Just In: Preview the IKEA PS Collection 2012

Yesterday IKEA announced the launch of its 7th IKEA PS Collection, debuting at the Milan Furniture Fair right now. (I’m hoping to go at some point, as its the design event of the year.) Janice Simonsen, design spokesperson for IKEA U.S. is blogging live from Milan this week, if you’re interested.

IKEA PS  first launched in 1995 to strengthen the IKEA as a design company. The collection focuses on cutting-edge Scandinavian design without losing sight of affordable pricing. Collections are launched every three years. For 2012, the designers drew inspiration from 60 years of IKEA design history–looking through IKEA catalogs and archives–to reinvent past products .They updated form, function, and materials to make the pieces more relevant and sustainable for today.

The PS collection will available at U.S. IKEA stores starting this August.

Read below for the designers’ inspirations.

S H O P P I N G + More

TV Bench $179
Designers: Lisa Widen and Anna Wallin Irinarchos (WIS Design)
Inspiration: Wavy doors inspired by old furniture with drapery. 

Easy Chair (not yet priced)
: Wiebke Braasch
Inspiration: He fell for a classic 1950s IKEA easy chair and developed a modern, scaled down version. “The old upholstery and other unnecessary material disappeared., but we kept the original metal frame. The best things became more prominent.”
Green angle:  It’s made from only one material, can be used indoors and out, and is much easier to recycle.

Wall Lamp $49.99
Designer: Johanna Jelinek
Inspiration: LED technology makes it possible to create smarter solutions because LED lamps can be made smaller and slimmer. It’s what makes this one possible to fold flat against the wall when not in use. “It fits in every room.”
Green angle: “LEDs are more energy efficient than ordinary light bulbs.”

Side Table with Bowls $49
Designer: Henrik Preutz
Inspiration: “Flower stands that were popular years ago.” These are designed for people who can’t make up their minds—there’s a flat top, one with a big fruit bowl, one with four smaller bows that can be used for anything from flowers to snacks. Combine all three to make one large sideboard.
Green angle: Bamboo frame.

Flatwoven Rug $99.99
Designer:  Maria Vinka
Inspiration: Dots. “On one of the rugs the dots are cut out and on the other rug the dots are in raised relief, so the pile itself becomes a decorative element in the design.”

Sofa $899
Designer: Nike Karlsson
Inspiration: Old tubular steel sofas that are light and airy.
Green angle: Uses metal pocket springs which are easier to recycle than typical stuffing.

Drawer $44.99/set of 4
Designer: Sarah Fager
Inspiration: “Traditional spice drawers.” These offer more possibilities to decide about size and placement of storage. They can hang on a wall or spread them out. And you can see through the drawers to know what’s inside.
Green angle: Made from PET plastic and bamboo.

Twin Duvet Cover Set $49.99
Designer:  Maria Vinka
Inspiration: “All my textiles all have dots. Dots are energetic and spread joy.”
Green angle: Made of linen, which can be grown in cooler climates where artificial irrigation and pesticides are rarely needed.

Coffee Table $49
Designer: Ola Wihlborg
Inspiration: She stumbled upon an IKEA tea trolley when browsing old catalogs. They’re old fashioned items, but “there’s still a need today for mobile things.” The casters on this coffee table make it mobile, and there’s a shelf for storage.

Stool $39
Designer: Lisa Norinder
Inspiration: Her father was a designer at IKEA, so she further developed one of his chairs by removing the back so now it’s a cross between a chair and a stool. It’s stackable like a stool, making it a great extra to take out when there are guests.

High Back Armchair $89
Designer:  Ebba Strandmark
Inspiration: “Armchairs are true classics and they’ve had a given place in our kitchens for a very long time. Today, we socialize in our kitchens more than ever before. . . That puts high demands on comfort and is what inspired us. . .  We raised the backrest and added two armrests. Now it’s easier to sit down and stand up, and you can lean back comfortably and spend hour after hour in the company of good friends.”

Dining Table $179
Designer: Jon Karlsson
Inspiration: “Flirts with ’50s design.”
Green angle: “Bamboo is a material that grows quickly, and when it’s layer-glued it becomes extremely hard and durable.”

Bowl (not yet priced)
Designer: Marcus Arvonen
Green angle: Produced in two versions with different materials; one in recycled PET plastic and one in WPC, a mixture of plastic and wood fiber. “PET is easier to recycle than WPC, but WPC is more environmentally friendly to produce. The bowls look the same, giving one the chance to think about the advantages and disadvantages of the materials.”

Daybed $350 for frame with two drawers
Designer: Sarah Fager
Inspiration: IKEAs daybed from just a few years ago. “My aim was to designe something that is comfortable regardless of whether you’re sitting or sleeping.”