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With life being hectic every single second with constant appointments and snow days , I welcomed an inquiry from Water Gallery to become a StyleCarrot sponsor. Water Gallery is an ecommerce site offering all types of indoor and outdoor water features, including stone fountains for the garden, LED bubble panels, and wall fountains. There are even art fountains, which are custom freestanding panels featuring artistic designs, over which water rushes down. They sell ethanol glass fireplaces too, which might be more appropriate, seeing how there’s a big storm coming.

But looking onward (summer, warmth, sun, gardens), Water Gallery has indoor fountains and outdoor fountains constructed from a variety of natural materials including copper, stainless steel, slate, marble, and glass, which can be customized, along with the sizing. If you have the space for a fountain indoors, it would definitely help cultivate some serenity, and as an added bonus, they also function as natural humidifiers.

I think my favorite options are the stone fountains that would look lovely nestled into a garden, or in the corner of a patio. I’ve put together a collage of half a dozen outdoor stone fountains with a modern, elegant, and rugged sensibility, all from Water Gallery.

Outdoor Stone Garden Water Fountains



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