ARTmonday: 12 Multicolored Abstract Artworks

Today, a collection of colorful, contemporary, abstract artworks, plucked from my Pinterest board. Do you love any? Imagine a white room—walls, furniture, floor—filled with them.

Arite Kannavos

Jamie Shelman

Dion Johnson

Lisa Call

Matthew Korbel Bowers

Talia Pearl Shulze

Nicol Cohen

Gary Peterson

Holton Rower (detail)

Yolanda Sanchez

Jessica Bell

Leanne Shapton

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M O R E 

Montage: 32 White Rooms with Pops of Color

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Montage: 64 Rooms with Abstract Black & White Art

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2 Responses to ARTmonday: 12 Multicolored Abstract Artworks

  1. Sarah L

    My favorite? The Nicol Cohen makes me feel good about being alive.

  2. Talia

    I’m just seeing this now. Thank you! I’m happy to be included on your blog.

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