ARTmonday: Elephants in Art

The elephant is the season’s “it” animal in interiors and the arts. I’m seeing them everywhere, from the stage to indie films, in shelter mags and in the shops. The elephant is not new to the style scene. Iconic examples of the beast have been around a while. Here’s a quick look at select elephants  in the arts. Tomorrow I have a montage of elephants incorporated in decor, and on Wednesday, some cute pachyderms for sale. If you’re eager for an immediate glimpse of rooms and items, check out  “Trendlet Alert: Elephants” on The Inside Source.

Robert Klein Gallery
Didier Massard • “Elephant” • 2008dekaAnimals  “A Little Elephant” •  $18  •  Etsy

Jessica Biales •  “Elephants in Central Park” •  2009

Sketchbook  •  Lee Essex Doyle

Author: StyleCarrot

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3 thoughts on “ARTmonday: Elephants in Art”

  1. I was at the Banksy exhibit in LA where they were displaying the red and gold painted elephant in that old fashioned living room. It was insane!! He is so talented and truly makes you look at life in different directions.

  2. Fly away birds and butterflies hello elephants. I have been attracted to elephants without recognizing a mini trend. You are on pulse, Marni!

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