Design Diary: Eric Roth’s Barn

Last summer I stopped by photographer Eric Roth‘s barn/studio on the North Shore for the profile “A Room Of His Own” in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine.

roth extPhoto: Eric Roth

It’s a real barn, 200-years-old, with a loft (where Russ and Mary, his assistants, work), and lots of junk (his word, not mine!) amidst the high tech equipment. Eric says, “Having a barn is a license to collect too much junk, and I have an endless stream of junk I can’t get rid of.” But there are also great vintage signs, furniture salvaged from churches, and all sorts of fun collections. Let’s take a peek.

flagThat’s Eric in the corner. “The barn has been my best friend for years. It’s always been my escape, even though it’s also my work.”

+ + +

booksPhoto: Eric Roth

An antique dentist’s cabinet.

+ + +


Eric’s childhood sled. He grew up nearby, in Newton.

+ + +

camerasCameras acquired on ebay. Most don’t work. Eric says, “It looks like a press conference.”


robotsPhoto: Eric Roth

Tin robot collection acquired on ebay.


clocksPhoto: Eric Roth

This cabinet was salvaged from a Catholic church. I love the Gothic arch.

+ + +

essoPhoto: Eric Roth

Eric uses this Esso gas pump, found at an antiques fair in Topsfield, as a night light.

+ + +

signsPhoto: Eric Roth

The vintage signs came from his grandfather’s diner, the F&T in Kendall Square. Also, notice the blue stain glass window he added. It was salvaged from a church and purchased in Montpelier, Vermont.

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