Design Diary: Cabin Fever

I had been long corresponding with Gary Briggs, co-owner of Aunt Sadie’s boutique and  candle company, but it wasn’t until fall that I learned he is quite the collector of Adirondack, camp and cabin style furniture, art and accessories. I toured his South End place for “Cabin Fever“,  which ran in the Boston Globe Magazine, and followed up with “Log Cabin Chic in the City” for The Inside Source, for which Briggs shopped eBay for Adirondack-inspired pieces. It’s about time I showcased his collection here as well, especially since I promised more hunting lodge chic stories last week. (Sorry, work got in the way.) Check out the articles for details (the stories behind the collecting is interesting), since this is a photo only post.

Photo: Josh Kuchinsky

An overview of the main living space.

The details below are my snapshots.