Flowers and Food: Truro Agricultural Fair

Last weekend, the last of summer 09, was also the first for the Truro Agricultural Fair. Truro is a tiny town on the Outer Cape. “Town” consists of a general market, a post office and a fish shop. Oh, and the Green, where there’s a bandstand for Thursday night concerts and a croquet set for spirited games between older folk. The town is full of artists, trees, and beaches. It’s quiet, needless to say, and pretty low key. I’ve never seen as many people in town as I did last Sunday, for the first Agricultural Fair. There weren’t all that many attractions, but the day was gorgeous and the small town feel-good feeling was out in full force. Along with locally grown flowers and vegetables, bunnies, and hens.



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4 Responses to Flowers and Food: Truro Agricultural Fair

  1. DK

    I hope they’ll grow this fair up and make it an annual thing. It represented everything good about that little town.

  2. Alissa

    It was even more spectacular this year. Did you attend? It will be an annual event. Tell your friends!

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