Shop Alert: All Saints Spitalfields To Hit Newbury Street

Amidst the rash of Newbury Street closings I’ve unearthed some good news. All Saints Spitalfields is setting up shop in the space vacated by Pottery Barn earlier this year. A definite improvement.

What’s that? Well, I admit I had no idea ’til I went to the website a few minutes ago. It’s a British brand, with complete lines of women’s, men’s, and kids pieces, plus a few home accessories. There are boutiques in New York, L.A., and Miami, and lucky us, Boston’s next. The aesthetic is sort of steampunk meets Ralph; an earthier Madewell. And, coincidentally, its plaid and antler style is perfect for my blog this week, as I’ve got a series of hunting lodge chic pieces planned in the coming days.

Here’s a sampling of their offerings. I think we’re going to like this place!

Author: StyleCarrot

Marni Elyse Katz is a design writer and editor who lives in Boston and Cape Cod with her husband, two sons, and a cat. She blogs about design at

8 thoughts on “Shop Alert: All Saints Spitalfields To Hit Newbury Street”

  1. Oh that is good news! I hope its a sign of things to come on Newbury St. and even though there are lots of stores leaving, lots of new ones will come in.

  2. Not a fan of All Saints – I actually would have rather that Pottery Barn stayed. It’s such a huge space, though, so I’m surprised that AS would choose it anyway. It’s funny how many UK companies have been opening on Newbury St: Agent Provocateur, Reiss and now All Saints. I wonder what this means about the retail scenes in our respective countries….

    1. I’ve never been – why don’t you like it? Pottery Barn is so tired and over. Yes, lots of Brits – Ben Sherman too. And then there was that tea place… can’t thing of the name of it, which is gone already.

      1. tealuxe marni!
        hey come on!
        and ps..many moons later i think that all saints is amazing..though it does not seem particularly boston ish..i get a mad max vibe from it..the whole thing has the look and feel of costumes from a dark moody brazil? you know.

  3. hi all chaps i happen to work for all saints in boston were funky were hot and were stayin so get ova it already beantown needds some funky spots whats the worst that could happen if mates across the pond open up shops newbury becomes cool again cheers mates and haters

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