Flowers: Carrie Chang Floral Lab

Floral designer Carrie Chang of Floral Lab dropped off this exquisite arrangement for me last night. (So nice!) The pretty spring blooms are nestled in a moss handbag planter that you can re-use in your garden. She suggests re-planting it with African violets. Perhaps I will! Meanwhile, I’m loving the added color to my dining room, and the cat hasn’t even tried to munch on them yet. Thanks Carrie!

f  l o r a l  l a b  *  b o s t o n

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Design Diary: Carrie’s Floral Lab

picture-10This morning I made a little field trip up to Lynn to check out the studio/loft of floral designer Carrie Chang of Floral Lab. (So that’s where Wonderland is.) In addition to working with traditional fresh flowers, Carrie creates arrangements and floral sculptures using preserved flowers. No, not dried flowers, preserved. The flowers are grown in eco-conscious conditions in South America, then treated so they last for about a year. They feel good, almost like fresh, not at all like dried, and the colors are fantastic.She’s the first one to bring these interesting blossoms to the U.S. Apparently they’re all the rage in Japan and Europe. (Carrie herself hails from Hong Kong. Check out her brother Gary Chang’s Hong Kong apartment in “24 Rooms Tucked Into One” in the NYT.) Here are some shots from her space, as well as images from her portfolio.