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ARTmonday: Diana Delgado Colorful Abstract Paintings

I discovered painter Diana Delgado on Elements of Style, in which Erin Gates went bananas for the leopard print swatch in the first painting below. Based in New York, Delgado received her MFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2007 and her BFA from Syracuse in 2005. I love the colors in these paintings—note the neon—and mix of geometric forms with drips. In her artist’s statement she explains:

While color is a driving force behind decisions made on the canvas, raw gesture, geometric shapes/forms and pattern play important roles. Representational elements and seemingly unstable architectural structures exist within the abstract atmospheres. . . Reoccurring themes in the large-scale canvases are personal narrative, glam, fashion and the embracing of frivolousness.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

 Menstrual Mountain

Chocolate Fountain

She Could Drape it in Color

Cotton Candy Love

Neon Deer

White Goose Blue Jeans



Copycat Cluster


Double Bubble


 Rabbit Ears

And a Hot Air Balloon

Smelly Yellow

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ARTmonday: The Sydney and Walda Bestoff Sculpture Garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art

This weekend we went to a wonderful wedding in New Orleans. The reception was held in the New Orleans Museum of Art. The museum was open, so we had a chance to see paintings by Thomas Eakins, Monet, and Dutch masters, Chinese pottery, carvings from Easter Island, Louis Comfort Tiffany perfume bottles, and beaded African masks.

The ceremony was held in the sculpture garden at sunset. The garden is beautiful, with a lagoon, magnolia grove, and 200-year-old, Spanish moss-laden live oaks. There are
57 sculptures, created by 20th century masters like Henry Moore, as well as contemporary works. After the ceremony, a brass band led us over the bridges to the museum. We waved hankies and the bride and groom led the way, holding parasols. Some sort of New Orleans tradition.

I didn’t get the opportunity to take many photos, so I gathered some images from around the web. It’s a must see if you’re ever down there.

Louise Bourgeoise

Henry Moore “Reclining Mother and Child”  (via about.com)

(via Flickr)

(via about.com)

(via about.com)

“Mother and Child”  (via about.com)

(via MN Art Gal blog)

Sorel Etrog “Large Pulcinella” (via Times Picayune)

George Rodrigue blue dog  (via Flickr)

(via Flickr)

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ARTmonday: Joyful Studio

Portraits from a young artist living in Portland that I found on Etsy. She doesn’t give her name, but goes by Joyful Studio.

Tony                                                        1940’s hair, 2010 attitude

Girl no. 3                                            Girl with sadness in her eyes

Guy in glasses I

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