Site Spotlight: Abode7


The other day at jury duty , while I was conscientiously reading last month’s Dwell on prefab housing (I’m doing a piece on an amazing prefab in Maine), to kill time, I studied the little ads in the back of the book. I came upon a cute ad for Abode7. This morning I checked it out, and it’s worth a look.

It’s a decent mix of transitional furniture and accessories, blending trendy accessories, like Thomas Paul pillows and Dwell bedding, with more subtle staples, like eight different styles of sisal rugs.


The furniture is along the lines of Crate & Barrel in terms of style and price, with a whole bunch of upholstery options that are so-so. While much of it was too traditional for my taste, I found some simple silhouettes to consider, like the Nolan Cane Back Slipper Chair, especially at its sale price of $519. And the Asian-influenced pistachio curved stool, for $180.




If you’re into bamboo and grass shades, there are about 30 different styles, and there’s also drapery, both custom and ready made. A lot of it is awful (Trudy Plaid Drapery, ick!) but the Moroccan Palace and South Beach patterns have potential.

They also offer a bunch of fabrics by the yard if you’re a DIY-er. A lot of it is eh (again with the hideous pastel plaids), but there’s a zebra linen, Thomas Paul look-a-like florals,and graphic trellis patterns.

So, while you’re not going to get any major inspiration here, Abode7 is a good site to poke around for basics, like well-priced non-trendy sofas, accessories, and such.