ARTmonday: Timothy Cummings

Over the weekend I chatted with Tyler Doran of Heir Antiques in Providence. I hope to actually visit his shop sometime soon. He has an amazing eye for the creepy and refined. One of the items that caught my eye on his 1st Dibs page is the colorful spot portrait below, by artist Timothy Cummings. Turns out he’s done a whole series of such works. Some are quite disturbing, but some are eerily beautiful.


Iris print with monotype and hand coloring 57/100
12″ X 10.5 framed
Heir Antiques, Providence

acrylic on boardĀ  – 8″x10″
Dabora Gallery, Brooklyn


Nancy Hoffman Gallery

acrylic on board – 8″x10″
Dabora Gallery, Brooklyn

The last two are not part of the Spot Portrait series, but have a similar aesthetic, I think.

Phantom III, 2008

acrylic on panel – 10″x8″

Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco

The Flowering, 2006
Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York City

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2 thoughts on “ARTmonday: Timothy Cummings”

  1. You’re indeed correct. Some are brilliant and others are very disturbing. I am going to go to this shop before the week ends. What a great find. I need to read isdibs, more often…Then again, I have your great blog. Much more interesting, informative and fun.
    BTW: Love this first portrait.

  2. hello – I follow your blog regularly and I wonder if you have any ideas for affordable Boston galleries. I don’t live there but I’m interested in getting my brother a gift certificate for his 40th bday. thanks for your thoughts!


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