Hit Newbury Street

Amidst the rash of Newbury Street closings I’ve unearthed some good news. All Saints Spitalfields is setting up shop in the space vacated by Pottery Barn earlier this year. A definite improvement.

What’s that? Well, I admit I had no idea ’til I went to the website a few minutes ago. It’s a British brand, with complete lines of women’s, men’s, and kids pieces, plus a few home accessories. There are boutiques in New York, L.A., and Miami, and lucky us, Boston’s next. The aesthetic is sort of steampunk meets Ralph; an earthier Madewell. And, coincidentally, its plaid and antler style is perfect for my blog this week, as I’ve got a series of hunting lodge chic pieces planned in the coming days.

Here’s a sampling of their offerings. I think we’re going to like this place!

Shop Alert: Luna Leaves Newbury Street

Wow.  This is crazy.  Luna Boston closed its Newbury Street boutique on Monday.

A real loss, that is for sure.  There’s a showroom in Charlestown, and of course their excellent website, but still.

What if I want to buy a bag on a whim? Boo.

Just in: Owner Sarah tells me they’ll messenger Bostonians their bag of choice – same day service. Yay!

I want this one:

Rebecca Minkoff Linear Stud Darling, sale price $357

Shop Alert: Bliss Home on Newbury to Shutter

Sad news. Panami from Bliss Home on Newbury Street just emailed to say that after eight years, she will be re-locating her fab little shop to Marblehead on the North Shore. The last day will be April 24th. In the meantime, wares will be 30% off, so it’s a great time to stock up on any Alessi gadgets you might be coveting.

P.S. Apparently Kitchen Arts is closing too. More on that when the rumor is confirmed.