Giveaway: Win a Pie from Centerville Pie Company

We’re giving away one pie—the flavor is your choice—from the Cape Cod-based Centerville Pie Company.They sent me two pies to try at home: one chicken pie and one blueberry pie. They’re delivered rock-solid frozen. (The chicken pies come with a container of gravy too.) When you’re ready, you just pop in the over for about 90 minutes. We had the blueberry pie two weeks ago, à la mode of course. Everyone loved it. We made the chicken pie on Sunday night. Simple and delicious. Just chicken in a pie shell; no pesky vegetables. (Your toddler must might try it.)

To enter, tell me your favorite kind of pie, from fruit to kidney, in the comments below. They’ll ship anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Giveaway ends Sunday at midnight ET. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Order pies in time for Thanksgiving! Centerville Pie Company just launched its online shop.


P I E S 

  Apple   •   Blueberry   •  All Berry  •  American Flag

Chicken   •   Buffalo Chicken   •  Spinach Feta


F o l l o w  my D E S S E R T S board on P i n t e r e st.


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  1. When choosing a favorite, I apply pi to pie. So my 3.14 favorites are blueberry, pecan, peach. Strawberry rhubarb slips in as the .14.

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