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Foodie Friday: Heirloom Tomato Tart

Fall Harvest Banner By Wayfair

Every year we plant tomatoes in our little raised garden behind our house in Cape Cod. We’re not exactly dedicated green thumbs, so results are mixed. We did well with grape tomatoes, as we often do, but the slightly larger tomatoes we planted were ravaged by some sort of animal. Chipmunks perhaps. Most of the herbs grew gorgeously, except the dill which was completely chewed up by an unsavory little creature.

Heirloom Tomatoes At The Truro Ag Fair

In cooperation with Wayfair, I decided to bake a tomato tart to show off my harvest. The local farmers’ market provided supplemental ingredients. Namely, heirloom tomatoes.

Heirloom Tomatoes At The Truro Ag Fair

A tomato tart looks best with an assortment of colors. I used red and yellow.


Cat Looking Over Cherry Tomatoes & Herbs

These are the tomatoes from my own garden, along with my basil and parsley. And that’s the kitty, wondering if those leaves are good enough to eat.

Sauteed Carmelized Onions With Wellfleet Sea Salt

Step one, brown the onions. A good use for local sea salt, another farmers’ market purchase. My husband let me use his prize possession—his cast iron skillet. It worked really well.


Grape Tomatoes Parley Herbed Goat Cheese

I used herbed goat cheese knowing it would provide maximum flavor with minimal effort. The home gown basil and parsley were mainly for show, and a bit of texture.

Whisking An Egg Wash For An Heirloom Tomato Tart

I whisked one egg (laid by one of my brother-in-law’s chickens) with two percent milk to make an egg wash for the crust.

Adding Cheese To Puff Pastry For Tomato Tart

After unrolling the ($15!) puff pastry and pressing it into a buttered, nonstick shallow baking pan, I crumbled in the herbed goat cheese and added thin slices of cheddar. Any kind of cheese will work; we just happened to have cheddar. But no cheese grater, hence the slices.

Sauteed Onions Goat Cheese & Cheddar For Tomato Tart

Next I layered the delicious caramelized onions and sprinkled on more salt and pepper.

Yellow Tomato Slices For Tomato Tart

Then I sliced the gorgeous tomatoes and spread them across the top. First the yellows, then the reds. Then I threw on the cherry tomatoes, uncut, though next time I’d halve them, and sprinkled on the chopped fresh basil and parsley, and drizzled on some olive oil. Finally, into the oven for 15 minutes.

Baked Tomato Tart Fresh Out Of The Oven

Here it is. Beautiful and delicious. Like, really, really delicious. It tasted as good the next day reheated too.


Tomato Tart-Making Tools


Tomato Tart Making Tools


Clockwise: Tart dish; tomato knife; measuring cup; whisk; silicone brush; herb chopper; marble board.

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On Trend: Adding Texture & Style With a Round Jute Rug

StyleCarrot partner Serena & Lily recently sent me a round jute rug to try out.  I’m using the rug in my workspace in Cape Cod. It’s light and airy and the ample floor space was begging for adornment and texture. The Scandinavian meets beachy Cape vibe works perfectly.

I layered the jute rug over a stripey cotton dhurrie. (Serena & Lily has similar rug styles.) I like it over a larger floor covering, but you can also use it solo. It would look especially gorgeous over white painted floorboards I think.

I love how the concentric circles echo those of the painted targets on the tree trunk slices of my art installation above the sofa. They also pick up on the pattern of the pillow.

The  abstract painting happens to be from Serena & Lily artist Ellen Levine Dodd. She’s based in the San Francisco area, but grew up in New England. I met her in Truro when she visited a couple of years ago, and have since had the pleasure of working with her. Her painting fills this big wall gorgeously.

Adding the Serena & Lily jute rug turned my workspace/lounge from purely functional to cozy. The natural fibers feel great underfoot.

Follow the links to buy your own Serena & Lily round jute rug or other rugsValid for one week only, Serena and Lily is offering 15 percent off with code RUGLOVE-SC.

Photos by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

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Sunday Bouquet: Chocolate Mint In a Milk Carton

Mint Sprigs From My Garden In a Milk Carton Vase

Photo by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

The chocolate mint is going crazy in my garden this summer. I haven’t found a culinary use for it, but I love how the cuttings stay fresh for so long.

•            •            •


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Just In: Serena & Lily Calistoga Towels

Serena & Lily Calistoga Bath Towels Have A Subtle Monogram

Serena & Lily (a favorite StyleCarrot partner) sent over a stack of basically the luxury bath towels ever.

I love, love, love these Serena & Lily Calistoga bath towels. The towels are made from Turkish Aegean cotton in long, fluffy, loopy fibers that stay super soft after washing. They are very absorbent and dry quite quickly too.

I know this will come as a shock, but I am pretty particular about towels. I am constantly searching for bath towels that have a wide, flat banded trim that stretches the full width of the towel. That’s harder to find than you think. Not only do I dislike the often fussy looking patterns, but when the banding doesn’t run the full width it inevitably shrinks and puckers. No good.

I tend toward white bath towels but I was feeling a little crazy and went with the aqua Calistoga towels, which are a misty green/gray tone. The color looks especially good against the weathered wood of my outdoor shower. I also love the subtle S&L monogram.

Serena & Lily is offering 15 percent off valid for one week only. Just use code “TOWELCRUSH15”

Here’s a little photo tour of my new Serena & Lily bath towels:

Serena & Lily Calistoga Bath Towels Folded Stack In the Hall

From the front porch up the front stairs, here are the Serena & Lily bath towels waiting in the hall. That abstract painting happens to be by Serena & Lily artist Ellen Levine Dodd.

Serena & Lily Calistoga Bath Towels By the Bookshelf

Ah, the towels have made it down the hall to my workspace. Can you tell how plush the towels are?

Serena & Lily Calistoga Bath Towels Outdoor Shower

Finally, the towels take up residence on the back deck. It was a perfect day on Cape Cod for indulging in an outdoor shower.

Me And My New Serena & LIly Calistoga Towels In Aqua

Photos by Marni Elyse Katz/StyleCarrot

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Just In: Cape Dance Festival 2017 Is July 29

The 5th annual Cape Dance Festival is coming up. It’s a highlight of my summer, made even better because my close friend Liz Wolff is a co-founder and organizer along with Stacey-Jo Marine. The event went from a gathering of local dancers on a makeshift stage to a showcase of local and national dance companies at the Province Lands Outdoor Amphitheater in Provincetown, Mass.

This year’s Cape Dance Festival’s main performance takes place Saturday evening, July 29th, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. General admission tickets are $25. You can purchase tickets online here.

This year’s roster includes dance performances by former Boston Ballet star (and current ABT principal) Jeffrey Cirio’s company Cirio Collective (his sister Lia Cirio of Boston Ballet and other Boston Ballet dancers are part of the group too); Benjamin Schultz of Martha Graham Dance Company; Catherine Cabeen – Hyphen; and others.

For younger dance enthusiasts there’s the 2nd annual Tilli’s Family Show on Sunday, July 30th at noon at Payomet Performing Arts Center in Truro, Mass. The 45-minute family-friendly program features Boston-based tapper Ryan P. Casey, whose “freakishly clean footwork” Dance Magazine called “reminiscent of Fred Astaire.”

Here are some highlights I took last year at Cape Dance Festival 2016, which featured Cirio Collective; Martha Graham Dance Company; Joshua Beamish/ MOVE: the company; Catherine Cabeen – Hyphen; and more. Hope to see you there!

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Joshua Beamish/ MOVE: the company • Lloyd Knight + Zhongjing Fang

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Charlotte Landreau

Valérie Lacaze Le faune était une femme • Charlotte Landreau

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Joshua Beamish

Joshua Beamish/ MOVE: the company • Joshua Beamish

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Catherine Cabeen

Catherine Cabeen – Hyphen • Catherine Cabeen

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Vacanti Ballet • Chris Phillips and Lucas Klinge

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Charlotte Landreau

Martha Graham Dance Company • Charlotte Landreau

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016 Cirio Collective Lia Cirio

Cirio Collective  Lia Cirio and Isaac Akiba

+  +  +

Cape Dance Festival Provincelands 2016

Dancers waiting in the wings.

Photos by Marni Elyse Katz/Style Carrot

Click here for tickets to the Cape Dance Festival 2017 on July 29 and 30.

•            •            •

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