Just In: 2017 Best Nine Instagrams

Happy New Year to everyone. I thought I’d share my top nine most liked posts on my three Instagram accounts this year. I hope you’ll follow me if you’re not already. And have a happy and healthy celebration tonight.

I’ll start with my main Insta account @StyleCarrot. As you can see, Boston cityscapes, Globe Magazine roundups, and the Women’s March. And, obviously everyone loved the hot cocoa bar at the Ritz Carlton.

2017 Top Nine Instagrams StyleCarrot

Next up, @StyleCarrotCurates, where I post art that I see and live with.

2017 Top Nine Instagrams StyleCarrotCurates

First row: Leslie  Graff painting from MassArt Auction; Lisa Houck, Cindy Clements,Roberta Nigro Hall, Beca Piascik at the SMFA Sale; Babette Herschberger’s abstracts in “The Texture of Light” show at da Fonseca Contemporania in Ft. Lauderdale. Second row: Kristen Texeira at Room 68 in Boston; artist Joe Digg’s studio; Duncan Johnson at Kobalt Gallery in Provincetown. Third row: Linda Cordner’s encaustics and more at a  Provincetown pop up gallery by Beth Kantrowitz of BK Projects;Watercolor and embroidery by Regina Jestrow in “The Texture of Light” show at da Fonseca Contemporania in Ft. Lauderdale; prints pinned up during open studios at Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown.

Finally, this past summer I started @StyleCarrotCape to capture all my great Outer Cape finds.

2017 Top Nine Instagrams StyleCarrotCape

First row: A Truro guest house in the native mid-century modern style; The Canteen restaurant in Provincetown; works from a printmaking class at Fine Arts Work Center. Second row: Budd Hopkins painting at PAAM; wood sculpture by Damien Hoar da Galvan at Castle Hill auction; the jetty to Long Point. Third row: Boston Globe Magazine’s holiday gift guide featuring Twenty Boat rum from South Hollow Spirits; a gray day at Provincetown harbor; and back in Boston trying a smoothie at Juice Press to quell my craving for a smoothie from Chequessett Choc0late.

Just In: Serena & Lily Calistoga Towels

Serena & Lily Calistoga Bath Towels Have A Subtle Monogram

Serena & Lily (a favorite StyleCarrot partner) sent over a stack of basically the luxury bath towels ever.

I love, love, love these Serena & Lily Calistoga bath towels. The towels are made from Turkish Aegean cotton in long, fluffy, loopy fibers that stay super soft after washing. They are very absorbent and dry quite quickly too.

I know this will come as a shock, but I am pretty particular about towels. I am constantly searching for bath towels that have a wide, flat banded trim that stretches the full width of the towel. That’s harder to find than you think. Not only do I dislike the often fussy looking patterns, but when the banding doesn’t run the full width it inevitably shrinks and puckers. No good.

I tend toward white bath towels but I was feeling a little crazy and went with the aqua Calistoga towels, which are a misty green/gray tone. The color looks especially good against the weathered wood of my outdoor shower. I also love the subtle S&L monogram.

Serena & Lily is offering 15 percent off valid for one week only. Just use code “TOWELCRUSH15”

Here’s a little photo tour of my new Serena & Lily bath towels:

Serena & Lily Calistoga Bath Towels Folded Stack In the Hall

From the front porch up the front stairs, here are the Serena & Lily bath towels waiting in the hall. That abstract painting happens to be by Serena & Lily artist Ellen Levine Dodd.

Serena & Lily Calistoga Bath Towels By the Bookshelf

Ah, the towels have made it down the hall to my workspace. Can you tell how plush the towels are?

Serena & Lily Calistoga Bath Towels Outdoor Shower

Finally, the towels take up residence on the back deck. It was a perfect day on Cape Cod for indulging in an outdoor shower.

Me And My New Serena & LIly Calistoga Towels In Aqua

Photos by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

Just In: Cape Dance Festival 2017 Is July 29

The 5th annual Cape Dance Festival is coming up. It’s a highlight of my summer, made even better because my close friend Liz Wolff is a co-founder and organizer along with Stacey-Jo Marine. The event went from a gathering of local dancers on a makeshift stage to a showcase of local and national dance companies at the Province Lands Outdoor Amphitheater in Provincetown, Mass.

This year’s Cape Dance Festival’s main performance takes place Saturday evening, July 29th, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. General admission tickets are $25. You can purchase tickets online here.

This year’s roster includes dance performances by former Boston Ballet star (and current ABT principal) Jeffrey Cirio’s company Cirio Collective (his sister Lia Cirio of Boston Ballet and other Boston Ballet dancers are part of the group too); Benjamin Schultz of Martha Graham Dance Company; Catherine Cabeen – Hyphen; and others.

For younger dance enthusiasts there’s the 2nd annual Tilli’s Family Show on Sunday, July 30th at noon at Payomet Performing Arts Center in Truro, Mass. The 45-minute family-friendly program features Boston-based tapper Ryan P. Casey, whose “freakishly clean footwork” Dance Magazine called “reminiscent of Fred Astaire.”

Here are some highlights I took last year at Cape Dance Festival 2016, which featured Cirio Collective; Martha Graham Dance Company; Joshua Beamish/ MOVE: the company; Catherine Cabeen – Hyphen; and more. Hope to see you there!

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Joshua Beamish/ MOVE: the company • Lloyd Knight + Zhongjing Fang

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Charlotte Landreau

Valérie Lacaze Le faune était une femme • Charlotte Landreau

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Joshua Beamish

Joshua Beamish/ MOVE: the company • Joshua Beamish

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Catherine Cabeen

Catherine Cabeen – Hyphen • Catherine Cabeen

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Vacanti Ballet • Chris Phillips and Lucas Klinge

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Charlotte Landreau

Martha Graham Dance Company • Charlotte Landreau

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Cirio Collective Lia Cirio

Cirio Collective  Lia Cirio and Isaac Akiba

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Dancers waiting in the wings.

Photos by Marni Elyse Katz/Style Carrot

Click here for tickets to the Cape Dance Festival 2017 on July 29 and 30.

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Just In: Boston Women’s March Photos

On January 21 We March. Then The Real Work Begins

StyleCarrot/Marni Elyse Katz

Today is day two of the resistance. Somehow I will find time to stand up for truth and equality every single day. Some days I might mail a postcard. Other days I’ll pick up the phone.  At night and on the weekends I will research and scheme. Some days I might just exchange a knowing glance with a stranger on the street.

On Friday night I gathered at a friend’s house to make posters for the Boston Women’s March. Moms, dads, daughters, and sons got creative. We quietly crafted our messages, preparing to show the city (and the world) that we stand for equality, education, inclusiveness, the environment. Yes, we are mad and we’re going to fight. Constructively, relentlessly, together.

Boston Women's March Sign You'd Ruth Bader Believe I'm Mad

StyleCarrot/Marni Elyse Katz

“You Ruth Bader Believe I’m Mad”

Boston Women's March Sign For Women's Rights

StyleCarrot/Marni Elyse Katz

“Women’s Rights are Human Rights”

Boston Women's March Sign Nope Not My President

StyleCarrot/Marni Elyse Katz

“NOPE Not My President”

Being a writer, I knew I needed a smart sign. Being a mom and  a freelancer, I knew it was possible something could come up to foil my plans to attend the poster party Friday night. So on Wednesday morning I played with words, got busy on PhotoShop, and uploaded my file to be printed and mounted for pickup on Friday. I’m proud of my design and provocative but intelligent message. I’m going to hang it on the wall, high above my desk as a reminder of the beautiful day and the work to be done.

StyleCarrot's Sign For The Boston Women's March

StyleCarrot/Marni Elyse Katz

“You Piqued the Wrong Pussy”
It’s the most liked photo on my @StyleCarrot Instagram account.

Since we live within walking distance from the Boston Common, I invited anyone who wanted to get into the city early to meet at our place on Saturday morning pre-march. Friends from the neighborhood came too, with kids, pets, and husbands. My husband, who comes from a long line of progressive thinkers and Planned Parenthood supporters, marched too. Handmade pussy hats compliments of my friend Marcie, who has been knitting and sewing for weeks with her daughter.

Our Group Gathers For A Photo In Boston Pre March

S. Hauser for StyleCarrot

Marni Elyse Katz Holding A Sign Of Her Own Design At The Boston Women's March

Random stranger for StyleCarrot

Me and a friend, who borrowed my husband’s sign. We went back out after lunch and hopped on to the very end of the march, which concluded with an impromptu dance party on the Common.

Boston Women’s March, January 21, 2017
Photos by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked because I also really wanted to be in the moment, enjoying the sounds of peace, the energy of unity, and the sun on my face, on this spectacular, glorious day in the place I’ve come to call home.

Favorite signs from my day at the Boston Women’s March:

I Know Signs I Make The Best Signs

“I know signs. I make the best signs. They’re terrific. Everyone agrees.”

My Favorite Boston Women's March Sign

“Beware: We are syncing our periods.”

Queer Grannies Against Trump Boston Women's March Sign

Boston Women's March Sign This Pussy Bites

“This Pussy Bites”

Free Melania Boston Women's March Sign

“The is very bad” / “Free Melania”

Boston Women's March Sign With MLK Jr Holding Trumps Mouth

Boston Women's March Sign About Powder Rooms & Consent

“It’s just powder room talk.” / “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Dreams For All Boston Women's March Sign

“That dream for all children, all ethnicities, all genders, for all time.”

Alt + Right + Delete Boston Women's March Sign


Boston Women's March Signs For Guys

“Ovaries before brovaries. Uteruses before duderuses.”

Empowering Signs At The Boston Women's March


Protester Holds Sign Urging All To Call Congress At Boston Women's March

“Call Congress To Complain”

Boston Women's March Sign For Sluts

“Be a slut. Do whateva you want.”

Boston Women's March Sign For Sex Workers

“Sex workers’ rights are human rights.”
“Stop the war on women.”

Knock Knock Message On Boston Women's March Sign

“Knock knock. Who’s there? The American people. The American people who? The American people who want freedom, diversity, free press, healthcare, justice for all.”

Boston Women's March Sign This March Is Yuge

“This march is YUGE.”

Boston Women's March Signs From Smithies

“I prefer my presidents to be grammatically & politically correct.”

The Future Is Female Boston Women's March Sign

“The future is female.”

Boston Women's March Sign Broadcasts Action

“Don’t look away.”
“Keep calm and carry on? No thinks. I’d rather raise hell & change the world.”
“The weapon we have is love.”

Boston Women's March Sign Making Fun Of His Toupee

“Hands off my pussy or there will be hell toupee.”

Hillary Got More Votes Boston Women's March Sign

“Hillary got more votes.”

Now let’s get back to work.


Just In: Modern by Dwell Magazine at Target

Modern by Dwell Magazine Home Collaboration At Target

Dwell Magazine x Target Home Collection

The newest Target collaboration—Modern by Dwell Magazine—debuted last week. The 122 piece home collection, which includes furniture, decor, lighting, rugs, patio furniture, and tabletop, is available at select Target stores (including some Boston area locations) and online. Prices range from $16.99 to $399.99.

The items, developed with Dwell magazine, have clean lines and on trend finishes. There are matte side tables and flatware, pale wood trays and cocktail tables, and furniture and accessories with copper accents.  Hover over the icon for the price; click to view and purchase items from the Target collaboration online at Target.com

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