ARTmonday: Joël Penkman

Although I don’t really recognize Valentine’s Day (just seems silly to me), I am going to take advantage of the “holiday” to post artwork and recipes for sweets, heart-shaped home furnishings, and pink rooms. To start the week, let’s look at the artwork of New Zealand-born artist and graphic designer Joël Penkman, who now lives and works in the U.K. They evoke the work American painter Wayne Thiebaud, don’t you think?

Joel Penkman paints simple still-life studies. He sets them on a clean backgrounds in order to facilitate a connection between the individual and the subject, since food, like music and fragrance, “triggers memories and emotion.” Penkman works in egg tempera, which he concocts himself.

Here are ten paintings of his that I think are the sweetest.


Krispy Kreme Dozen




Cream Biscuits


Flying Saucers


Milk Truck


Pink Wafers


Iced Gems


Blackpool Rock



joel-penkman-nobbly-bobblysNobbly Bobblys

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6 thoughts on “ARTmonday: Joël Penkman”

  1. Joel Penkman’s work makes me smile just like San Francisco’s Wayne Thiebaud’s gorgeous, bold, colorful, saturated pigment paintings.

    Their inspiration is very similar. Nice!

    1. LOVE Thiebaud. Haven’t been to MoMA in a while but saw one at Art Basel Miami. There’s another artist I profiled a while ago that is also reminiscent… I’ll have to remember who it is…

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