Beauty Break: Silky Smooth Hair

Publicists send me a fair number of beauty products. A lot of them I simply have no use for, like sparkly blue nail polish (though Coraline did tickle my fancy), lavender foot balm (who has time?), pink floral flip flops (if I lived in Florida), and thong tape (don’t ask). Sometimes I make a good go of it, slathering on the moisturizers and lip plumpers with high hopes. Once in a while I happen upon a treasure; a product I keep in my well-edited cabinet.

My most recent discovery is Redken Real Control Mineral Elixir, touted as dazzling smoothing oil for dense/dry/senstitized hair. I love it! It’s a fine mist of oil that’s perfect for smoothing flyaway hair and making it shine. It’s for dry hair only (I use K√©rastase Oleo-Relax on my just washed hair), so I don’t need the Mineral Elixir¬† every day, but I did this morning and it worked miracles. It’s 3pm, and my tresses are still looking lovely.


Available in salons.

Author: StyleCarrot

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