Get the Look: 25 Nude Artworks

If you are feeling inspired by yesterday’s images of interior spaces hung with nudes, here are drawings, oil paintings, watercolors, and photographs available for sale online and at galleries in a wide range of price points.

Francine Turk

Tony Vevers, DNA Gallery

Brandon Herman, Untitled (Suzie Hedge)
archival print starting at $20 at 20×200

Left: Robert Malherbe, Nude with Tilted Head, 2008, oil on linen
$2,950 at Tim Olsen Gallery
Right: Jean Paul Brusset, ink drawing, c. 1950
starting bid $499.99 on eBay

David Bates, Reclining Nude, 2011 Betty Cunningham Gallery

Martine Emdur, Diaphne, 2010, oil on linen
$16,000 at  Tim Olsen Gallery

Cynthia Packard, Studio

Left: Embarrassed Female Statue, French drawing, c. 1910, $68 on eBay
Right: Young Female Nude, Michael Werner, $120 on eBay

Jean Fusaro, Nurose, 1959, oil on canvas
$3,800 at Douglas Rosin Decorative Arts & Antiques

Jacqueline Marval, Nu Allonge, 1912, Papillon Gallery

Left:  Robert Malherbe, Christina Flats VI, 2007, oil on linen
$4,000 at Tim Olsen Gallery
Right:  Pronkin, original india ink female nude, $6.75 on eBay

Neil Rodger, Nude with Bracelet, 2007, oil on canvas, Everard Read Gallery

Dana Ellyn, Balcony, 2011, watercolor, $90

Malerie Marder, Untitled, Artspace

Sally Michel, Reclining Nude, Childs Gallery

Left:  Original signed female pastel nude, $14 on eBay
Right: The Rac, Mama Singing in the Rain, pastel drawing, $46.75 on eBay

Rebekka Guoleifsdottir, From the Earth,
archival print starting at $100 at Artspace

Rebekka Guoleifsdottir, Bubble Bath
archival print starting at $100 at Artspace

Left: Lucie Bennett, Green Torso, gloss paint on aluminum
Right: Guna Naruns, nude watercolor, $95 on eBay

ARTmonday: Cynthia Packard


Cynthia Packard is a Provincetown artist whose mother, Anne Packard, is an established landscape painter and whose grandfather, Max Bohm, was a well-known painter. She graduated from Mass College of Art with a degree in sculpture, and subsequently studied painting in Provincetown with Fritz Bultman.

I really love Cynthia’s work, with which I became acquainted when I first visited my husband’s family on the Cape. The Packards have their own gallery in Provincetown, in an old church. The building is quite lovely. (Cynthia also shows at Chase Gallery in Boston.)

About nine years ago, I purchased a small painting by Cynthia Packard, using funds I had set aside from stock I received at AOL. I still love the painting, which is of her daughter Emma. Cynthia often paints her children; she has four.


Cynthia’s current work is fantastic, especially the large scale nudes. (Unfortunately those cost about as much as a small car.) Here are some photos I took this weekend at the gallery, as well as images from the Packard Gallery website.


P1010060left: Departure; right: Eternal

depature 36x60 18,000Departure


studio nude

Studio Nude




in the lightIn the Light

Picture 3

(a new work)

Picture 5(another new work)

smaller gallery

Clockwise: Boudoir, Pink Lace, (unidentified), In Thought


in thoughtIn Thought

Pink LacePink Lace

Turquoise LaceTurquoise Lace

flowers in galleryPink Roses II