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Fine Print: Emily Henderson Styled

I finally got a copy of the new(ish) design book, Emily Henderson Styled.  I’ve actually never seen Emily Henderson on HGTV, but I am a huge fan of her Instagram feed and I love her blog. She’s super cute, seems like she’d be really nice, and most importantly, her aesthetic is so fresh, clean, and functional. I would be incredibly happy from here to eternity to live in any one of the rooms she features in this book.

Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves (October 2016, Potter Style), with photos by David Tsay, is Henderson’s first book. It starts with the premise of figuring out what your style is. Although I’m able to define my style pretty well, I took the quiz for fun. (Side note: she also suggests looking into your closet for clues, but I found that method completely contrary for myself. My clothes are all black and grey, but I love to live with color!)

I found the questions somewhat limiting, forcing you to pigeonhole yourself into one style or another, but for the purposes of the book, that’s the point. You need to settle on a style, so she can help you achieve it. The results were pretty accurate. If you don’t go for quizzes, you can simply read about each of the 12 styles (Scandinavian, Minimalist, Bohemian, Rustic, Industrial, etc.) she puts forth, which she defines quite well, one per page.

The important thing to note about the book is that focuses on styling, which is different than decorating. Emily Henderson is a prop stylist. She knows how to make anything look good. That means you don’t have to swap out your furniture, which in most cases is too pricey an enterprise. Instead, you can tweak the space with accessories, using Henderson’s little bits of magic. And, for those of you also obsessed with Instagram, she offers specific photo styling tips too.

New Book By HGTV Star Stylist Emily Henderson

She’s adorable. Girl crush. 

I’m not going to go through the whole book for you (you’ll definitely want to do that yourself), but I’ll share some highlights.


Henderson talks about balancing the colors of the accessories in this deeply saturated blue walled living room, offers tips for hanging a gallery wall above a sofa, counsels us on the best height of side tables and lamps, and comments on the room’s symmetry.


I love how she uses Danish modern furnishings here, but adds in touches of other aesthetics, like the almost granny floral pillow, the contemporary art, and subtly striated rug.

New Book By HGTV Star Stylist Emily Henderson

Here we’ve got the one sofa four ways trick: Pop Contemporary; Black, White & Wood; Boho Traditional; Americana. You can totally do this. Especially when she breaks it down for you.


This photo opens the chapter on color. Henderson gives some interesting advice here, saying, “If you love color, don’t paint your walls.” She reasons that if you have color on your walls and then you mix in a zillion different colorful accessories, things could get a wee bit crazy. She advises keeping the foundation of the room quite, then layer on the chaos, which should result in lively color rather than chaos. I love this advice. I think it really sums up the basis of how Henderson creates such fresh looking spaces.


Another gallery wall, in the context of designing around the television. Mostly I included this image because I’ve been obsessed with that grass photograph ever since I first saw it. (Emily please tell me who that photographer is.)

New Book By HGTV Star Stylist Emily Henderson

This may be my favorite lesson in Styled. The vignettes are very similar, yes, but Henderson tweaked many elements to get it to look just right. I love that she tells us exactly what she altered  and why.

New Book By HGTV Star Stylist Emily HendersonPhoto by Marni Elyse Katz / StyleCarrot
Emily Henderson Styled on my coffee table.

S H O P  the  L O O K

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Fine Print: The 15 Best Design Books of 2015

Although I hesitate to bring most forms of paper into my home—brochures, receipts, bills, press releases, invitations, business cards— I still love books. Especially glossy design books. I don’t leaf through them nearly enough, but I appreciate being surrounded by them. Our living room in Boston, like many traditional Back Bay condos,  has double built-in bookshelves flanking the fireplace, trimmed in traditional molding and calling out for impressive tomes.

 I used to save decor magazines, which filled the top shelves nicely, but with the advent of Pinterest et al, tear sheets are just clutter.  Besides, I now have enough coffee table books and small artworks to fill in all 16 shelves stylishly. Thanks to Rizzoli, who sends me all the best books, and the other publishers who send along design titles as well. I looked at all of them, and these are my favorite 15 design books of 2015.

Best Design Books 2015 Eddie Ross Mix

Eddie Ross Modern Mix

Best Design Books 2015 Carrier & Company

The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney

Best Design Books 2015 Greg Natale The Tailored Interior

 The Tailored Interior Greg Natale


The Kinfolk Home

Best Design Books 2015 Retreat The Modern House In Nature

Retreat: The Modern House In Nature by Ron Broadhurst

Best Design Books 2015 Gardens At First Light By Stacy Bass

Gardens At First Light by Stacy Bass

Best Design Books 2015 India Hicks Island Style

India Hicks Island Style

Best Design Books 2015 Abigail Ahearn Color

Abigail Ahern Color: Transform Your Home

Best Design Books 2015 Carrier & Company

Carrier and Company Positively Chic Interiors

Best Design Books 2015 Carrier & Company

Emily Henderson Styled

Best Design Books 2015 Casa Bohemia

Casa Bohemia: The Spanish Style House
by Linda Leigh Paul and Ricardo Vidargas

Best Design Books 2015 Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber American Master

Best Design Books 2015 Palm Springs Modern Living

Palm Springs Modern Living by James Schnept

Best Design Books 2015 Beekman 1802 Style

Beekman 1802 Style: The Attraction of Opposites

Best Design Books 2015 Tricia Foley

Tricia Foley Life | Style: Elegant Simplicity at Home

Here’s what one bookshelf looks like at the moment. Note the back issues of Architectural Digest on the upper left shelf.

Styling Your Bookshelf With Design Books And Art

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Fine Print: Eddie Ross Modern Mix

The new Eddie Ross Modern Mix design book by Eddie Ross with Jaithan Kochar (Gibbs Smith, October 2015) is a design book to put on your holiday list to give and to get. From the appealing, vibrant cover, all the way through from beginning to end, the photos and tips kept me engrossed, flipping back and forth to re-study the images.

Eddie Ross is the East Coast Editor of Better Homes & Gardens and a former editor at House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, and Food Network. He’s also a trained chef. Mostly though, he’s a self-proclaimed hoarder of beautiful things. I love minimalism but I am absolutely wooed by Ross’s collections of tabletop and home furnishings, but more than that I’m smitten with the way he puts them together.

In addition to all the objets, we see Eddie Ross in action, thrifting and styling. There are tips running throughout this design book too. Some go beyond the usual advice (get to estate sales early) to tricks for restoring ceramics and such. I am a design book hoarder, true, but this one I love. It’s staying on my coffee table so I can leaf through.

I may actually have a please-be-my-friend crush on Eddie Ross. I follow him on Instagram (@eddieross) and he seems like a fun and happy guy. He is making his way through the country on his book tour, and will be stopping in Boston this Thursday, October 15th at Hudson in the South End 6:30-8:30. I will be there.

Here is a sampling of photos from @eddieross Instagram feed as well as snapped from the pages of Eddie Ross Modern Mix.

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book

Eddie Ross Modern Mix Interior Design Book



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Fine Print: Casa Bohemia

Casa Bohemia: The Spanish Style House by Linda Leigh Paul (Rizzoli 2015) showcases 29 bohemian style homes—vibrant Spanish-style houses in the southwestern and southern United States, Mexico, and Spain, from restored haciendas in Mexico to early and recent 20th century California mission styles. Rich colors abound and details include ornate wrought-iron, wood balconies, graceful arches, crafted glass, and patterned tiles and textiles. 

Here’s a peek at half a dozen interiors of the bohemian style homes found in Casa Bohemia. Also, if this is your kind of look, have a look back at yesterday’s post 14 Bohemian Style Patios.


Photo by Jim Bartsch

Casa Ablitt designed by ar is full of colorful tile and walnut wood details. The cutting and placement of this bohemian style home’s 10,000 tiles took 44 weeks to complete. In the living room there are tiles in stripes and chevrons, as well as other distinctive tile patterns. In the back corner of the room, there’s a built in bar adjacent to the walnut keyhole windows.


Photo by Jim Bartsch

The kitchen of Casa Ablitt is also one in green and blue, with decorative tiles and painted cabinets.The smaller windows have custom wrought-iron gates.


Photo by Jim Bartsch

A child’s room in Casa Oak Tree, also designed by Santa Barbara, California-based architect Jeff Shelton.

Bohemian Style Homes Casa Bohemia Rizzoli

Photo by Ricardo Vidargas

Undulating walls and woven tile patterns are signature Spanish style elements. Note the succulent plantings too.


Photo by Albert Font

Casa Eivissa, a farmhouse on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain belonging to a design and fashion photographer and restored by J.A. Martinez Lapena & Elias Torres Architects. Original ceiling beams, made from twisted Sabina trees, were removed, cleaned, and replaced one at a time during the home’s restoration.


Photo by Albert Font

The south-facing terrace at Casa Eivissa is sheltered by a reed canopy designed by Barcelona-based architect Elias Torres.


Casa Bohemia: The Spanish Style House
Rizzoli 2015


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Fine Print: London Designer Anouska Hempel

London-based designer Anouska Hempel (also known as Lady Weinberg) has had a very large career. Hempel, who I’m guessing has a flamboyant personality, was born Anne Geisler. She started out as a New Zealand actress before becoming a hotelier, interior designer, and London society fixture.

She has established four hotels and designed numerous restaurants and retail spaces, including six Van Cleef & Arpels stores and the Louis Vuitton flagship in Paris. She’s also designed two yachts, English gardens, and haute couture for Princess Diana.

The book, written by Marcus Binney, is beautiful, with over 400 photographs of Anouska Hempel’s interiors, architecture, and gardens.


Rizzoli sent me a copy of Anouska Hempel, which is appropriately placed on my Heywood Wakefield coffee table next to a beach stone tower and my Cathy Moynihan bird sculpture.


Photo by Marina Faust

A house at Salzburg in the half-light of dawn.


Photo by Adrian Houston

The basement bar of Anouska Hempel’s first hotel, Blakes London. Note the massive Louis Vuitton trunk and nautical-style cushion in Hermes orange.


Photo by Simon Mack

A pair of free-standing lattice screens divides the kitchen from the dining table at Anouska Hempel’s London hotel La Suite West. The interior has a minimalist Japanese feel.


Photo courtesy of The Hempel

The Lion’s Cage suite at The Hempel Hotel. Each of the 40 rooms and 10 apartments had a minimalistic Zen design, done all in pale woods and whites. The hotel was a favorite of Victoria Beckham and Michael Jackson. It was sold a couple of years ago and is now closed.


Photo courtesy of The Hempel

A kimono on a wall at The Hempel.


The attic bedroom at Anouska Hempel’s country house, Cole Park, an historic manor with a moat west of London.


Anouska Hempel


Anouska Hempel, Rizzoli (December 2014)

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