Flowers: From My Garden

Those of you who know me will find this amusing. I’ve taken up gardening. OK, not so much, but I do cut the gorgeous flowers growing in my yard and arrange them artfully (sorta, kinda) in my collection of assorted white, clear, grass green and sky blue vases. (And, before you think, of course she doesn’t garden, I have been known to pull weeds and dig a few holes these days.)

P1010061I don’t remember the name of these, but I planted it last year and they’re still going strong. The cool thing about these flowers, besides the beautiful purple color, is that they close up tightly at night, and open up in daytime. You can see some dried out jimson weed in the background, and the antlers I bought at Brimfield. The opaque blue glass vase is actually a votive holder bought in town at Jam’s last summer.

* * *

P1010066Black-eyed Susans that grew from the wildflowers I scattered on the hill. I tucked some pretty purply viney flowery weed thingy into the base. The vessel is one of a pair of oil’n’vinegar bottles that came in our original house.

* * * P1010063

My beloved hydrangeas. As you can see, some are more blue than others. They pinky ones need some special potion to turn ’em more blue. The left ones are in a clear Aalto vase (a gift from my mother-in-law, thanks!) and the ones on the right are in a drinking glass I bought at Barneys a few years ago.

* * *

P1010059My white roses. Different varieties of white roses were planted along the split rail fence in front of the house. White and only white. I made the gardener uproot one with a pinky tinge and re-locate to my mother-in-law’s rose garden up the hill. Only white and purple flowers allowed! This means plenty of lavender and Russian sage between the rose bushes. These bloomed beautifully. Like the milk glass vase? It’s from Acquire in Boston. I just picked up two more (for $1) at the flea market in Wellfleet. The other vase is a delicate Juliska, purchased at Koo de Kir, i think.


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3 thoughts on “Flowers: From My Garden”

  1. You are so lucky that you have flowers like this growing in your yard. I think the only ones I ever see in my yard (ok sidewalk) are dandelions.

  2. Well, it’s Cape Cod, not Boston, and I had to plant them. Plenty of dandelions and scary, prickly weeds too.

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