Site Search: Greentea Design

I want to welcome Greentea Design, Style Carrot’s newest sponsor.  Greentea offers rustic Japanese designs with contemporary sensibilities that also echo Stickley’s designs.  Here’s a sampling of pieces:

Shopping Guide

Dana Tea Chest ($725

Yoshida Sideboard ($3,500)

Brass Coin Chest ($1,600)

Iron Coin Chest ($1,600)

Kotatsu Glass Coffee Table ($1200)

6 Foot Mizuyan ($3,750)

Maru End Table ($795)

Small Step ($495)

Wide Maru Coffee Table ($2600 – $3,600)

Marble Top Coffee Table ($1,500)

Stereo Step ($2,800)

Lattice Wardrobe ($1,900)

Beiju Bookcase ($1,075)